November 24, 2012

How It Looks to Win a Million Dollars






  1. That's a hell of an analysis. Very impressive. PC

    1. The green HOME page link on this and other pages that I've viewed does not link to your HOME page. Just passing it along. PC

    2. Thanks on both counts. Appreciate it. I took care of the links.

  2. Thanks for sharing such helpful info--it does de-mystify the whole progression/transit thing for me. I have a question that I don't seem to be able to find an answer to on the web--it appears that on/around October 1st I will have transiting & progressed venus conjunt my natal venus @ 22' scorpio in my 9th house. This *seems* like it might be important, but maybe I'm wrong...? Thanks again for your VERY helpful & amusing blog!

  3. You're welcome. Thanks for reading.

    I assume you are speaking of secondary progressions (not solar arc directions, but we can talk about those, too, if you'd like).

    Only part of your question seems to be possible. Venus returns to its natal place once a year, wherever that may be. You can cast a chart for your Venus Return and read it similarly to the way you would read a solar or lunar return, except of course, you'll be looking at Venus, the house it falls into, and the houses that it rules - those with Taurus and Libra on the cusps. If you'd like me to cast that chart and email it to you no charge, send your data and email address to me at

    A Venus Return is a good time to test your luck quotient IF Venus is well aspected by other transiting planets that day, and if it is well placed, and if it rules the right houses...

    If it receives difficult aspects from other transiting planets, then you might want to hang onto your money and your heart. If testing your luck is your goal, don't discount the DAY BEFORE the exact conjunction, or you could miss the boat!

    Now - about that progressed Venus. That's not as likely. I don't know your data but progressed Venus should be about as many degrees from its own natal position as you are years old, because it moves about a degree per day, and in progressions 1 day = 1 year. There might be an exception to that rule of thumb if either your natal or progressed Venus is retrograde.

    Does that help?

  4. Thank you for the speedy response & yes it was helpful! I will email my data to you but I suppose I should have mentioned that my natal venus is indeed retro.

  5. Having stumbled on this blog and reading your analysis of the slot machine millionaire, I feel compelled to mention that your ability in communicating complex astrological concepts is absolutely superb. I look forward to further exploration of your material!
    --Mark Rose

    1. Wow. Thanks. It's always nice to receive a compliment.

  6. Great analysis, I love lottery winner astro breakdowns like this.

    I have recently become very interested in this subject of potential lottery transits, and I wanted to share an upcoming transit that I actually stumbled upon over a month ago by accident. I think it has HUGE potential for me, and wanted to share to see if we really can predict a lotto win AHEAD of time.

    So the transit I found (pretty much by accident) is on Oct. 29th, 2014. I originally was just looking at the day for another reason, but after I realized what was happening that day astrologically in relation to my natal planets, I looked at the transits for 9:10pm in Toronto, Canada, because that is the exact draw time for lotto 6/49, which I will of course be buying tickets for.

    Now here are the aspects that will be occurring to my natal chart during the draw:

    - Transiting Jupiter conjunct my Natal Moon (11th house) within 22 minutes applying

    - Transiting Uranus conjunct my Natal Sun (7th house) within 19 minutes separating

    - Transiting AC will be conjunct my Natal MC 1 degree 5 mins applying

    - Transiting Sun and Venus will BOTH be conjunct my Natal Jupiter (2nd house) 21 minutes and 1 degree 34 mins respectively, both applying

    - Transiting Part of Fortune will be conjunct my Natal Sun too (along with Uranus) 45 mins

    - Transiting Mercury and North Node will both be conjunct my Natal Saturn (1st house) 58 mins and 10 mins applying respectively

    - Transiting Vertex will be conjunct my Jupiter/Uranus Midpoint (2nd house) 39 mins applying

    - Transiting Saturn will also be conjunct my Jupiter/Uranus Midpoint 2 degrees 33 mins separating (Saturn will also be conjunct my Natal Ceres 2 degrees 14 mins applying)

    - Both transiting Neptune and transiting MC will be squaring my Natal Uranus 32 mins applying and 11 mins separating respectively

    - Transiting Mars will be conjunct my natal Jupiter/Venus Midpoint (9 mins applying)and opposing my MC 40 mins separating

    So needless to say my jaw hit the floor when I saw these transits!!! To have roughly 95% of the transiting planets in very tight orb conjunctions with that many auspicious natal points and planets has got to amount to something!

    1. I love to look ahead in the ephemeris. One time, many years ago, while looking ahead, I saw that my transits were absolutely fantastic the day AFTER Christmas at a future date. I thought, hmmm, Christmas is on Thursday and payday is on Friday, so maybe I just have to wait an extra day to get some really great present that I'm going to be thrilled about. Either that, or because of all the aspects to Mars, my husband was getting me a gym membership and I'd have to kick his ass. It didn't matter because I could see from the transits that I was going to be VERY excited about it and that it would be worth the wait. In between that time and the future Christmas, I had some really hard transits - like Pluto conjunct natal Saturn and transiting Saturn opposed to both, as well as Uranus squaring my natal moon. A LOT happened. I knew it was going to be hard, but I had no idea that a year later my life wouldn't even be recognizable. I could never in a million years have foretold what that future December 26th would bring.

      As it turned out, I got to spend several hours with an old friend who had meant the world to me about thirty-five years before but that I had lost touch with. Not only was it amazing to spend time with him, but he was the one and only person who could provide the answers to questions I'd needed desperately to know for thirty-five years, and he answered every one of them. To this day (and the rest of my life, I'm sure), I still think of it as one of the happiest days of my life and just remembering it brings happy tears.

      I wish you had provided your birth data (you could email it to me if you prefer to keep it private). Your aspects are very good, and I hope there will be enough of them to do the trick. Best of luck! Please come here and gloat if you win!

    2. I've been analysing this to death and am very much anticipating 3 weeks from now when the draw happens. I have also analysed my secondary progressed chart and my Solar Arc chart and there are definitely some things happening to back up the transits.

      In my secondary progressed chart for that day I have a Grand Trine with Uranus, Venus, and the MC, which is applying and will last for another year or so to come. Plus I have a tight orb (12 mins applying) Pluto/AC conjunction indicating something very transformative in my life (and my Natal Pluto is quite well aspected in my chart - weak trine to MC, Trine to Venus, Sextile to Neptune). My progressed Sun forms sesquiquadrates and semi-squares with ALL the angles in my chart, and the progressed Moon is 5 mins from entering a new sign and will go on to conjunct progressed Jupiter in the following months.

      Then there is my Solar Arc chart. The aspects that stood out there for the day of the draw are:

      - SA Saturn conjunct my natal Jupiter/Uranus Midpoint 7 mins applying

      - SA Mercury opposite my natal Jupiter 16 mins applying

      - SA North Node conjunct my natal Moon 11 mins applying

      - SA Ceres conjunct natal Neptune 39 mins separating

      - SA Uranus squaring natal Mercury 6 mins separating

      - SA Pluto squaring natal Venus 8 mins separating

      - And most people don't count easy aspects in Solar Arc charts because it is the "hard" SA aspect that tend to make things happen; however, my SA MC is forming a grand trine with natal Vertex and natal Uranus - 1 min separating and 33 mins applying respectively.

      The only thing that concerns me is the square from transiting Neptune to my natal Uranus, as that can denote delusional fantasies (and with these kinds of transits I am seriously going to be surprised if SOMETHING big doesn't happen).

      Just wanted to share and document this, as I think it is interesting and exciting purely from an astrological point of view to see what happens...

      Thank you for your story though, as I know that sometimes transits manifest in very unexpected ways!

      I will email you my birth data...

    3. So, what eventually happened?


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