November 19, 2012

Q & A

Questions from my readers:

Q: What does an eclipse conjunct the Part of Fortune do?

A:  Taken alone, it's hard to say. The Part of Fortune is also the Part of Misfortune if and when it's badly aspected. Things you can look at to determine how it will react are:

1) The house where the Part of Fortune resides

2) Any aspects to it from natal planets - I take it that it's not conjunct a planet or you would have mentioned that. What about trines, squares,sextiles, oppositions, or inconjuncts (quincunxes)? If so, whichplanets aspect it?

3) What are the other transiting planets doing to your chart at the timeof the eclipse? Do any of them aspect your Part of Fortune? In general, are the transits favorable or challenging to your natal chart? 

4) Where is the transiting Part of Fortune, and what does it aspect in the natal chart?  

If, for instance, your Part of Fortune is at 6 Gemini, where the Lunar Eclipse will hit later this month, then you know that it will be inconjuncted by the transiting Venus / Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, as well as the Mars / Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception, and Mars is both accidentally dignified and exalted in the eclipse chart. It takes place on the day of Mercury and in the hour of Saturn. These are planets that deserve a deeper look.) IF anything but planets were considered when looking at yods, then your Part of Fortune would be at the apex of one, because that is where the Moon is during that eclipse. It will also be sextiled by Uranus and squared by Chiron. Don't worry too much about that part. Planets and angles are much more important. Think of it as either the cherry on top, or the thorn in your side, depending on what the rest of the chart is doing.

One more thing I want to mention is that transiting Jupiter will be stationary retrograde / stationary direct over the eclipse point for most of January and February. Having Jupiter cross your Part of Fortune is rarely a bad thing.

Chart for Lunar Eclipse November 28, 2012
8:46 A.M. CST
Memphis, TN

Q: My baby is due December 21, 2012. What does this mean? Will he die? What will she be like? 

A. I get a lot of these questions. First of all, your baby is probably not going to die, at least not because of any kind of Doomsday or Mayan calendar prediction. What your child will grow to be like depends on what time and where he is born. The planets will be the same for everyone in the world on that day. They will keep the same aspects to each other (except for the moon), but the houses they are in, and the houses they rule will change with the time and location, and that makes a huge difference in each individual birth.

Depending on the latitude and longitude of your child's birth, and the time zone where he is born, and whether he is born in the midnight to early morning hours or later than that, all make a difference. If he is born early, he will likely be a Sagittarius child, and if he's born later, he will be a Capricorn child. There is a world of difference between these two signs, and therefore, in the self-identity of the people born under them. 

The moon moves very quickly through the zodiac, but it does not change signs that day. He will have an Aries moon to rule his emotions, habits, childhood foundations, and home and family matters. The moon in Aries is temperamental, hot-headed, impulsive, ardent and restless. 

He will be born under a boomerang yod. He will have two sets of planets in mutual reception: Mercury and Jupiter are one, and Saturn and Pluto are the other. These aspects will be very important in your child's life when they are his planets. The question is, which houses will they be in and which will they rule? I highly recommend having a professional (not a computerized!) chart delineation done for him once you know his time and place of birth. 

I NEVER, EVER recommend induced labor for the convenience of the doctor, and only if the mother's life is in danger. A child is born when the planets are aligned to give him the life he is meant to have. Changing that alignment by inducing labor may cause your child to struggle his whole life to achieve what he is coming here to do. Why make things harder for him than they have to be? Tell your doctor no. Make sure that's clear to him plenty of time in advance. Like NOW, maybe?

There is a three-part series about the meaning of the planets on December 21, 2012 on this site, and you can find them in the tag cloud on the left sidebar. It should give you a good idea of the talents, abilities, personality and downfalls of your child's life.

Q: Which is the House of Emergency?

A: That's interesting. I don't know of one per se. You may be thinking of the 11th house, which belongs to Uranus in the natural zodiac. It is more widely considered the house of Love Received, the house of friends, groups, associations, clubs, fraternities, sororities, etc. but it is also the house of the sudden, unexpected, and accidental.

If the emergency has to do with the health, then the 6th house may be the one you're looking for. And if a hospital is involved, then the 12th could be it. 

If the emergency entails something to do with the body, then look to the 1st house and the Ascendant, in particular, and also the East Point, if you are used to working with it. 

If with money, look to the 2nd, the 10th of career, and the 6th which is "job" as well as health. 

If the emergency has to do with the home and family, look to the 4th house, or with children and household animals, look to the 5th. 

It isn't the houses that are going to cause the emergency. They only show WHERE. The planets show what, and the signs show how.

If you want to see what an emergency looks like, look at the aspects for this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. We've got Mars coming up to tag Pluto, which is squared by Uranus, which will in turn be tagged by the Aries moon. There will be explosions, at least emotional and behavioral, if not physical.  In which houses do these planets fall in your chart? Then I would say those are the places of emergency.

Chart for white Friday November 23, 2012
4 AM
Memphis, TN

As you can see, in Memphis, this square takes place in the 3rd house of the mind, rational thought, immediate environment, and those places nearby that we see or frequent often, such as school, the corner market, and our neighborhood. It represents short-distance travel, like errands. 

It also includes the 6th house of our daily grind, our job, health and nutrition and well-being. 

The planets involved also RULE houses. Mars co-rules the 2nd of money and possessions as well as the 6th of health and the 7th of marriage and partnerships (which is also the house of "others," the "not us," which include opponents and known enemies) due to the interceptions in the 3rd and 9th houses. 

Pluto rules the 2nd house of money. 

Uranus rules the 4th house of home, Mom and apple pie, our residence, our country and our foundations in life. 

The moon rules the intercepted 9th house, but is only a trigger in this chart. 

The Mars and Pluto anger and ego involvement will have a hard time working out, due to being intercepted in the 3rd house. Metaphorically, they have no escape, and nowhere to go. However, these planets are very likely in different houses in your chart, and where you find them is where your emergency will take place.

You are welcome to continue emailing me if you want, but you can also leave your questions in comments. So much easier!

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