December 8, 2012

Should I Change Jobs, Buy a House, Have a Baby?

August 19, 1974
7:29  PM CDT
Memphis, TN


Let’s look at the highlights of your natal chart. The sun represents your self-identity, or who you perceive yourself to be. It’s your inner world, the life you live inside yourself, the part that only you can ever completely know. The ascendant, or rising sign, is the external self, the image that you project, and how others perceive you. It is also the porthole through which your inner self looks out upon the world, like looking through a certain camera lens or wearing a personalized pair of Sunclouds.

The sun, the ruler of your internal self is in Leo. You are a warm-hearted person with a normally sunny disposition and an inherent need to create. But the image you project to the world, and the way you are perceived by others, is shown through your rising sign, which is Aquarius, so you appear friendly, yet distant. Aquarius likes people and wants to be liked in return, but when asked to be exclusive to someone, it’s a difficult commitment for you to make. I think of this as the politician’s sign because it is always campaigning for new friends, but the connections rarely result in lasting or meaningful relationships. In fact, more United States Presidents have been born under the sign of Aquarius than any other. And many besides those had the moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven in Aquarius.

There is an ongoing debate as to when the Age of Aquarius really begins, but we have strong indications of what it will be like when it is in full swing. Thanks to the use of satellites and computer technology (both ruled by Uranus, the lord of Aquarius), we now have global, even universal, knowledge at our fingertips in a matter of seconds. More and more information is gathered and recorded about us with every keystroke we make. Nothing is truly private anymore. Aquarius is all about knowing. “I know, right?”

Social networking is the epitome of Aquarian principles. Anyone whose chart has strong Aquarian indicators can be compared to the car commercial where the teen girl, sitting at her laptop, says that she pushed her parents to join Facebook, and notes that they have a whopping seventy-five friends, while she alone has 890. The camera pans to show her parents out with their friends riding bikes and singing together in the car. And back at the laptop, the girl is watching a YouTube video and declares, “This is living.” Well, no it’s not, and that is the point the commercial strives to make. The parents had fewer, truer friends, with whom they spent quality time; like a true Aquarian, the girl had befriended hundreds of people she had met maybe once, or not at all, in real time. Whether influenced by an Aquarian sun, moon, angle, or the planet Uranus placed prominently in the chart, there is always a sense of being separate. Different. Alone in a crowd. Social networking is the epitome of being together with other people while being alone in our own homes. .................................... 

                            Alone together, together alone

Princess Diana had the moon in Aquarius, representing her emotional need to connect to others in a humanitarian way. She reached out to the ill, the poor, and the maimed to offer comfort and support. But at the end of the day, she went back to the palace. Marilyn Monroe also had the moon in Aquarius, and craved to be thought of as intelligent and knowledgeable about current events. People, most of them fans she didn’t know, constantly surrounded her, and yet she felt completely alone in the world. She could not seal the deal on a close emotional connection because Aquarius is an impersonal detached sign.

Your moon is not in Aquarius, but with it being your rising sign, the principles are the same. You are an independent type, and you like people, but you crave space. I wish I could remember who said, “I don’t have friends; I have interests,” but I can’t, and Google did not turn up an answer for me. I’m sure whomever it was is a person with Aquarius or Uranus prominently placed in the chart. Aquarians are just wired differently. We’re the kind of people who, when our backs are turned, other people shake their heads and whisper, “she ain’t right.”  And it’s a real dichotomy because on the one hand, you rebel and struggle to maintain enough personal space, and on the other, you crave love and attention, especially from your partner. 

 It is what it is, there’s no judgment here about what a soul uses to accomplish her mission on the material plane, but from the perspective of your partner, it might feel a bit like white widow syndrome. As soon as you have had your fun, you wish you could just bite his head off and get back to your book. A good match for you is someone who also craves space and maintains separate interests of his own. Look at director Tim Burton and his partner Helena Bohnam Carter. They live in separate houses next door to each other. Friendly distance, independence, liberty and justice for all is the Aquarian philosophy.


Now we come to your moon, which is your emotional nature, and the way you nurture those for you whom you care. Your moon is in Virgo, not the most indulgent sign for the moon to occupy, but one that indicates good old-fashioned common sense. Like every girl, you would love to live the fairytale. But you’re realistic.

Your chart has an overall fiery signature, with strong hints of Sagittarius and Leo qualities thrown in like handfuls of spice, so you are no shrinking violet. But emotionally, you are reserved and guarded. Virgo has a buttoned-up quality to it, that whole sexy librarian or hot-for-teacher aura that fuels so many men’s fantasies. It even indicates a woman’s strong ties to books, writing, and teaching. It’s the Virgin’s nature to appear ladylike at all times, to keep those emotions in check, and to keep her desires under wraps, so you might have difficulty talking about your emotional needs, much less talking dirty. If you’re the prim type, instead of loosening the corset a little, tighten that waist cincher up, perch some glasses on your nose, and show him this:


Repeat as often as necessary.

You would have made an interesting companion and dependable pioneer woman crossing the prairie because you have a practical outlook. You do things and take care of things that others will not. Your motto is, “Somebody has to,” and your attitude is “might as well be me.”  Being helpful, rescuing something, or someone, fulfills your deepest emotional needs. You need to be needed, useful and productive, and to be acknowledged for your accomplishments. The moon in Virgo is organized, efficient, emotionally lean. You don’t ask for much. Most often health-conscious, you will buy the organic milk and the local veggies from the farmer’s market, or your career may center around food, nutrition, or health care. Virgo moons are often vegans. Some show signs of hypochondria.


Q: I just would like to have some kind of reassurance, know when to take the leap or know if I should just stick to the day job. I'm sure that now (this instant) isn't the time to stop what I am doing.

A: You don’t mention what the day job is, or for what greener pastures you would be throwing it over. Unfortunately, that’s one of the pitfalls of not being able to converse face-to-face. It is said that if you do what you love, the money will follow. They do not mention that sometimes it can take years or decades of hard work to become an overnight success. Your practical Virgo moon should know full well that you’re going to need a financial backup plan.

First let me point out some of your vocational indicators that will help you decide whether the day job is the one for you, or if you should try a new career in your true avocation. Then I’ll look to see if the timing is right for you now. 


 Let’s start with the Midheaven, at the top of the chart. The midheaven is a career peak, a place of honor when you have earned a degree, reached success, achieved acclaim, have been proclaimed an expert, become an authority, been traditionally published, or are widely-known as the Go-To Guy in your field of expertise. If something goes wrong with this house or its ruler, then there is a fall from grace. Infamy replaces fame, and dishonor and disgrace replace the former glory. 

Your preferred field of expertise, the one for which you have an innate talent, is represented by the sign on the Midheaven. In your case, Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius is the Jupiter-ruled sign, which is associated with higher education and far-ranging goals and plans. Ultimately, you seek adventure and Truth with a capital T, but in the meantime, your subconscious sights are set on something a bit less lofty and a mite better paying, such as law, medicine, academics, publishing, or international trade. Being a literary type adds to your mystique. Many people with Sagittarius on the midheaven become veterinarians, zoo keepers, safari guides, sherpas, and explorers. Indiana Jones and Hans Solo were quintessential Sagittarian characters. Many other archers find their career in traditional religion. They become evangelists and clergymen whose goals reach beyond even the farthest star.

Your midheaven is further influenced by its conjunction with Nebulous Neptune. Neptune dissolves things and makes them filmy and foggy. It creates illusion and delusion, confusion, or wildly imaginative visions. It caused Martin Luther King, Jr. to have a dream and Dorothy to lie down in a field of opium-producing poppies. It put the glamour in Marilyn Monroe and the lamb in Jesus. People with a strong Neptune influencing their midheaven aspire to be painters and poets, musicians and dancers, writers and film makers, but sometimes they simply end up as addicts and dreamers. Neptune is the ruler of institutions like hospitals, asylums, orphanages, ashrams, retreats, churches and charities, and even more so when combined with the lofty visions of Sagittarius, so this is another thing that directs your subconscious career path.


Both your Midheaven and your Neptune are very well aspected. Look first to Venus in Leo in the Sixth house of job, service, duty, and daily grind. This is the house related to nutrition and hygiene. On that long road to overnight success, we often have to do many things we’d rather not in order to put bread on the table. We get up every day, shower, dress, and go to a job to earn our way. This is called the Daily Grind. This is the house of blue collar workers: the soldiers, service providers, healthcare workers, police, firemen, factory workers, truckers, and particularly those who wear uniforms, such as housekeepers, butlers, food servers, bartenders, postal workers, dog catchers and a lot of other menial and soul-sucking jobs we have to take on the path to our fame and glory.

You could have it so much worse. You have Cancer on the cusp of your 6th house of job, employment, service, duty, nutrition, hygiene and Daily Grind. That indicates jobs related to women, home, family, shipping or real estate. Because the Moon is in practical Virgo, your work probably involves a combination of women, health, nutrition, or hygiene.


Venus is the pleasant planet. It represents almost everything we desire: money, beauty, love, charm, art, luxury, peace and good will. It’s the planet of indulgence, pampering, gifting, and all that is feminine, flattering, and charmed, I’m sure. It represents cosmetics, hair care, jewelry, skin decoration, fashion and trends. Being in the sixth house, we can add the likelihood of combining these things with health, nutrition, or hygiene, and getting things like hair and nail care, spas, tanning salons, gyms for women, yoga classes, and belly-dancing. When Venus is in the sign of Leo, there can be a deep empathy and wonder for a painting of Narcissus. It is for this combination that Shakespeare is so consistently misquoted, as “Vanity, thy name is woman.” The reason it has stuck in the public’s minds that way is simply because it’s so perfectly true. If this combination were in the first house, and especially near the Ascendant, then it would probably result in someone like Scarlett O’Hara or Suzanne Sugarbaker. Fortunately for us all, it’s in the 6th house, where it indicates that work in those fields can be lucrative and rewarding for you.


Anytime there is a trine from any planet to the Midheaven of a chart, it is a favorable condition. It shows a lot of success for very little effort. Business matters just seem to fall into place for you. Mentors and teachers appear to help you at every turn. Your chosen profession is cloaked in mystique and glamour. The benefits are limited only by the “powers” of the planets involved. In this case, the very pleasant Venus trine to the dreamy Neptune. This trine makes us nostalgic and to have a fondness and affection for memories and things past. One possible downfall is that the illusion of glamour might deceive you, and the self-indulgence of a Venus trine could cause you to make no effort at all.

Venus in Leo is the sign associated with drama, entertainment, and creativity. Those who have it are extroverted, vivacious, creative, and live to see and to be seen. They are the performers, designers, and teachers of the world. Leo is associated with children, whether you are giving birth to a body or an idea. It is the creative spark. Venus in Leo shines in public. That is where she is in her element. In the South she is the beauty contestant, cheerleader, and the girl with the big hair and the short skirt. Remember to place these images in the context of your work place. You can prosper by catering to women's vanities.

So that’s good for your career outlook, but there’s more. Lots more.


There’s strength in numbers. And that’s sort of what it’s like to have planets in mutual reception. They are in such deep cahoots with each other that they are like very close twins who have their own secret language and telepathic communication. Each always has the others’ back, forever and ever, amen. They understand each other so well and are so practiced at standing in for each other, that they could trade places and fool each other’s boyfriends. In some cases, maybe they are astral twins, who knows?

We already talked about idealistic Neptune’s dream to better the world through lofty Sagittarian goals. Let’s look at Jupiter in Pisces. Back in the astrological day, right up until the mid-19th century when Neptune was discovered, Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces. But Neptune took it over, and Jupiter was reduced to being lord over only one sign. When it comes to philosophy and religion, Jupiter usually opts for the traditional, and Neptune opts for the mystical and cosmic. In this case, they are intertwined somehow.

The first thing we will learn about you after finding out you’re wired a bit differently is that you are more spiritual-minded than money-minded. Serenity, peace, and gratitude for what you have is a higher priority than buying more material things than you need. You would rather live simply and take more time for appreciating small pleasures and have the leisure time to follow your adventures, even if only from your armchair with a book. You want the kind of life where you can lie out under the stars and wonder about what it all means. You believe in karma and the divine order of the universe, and place your faith in it to achieve the thing you need most: peace of mind. You would benefit greatly from yoga and meditation.

One of the downfalls with the mutual reception twins is that sometimes each of them relies on the other to have his back at all times, so that neither does anything. The faith in karma and the ultimate justice of the Universe can result in deep disappointment when things don’t happen the way you thought they would. Any time “lucky” Jupiter is involved, there is a possibility of over-optimism and a lack of good old-fashioned doing. With your common sense Virgo moon, you know the difference. Be realistic in your goals, put in the required effort, and then you will succeed, maybe beyond your wildest dreams.


One of the things that may help you to succeed is the challenging opposition of Mars to your Jupiter. Both Jupiter in Pisces and Neptune in Sagittarius deal with vast areas of time and space and with infinite possibility. The Mars and Jupiter opposition also squares your Moon’s Nodes, so each time the opposition is activated, there is always that sense of urgency and “Should I ?/ Shouldn’t I?” indecision.

Trying to fathom the mysteries of the universe
is like trying to empty the ocean 

with a teaspoon.
                                        ~ St. Augustine

It is the natural function of Jupiter, Neptune, Pisces, and Sag to billow their lovely dreams as far and wide as possible. It is the natural function of Mars to set the crosshairs on a narrower field and take aim at something in particular. 

On one hand, Mars is a welcome challenge that enables you to focus on small areas at a time, on the other hand, it causes you to resent the small things that take up your time or that pull your attention away from your more literary and spiritual pursuits. This brings us back to the white widow syndrome. The moon in Virgo has the ability to plan effectively and work efficiently, but its purpose is not to work to the exclusion of everything else. I know that life for certain people would be heaven if we could live as cloistered aesthetes and never have to think about anything else, but we cannot. ............................................................................ 
The main problems with Mars in this scenario are overestimating what can be achieved, overexerting yourself trying to do the impossible, over-spending in the effort, overextending and over-reaching.


This is yet another indicator that you can do just about anything you set your mind to (within the parameters of your chart). Jupiter, to reiterate so that we don’t lose sight of it, is the ruler of your Midheaven, the most important planet in your career. How it is aspected either improves or hinders your career path. You have one of the most promising charts for career success that a person could ask for, and it seems only to hinge on the effort you are willing to put into it. So let’s look at the last aspect, one from Saturn. 

Saturn is the planet that represents ambition and ability. It is the sign of big business executives and captains of industry. Its natural place in the zodiac is the Midheaven, and that is how the themes of authority, leadership and business success tie Saturn, Capricorn, and the Midheaven (10th house) together.

Saturn is in detriment in the sign of Cancer because it’s opposite its own sign of Capricorn. Think of it this way: visualize for a moment the most authoritative man you know. It might be your stern father just home from work after a long day. It might be the judge who dismissed your speeding ticket and still fined you for the court costs, or your boss who has just caught you sneaking in late for the third time this week. What about Sun-in-Capricorn / Cancer-rising Mel Gibson?

Whenever Saturn and the moon are connected by sign or aspect, there are mother or father issues in one form or another. To elaborate on that further would require posting a semester or two in psychology. The home and family are of utmost importance to you, usually due to a less than ideal childhood of your own. An emotionally chilly mother or a moody alcoholic father may have contributed to feelings of insecurity, a never-ending need for reassurance, lack of confidence, lack of direction in life, depression and hypersensitivity. 

Exactly opposite of the Jupiter in Pisces transcendent ideal that material things can’t buy peace of mind, Saturn in Cancer accumulates material things in order to feel secure. And no matter how much of it is acquired, it is never enough to fill the emotional void or quiet the longing for a real mother’s love. When you understand this, the alchemy will change the inferior feelings of your inner child to shiny gold coins of self-confidence and emotional security.

You may have a strong bond with family members, maybe even the authority figures, though you might have trouble understanding why, when there’s drama or distance between you, either literally or figuratively. Some of your feelings are maternal and nurturing, some come from a deep-seated sense of guilt or responsibility for elders or siblings, and others are the impulse toward overly-protective smothering of children. People who have Saturn in Cancer always feel held back by their childhood or their past and they should always understand their own Saturn / Moon issues before becoming a parent. Saturn Mother issues become Saturn Child issues. History repeats itself.

Saturn represents our lessons in life, and Capricorn represents where we must bend our knees to a higher power. These Smother issues are exactly what helped you to discover your Jupiter in Pisces ideals. From choosing how you did not want to be, you have learned who you are and who you will become.


When Saturn trines the ruler of your Midheaven, he is favorable to your career and reputation. Think of him as your agent, and the talents he is selling are your ambition, executive ability, leadership skills, maturity, and willingness to work hard and consistently.  When he trines your natal Jupiter in Pisces, he stands up for you and personally backs you as one he believes can build your mystical vision for a better world into a concrete reality. He thinks you've got the stick-to-it-ness, determination, perseverance, and that you will accept the responsibility.

Those are traits of your vocational indicators. You didn’t supply enough information for me to know which side of the grass you’re on.  I don’t know if this is the kind of work you’re doing, or the kind you wish to do. Adjust accordingly. When you follow this recipe, you will attain success and job satisfaction.


                           Above: The solar eclipse of November around your natal chart

Astrology usually receives a rash of interest around the times of eclipses because they tend to bring a sense of urgency or crisis to a person’s life. When I go back and look at the November solar eclipse to your chart, I see that it fell into your 9th house of higher learning, foreign, legal or religious matters, the sciences, and in-laws. It is a house of many meanings, and I will need more indicators to narrow it down. It did, however, square your Ascendant and Descendant, which brought to your attention issues between yourself and others, particularly those who are close, like marriage and business partners.

In addition to the eclipse at 21 Scorpio, the eclipse Mars, the planet of taking action, squared your natal moon. For most people that kind of aspect brings a heated argument, impatience, or tears. Any time you mix the heat of Mars with the vapors of the moon, you’re going to get some steam. Because your natal moon is in the 7th house, your close relationships are the areas of life where the drama would unfold, and because the moon represents domestic and maternal matters, as well as being the ruler of your 6th house of health and job, those issues were probably the topic of dissension or distress.

  • Transiting Venus and the Vertex conjuncting natal Uranus; 
  • Transiting Jupiter conjunct the Moon’s South Node; 
  • Chiron conjuncting the East Point; 
  • The transiting East Point conjuncting natal Chiron; 
  • The Part of Fortune squaring Venus

__are all less significant than the planetary aspects. They are like adding salt and soda to the dough so it will rise, but they are not the main ingredients.

One of the things that sticks out in this chart is eclipse Mercury transiting back and forth over the Midheaven. Mercury is the lord of the 7th house of marriage and business partnerships, the 4th house of home, family and domestic matters, and the 5th house of children, romance, and risks in your natal chart.  It represents communication, transportation and agreements. Mercury is the planet of youth, primary education, and everything single thing connected to reading and writing from cave drawings to data entry, from Dick and Jane to Remembrance of Things Past, from notes passed in class to speeches given by presidents and kings. It is the word on the tip of your tongue and the important questions, the alphabet and a magnum opus, pinkie promises and sacred vows.

At the time of the solar eclipse in November, Mercury, representing an agreement, promise, deal or decision, either verbal or in writing, was headed for your Midheaven, indicating that you were about to close the deal on a major event in your life. Any time the Midheaven in a chart is aspected, the I.C. (also known as the 4th house of home and family) is also activated by default. It is nearly universal that when things are going well at work, they are not going well at home, and vice-versa. If Mercury had maintained its normal transit, the event it represented would have wrapped up in about three days. Instead, the week before the eclipse, Mercury changed direction, and began to back out of the deal. Two days before the lunar eclipse at the end of November, Mercury changed direction and its mind yet again and is headed back toward completion of what it began. That should occur around December 15 when Mercury finally conjoins your Midheaven. As Mercury transits the Midheaven, it is often an indicator of documents needing to be signed or transportation issues that have a significant bearing on the outcome of an important day. It could also mean that a decision will be made regarding your career or path in life on that day.  

Your second question “…but I'd like to know if I should actively start looking to buy, saving money, and purchase the duplex I am considering purchasing…?” 


                                                                  Above: The lunar eclipse around your natal chart

The lunar eclipse was more revealing than the solar eclipse in your chart. This time the eclipse axis fell exactly across the Midheaven / I.C. angle, highlighting both public and domestic matters in your life. The eclipse Venus / Saturn conjunction in Scorpio and the eclipse Mars / Pluto conjunction in Capricorn are sextile to each other, so that means the lunar eclipse was at the apex of a yod. That makes it highly significant and much more powerful than if it were not part of a major configuration. At the same time, the lunar eclipse conjuncted your I.C. (that’s the cusp of your 4th house of home, family, domestic and real estate matters), and that should have resulted in a new event being percolated that involves those areas of your life.
Because during a lunar eclipse the sun and moon are opposite each other, that places the sun at your Midheaven in the eclipse chart, which shines brightly on your career, status, reputation, or direction in life. You were either in the public spotlight or had a significant event impact your career and family.

A yod is known as the Finger of God or Hand of Fate, and it generally indicates a fated event of some importance in the life that requires adjustments and compromises. This elevates the event to “life-altering” status. The problems came from transiting Jupiter squaring natal Jupiter, which could indicate too much faith and optimism in the end result, or a financial block. The other was a square from Saturn (delays, restrictions, limitations, authority figures) to Venus (love, money) in the 6th house of job, health, and daily grind. It has only been a few days, and you should know the outcome around the December 15th, when Mercury not only conjoins your Midheaven, but trines your Venus.

One more interesting note to this lunar eclipse chart: it places the Part of Fortune in Cancer, sign of motherhood, home, family, and domestic matters just inside the cusp of your 5th house of children, creativity, and risk-taking.

The long-term transits of outer planets that can be seen in this chart show that Uranus, planet of change and independence is about to enter your second house of money. When it does, it will form a Grand Trine with your natal Neptune, Midheaven, and Venus in Leo in the 6th house. Uranus is retrograde at the moment, but will change direction in a few days to gallop toward the big configuration of good business fortune and reputation enhancement in late February and early March. February 10 and 17 – give or take a day – appear to be significant.

There is a little bit of a problem in untangling the aspects because the same houses represent both your first and your second questions. The Midheaven and I.C. and the aspects to them represent both issues in your life – career and family matters, as well as life-status and real estate matters. It looks promising for both.

Now, to your third question: "Also, I've recently had my tubal reversed and am actively trying to have a baby with my boyfriend. Can you shed some light on it? Good idea, will be okay, shouldn't do it, etc.....?"

Ha ha ha. You are not asking if you should do this, but what the outcome will be of something you have already done and are actively engaged in. By undergoing surgery to enable yourself to become pregnant, you have already committed yourself to at least the next 19 years and counting. I just want to point out that you might not be the best judge of whether or not you should take this step, because you have already undertaken costly and difficult steps to undo something you were pretty darn sure you never wanted again when you did it. Am I right? It's like choosing a tattoo. You're sure you want it when you get his name tattooed on your derriere, but a few years from now, you may be trying to figure out how to undo it.

So you have already taken steps and committed your heart and life to this. To what has your partner committed? Has he asked you to marry him? Has he suggested any kind of legal agreement that binds him to financial support, medical treatment, child wellness, and college tuition just in case "anything should happen?" Are you financially and emotionally ready and able to support and raise your child alone? If the answer to any of those questions is no, then the answer is also no.

With that said, the New Moon in February 2013 falls directly on your Ascendant, which means that matters and events in that month will highlight your physical body and outward persona. The Moon's Nodes squaring your Ascendant and Descendant indicate stress between you and significant others. The transiting Vertex (fate, matters out of your hands) will conjunct Saturn (responsibility) in your 5th house of children. The transiting Midheaven (goals) will conjunct the natal Vertex (fate) in the 7th house of relationships, and the transiting East Point (public appearance) will conjunct the Moon's North Node (future) in the 10th house of goals. It looks like a month when conception would be likely. However...

In early May, the progressed Moon will conjunct your Ascendant as well, and that is an even stronger indicator of events that affect your body and outward personality. The Part of Fortune will conjoin your natal Neptune, ruler of your intercepted first house. One other thing to notice here is that Mercury, ruler of your 4th house of home and family, 5th house of children, and the intercepted 7th house of meaningful relationships, has progressed to a critical degree. Twenty-nine degrees of any sign is said to be where a planet or angle acts intensely and without regard for common sense. It won't be long after May that your Mercury will move into Scorpio and your manner of thinking, communicating, driving, and all things Mercury-related will change from general indecision and fence-sitting about relationships in particular, and other Libra-related matters in general, to being quite pointed, acerbic, sharp and focused for the next 30 years.