June 24, 2021

Lilibet and the Fairytale

Lilibet. What a charming name. It's modern but vintage, adorable but classy. It conjures images of fairies, fireflies and secret gardens, but the chart suggests her life won't necessarily be a fairytale.

There are many things that influence who a person becomes in her core: the evolutionary journey of her soul and karma, planets, environment, race,  religion, nationality, and others I can't think of at the moment. Apples can, and sometimes do, fall far from the tree, but they never fall an inch from their natal chart. I've cast the charts of many sweet, adorable children whom I've seen grow to adulthood, and as they grew into their natal charts, I was sad to see that they had become exactly who their charts predicted they would be. They were no longer those loveable little cherubs. Even some serial killers were cute little toddlers at one time. Some. Maybe.

The more we grow into ourselves and the more authentically we live, the more we become our charts and meet our destinies. I'm sure that Meghan & Harry are, for the most part, well-mannered, well-educated and well-intentioned people. Her dad and sibling may be a lost cause, but her mother seems like a lovely person. She doesn't seek the limelight, she doesn't seem to say anything at all (has anyone ever heard her utter a single word in front of a camera?) and that alone makes her a wise woman. She knows how the media is, and she wants her daughter's happiness. Plus she teaches yoga. What's not to love about her? And Harry's family - well, we all know. I'm certain that the two of them will make sure their children aren't little heathens because of their own good upbringing, character, integrity, etc. 


They will have their hands full with Lilibet.

Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor
June 4, 2021
11:40 AM PDT +7
Santa Barbara, CA
34N25 119W42
{Porphyry Houses)

I always wonder when a child is born, which deceased relative is reincarnating? 

I'm just going to add that people with the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Aries are said to either love "motorcars" or hate them.


When I begin a chart, after I scope out the house position of Pluto, I look for the chart shape, which in this case is a bowl. People with bowls feel they have a particular cause to champion, knowledge to share with the world, or information to impart. They are usually self-contained and possess much poise, even if they have a lot of often effusive and flighty Gemini in their chart. With the greater majority of planets above the horizon, Lilibet's is a chart of a very public life, like it or not. Harry jumped out of  life in a fishbowl, but Lilibet is born to it. She will be sociable and extroverted. 

  • Archie also has a bowl. 
  • Harry has a bucket with the Moon as the spout, but lacks the opposition for the rim of the bowl. 
  • Meghan also has a bowl without an opposition.

When judging a chart shape, only the planets count. Don't consider asteroids other than Chiron, which has practically become the 12th planet, and maybe not even then. Take out all the other asteroids, the East Point, Vertex, Part of Fortune, and everything else with which you like to junk up your charts. You can add them back later.


Lilibet's planets are pretty evenly spread among the modes and elements so there is no clear signature to her chart, whereas her mother's chart has an Aries signature, making Meghan a go-getter with ambition and purpose; still a cardinal sin for women even in these times. When are we going to cut each other some slack? Harry's chart signature is a tie between Virgo service and Taurus gentry. For Lilibet, a lack of signature could mean a lack of clear purpose in life. On the other hand, she may have many options open to her, making it difficult to narrow the field. We have to look at the rest of the chart. People are dichotomous. So are their charts. 


In an article first published by The Astrological Journal for the Astrological Association of Great Britain, and later reprinted by astro.comRaimo Nikula interpreted the rising order of the personal planets Mercury, Venus and the Sun. It's a good article and you should read it later, but I'm not going to summarize the whole thing here. Frankly, it has me a little worried for Lilibet.

Lilibet's rising order is the Sun, followed by Mercury and trailed by Venus. With this combination, she'll put herself first. The Sun rising first makes a person confident, self-possessed and opinionated. There's nothing sentimental or emotional here. She'll want what she wants and will be straightforward about getting it. She's in the game to win it, and as a Gemini, she'll love games.  

Having the Sun rise ahead of the others is similar to having the Sun in the first house, or conjunct the Ascendant. She'll have plenty of ambition and will take the initiative in the things that interest her or that she wants. She'll lead-and you will follow. Things will be done her way. In general, those with this rising order are seen as bossy and selfish, but usually wealthy. Hopefully, her Venus trine Jupiter will mitigate some of the harsh feelings this can raise in others.   
  • Princess Margaret had this rising combination. 
  • Princess Kate has it, too.
Another person with this rising order was William Randolph Hearst, newspaper magnate, magazine publisher, yellow journalist, inspiration for the movie Citizen Kane, owner of Hearst Castle, and grandfather of Patty Hearst.  

Even those too young to know who Hearst was surely must know who Mick Jagger is- although I once read on Twitter that some young thug heard a duet between Kanye West and Paul McCartney, and thought Kanye was giving McCartney his big break and would make him famous. *headdesk*  So I guess anything is possible. Anyway, Jagger's Sun rises first, followed by Mercury and trailed by Venus, same as Lilibet's. It's Jagger who calls the shots for the Stones, and he has made all of them very wealthy men. 

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump also have this same rising order.  


When people are born with a bowl-shaped chart running in the background of their lives, there's a need to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of the unoccupied half of it. In Lilibet's case, the empty half contains mostly private houses. I'll come back to them because I want to paint the broad strokes first. The rim of the bowl consists of two planets in opposition to each other; all the rest are contained between them. Lilibet didn't get the luck of the draw by being born with Mars tightly opposed to Pluto. 

  • Mars opposed to Pluto is the same planetary energy responsible for Meghan and Harry's need to confront the BBC about false reports they made regarding Lilibet's name and the Queen. They bring standoffs. Power struggles. Force.  
  • On May 26, 2021 as the opposition between Mars and Pluto came into orb, a Lunar Eclipse triggered a volcanic eruption nineteen hours later. Great Sitkin Island, AK had been in the path of the eclipse. Pluto is the planet of volcanoes, and Mars is a matchstick with kindling. 

Ebertin described the energy of these two rulers of Scorpio as "superhuman power," (force, brutality, cruelty). Robert Hand says "power struggles, resistance and ruthlessness." 
  • Superhuman power is a likely result of Mars and Pluto in conjunction and well aspected by Jupiter, maybe. 

  • Cruelty and the use of force is a likely result of an opposition of Mars and Pluto along with a hard aspect from Saturn, or the Moon's South Node, maybe. 

 Lilibet has neither of those possible scenarios in her natal chart. The opposition sextiles and trines her Midheaven and Nadir, which will give her a hand-up toward success in life. Before you condemn her for being born into privilege, ask yourself if you'd willingly take on the same aspect yourself? It's not going to be a piece of cake. 

There's more. Mars opposed to Pluto can produce great athletes, which would probably make Harry proud. It also represents disabled veterans, prosthesis and transplants. Depending on future transits and progressions, it's possible that Lilibet will need one of these things. It's just as possible that she may serve in some capacity in the Invictus Games Foundation. It's interesting to note that at her birth, Mars was at the cusp of the 11th house of groups and associations (along with twists of fate). Pluto is in her 5th house of games and sports, a much more fun position than the 6th of service, duty, obligation, health, employment and the daily grind,  Pluto is retrograde (Rx) though. I'll leave it to you to chase it down. I have to stick to broad strokes or I'll get lost in too many details. Back to Mars and Pluto because it's very important in Lilibet's chart. 

Mars is the penis planet. It represents desire. What we want. What we're willing to fight for. To die for. It represents the things men glorify: sex, sports and war. It's how we use our physical energy, how we go for the prize. Mars is all about action, ambition, competition, winning and being first.  It's about physical wounds, burns, blood, tools and weapons. Everyone has Mars somewhere, including women. The sign where Mars is found tells us how she'll go about achieving her desires. 

Pluto isn't just the planet of volcanoes and caves. Or the River Styx, or the Underworld. Drop that nonsense about Pluto representing only masses of people, and having little effect on individuals. That's really old school. We know better now. Pluto is the planet of our souls. What could be more personal than that? Pluto reveals our Soul's purpose and intent for this life. Where we stand on the evolutionary ladder. Where we've been and where we're headed. Why we're here, what lessons from past incarnations we need to repeat, and what karma we need to resolve. Also, being an old soul isn't something to brag about; it means we've failed a lot of times, so here we are. There have been, and still are, a few avatars in physical bodies, but they're rare. They don't have to come back. They do  it for us. 

But also, do keep in mind that Pluto is the planet of extremes, from glacial-slow, imperceptible pressure, like that which transforms coal into diamonds--- to explosive, volcanic, atomic events. Either / or. No in-between.  When Mars opposes Pluto, it's a contest of wills: Mars desires one thing, and Pluto says, No, not that. That's not why you're here. But does Mars listen? He wants it sooooooo bad. If he doesn't get it, and quick, he'll just strike a match under someone, and then, kablooey, Pluto devastates the landscape of our lives. There's no undoing it, no takesy backsys. The phoenix will rise from the ashes and everything will be different going forward. 


I'm going to give you a few brief examples of how the same opposition has worked out in other people's charts, to give you an idea of how it could work out in Lilibet's. 

Her cousin, Prince George, has Mars in conjunction to Jupiter, opposite Pluto in the money houses (2 & 8). Of course, it's too soon to tell. I just thought to mention that they share the Mars-Pluto aspect. 

JonBenet Ramsey had Mars opposed to Pluto in her natal chart. It's a combination that seems to attract violence, or at least, contests of will.  Those with this aspect learn (or teach) that actions have consequences that reach far beyond themselves. It pains me to see that Lilibet's Mars - Pluto opposition falls right across Meghan's Ascendant / Descendant axis. I don't want to open that can of worms; it's too involved. Basics. I'm only doing basics.

In September 2007, while Mars opposed Pluto in the sky,  O.J. Simpson, apparently determined to go to prison one way or the other, robbed some businessmen in a hotel room in Las Vegas. 

In the lives of more ordinary people like you and me, in February, 2008, the son of an old friend was seriously injured in a truck wreck when Mars opposed Pluto. Mars opposed his natal Uranus (accidents, shocks), while Pluto was separating from a conjunction to it.

A month later, the wife of a client began chemotherapy when the Mars-Pluto opposition squared her natal Chiron and Midheaven. As far as I know, she is still a survivor. 

In July 2015, while Mars and Mercury opposed Pluto in the sky, America's Dad, Bill Cosby, was unmasked as an alleged (and later convicted) serial rapist. His natal Mars is in Scorpio, the 8th sign, and in the 8th house of sex crimes. 

Cesar Sayoc, Jr. was born on March 17,  1962 when Mars was 4° from an opposition with Pluto. We don't have a time.  In 2019 he pled guilty to 65 felony counts of using WMD (pipe bombs) which he mailed to top Democrats, including Obama. 

Astrologers Sakoian & Acker, while cautioning against using Pluto's forces for selfish, personal desires, warns that it can result in "demonic" actions of extraordinary violence. I think that's a bit of a leap, but I believe that it can lead to an interest and a certain amount of knowledge in the occult as in the case of horror author Harry K. Hillman. 

Now for the good news. 

There are also people with Mars opposed to Pluto who aren't dark and twisty. Other people who made it through life just fine. Better than fine.

Josephine Bonaparte, Empress of France, had both Mars and the Sun opposed to Pluto. Yikes. With no birth time, I can't say where the opposition fell in her chart, but she married well, and to a man who loved her more than she loved him, or maybe he was a great writer of love letters and she was not. In one of them he described her thus:  

“You to whom nature has given spirit, sweetness, and beauty, you who alone can move and rule my heart, you who know all too well the absolute empire you exercise over it!” 

It's not exactly the description we expect for a woman with Mars opposed to Pluto.  Napoleon and Josephine managed one of the most amicable divorces in history. With Venus conjunct Jupiter, she was a patron of the Arts and a fashion and style icon. She did well in the "settlement." He even made her Empress after the divorce while married to someone else.

Mahatma (great soul) Mohandas Gandhi was one of the rare avatars here to save us from ourselves.  It would take a long time to list all of the self-sacrifice and good works that Gandhi performed. Over all, he's probably best known for being a pacifist. You may be wondering how that could be possible with the Mars - Pluto opposition in his chart. Gandhi had peaceful Libra rising, and its ruler, Venus, conjunct Mars on one side; joyous Jupiter, planet of faith and religion conjunct Pluto, planet of the soul, on the other. 

As the last example of Mars in opposition to Pluto working in a good way,  Michelangelo was unarguably the greatest sculptor of all time. Possibly the greatest painter of all time. The architect of St. Peter's Basilica. An engineer. A prolific poet.  A gay man. Michelangelo had Mars opposed to Pluto with no support nor interference from other planets at all.  Free to be. Mars, ruler of tools and sharp objects, of physical energy spent, of desire, was in a confrontation with Pluto, planet of the soul, procreation and transformation. Mars in a showdown with Pluto can result in a struggle of man to free the spirit from matter - in the same way Michelangelo freed men from blocks of stone.

Some of Michelangelo's deliberately unfinished sculptures are those of slaves. Mars in conflict with Pluto is planet-speak for forced (Pluto) labor (Mars) and power (Pluto) struggles (Mars). Efforts (Mars) to reform / redeem (Pluto). The sublimation of physical desires (Mars) to feed the soul (Pluto). Such a transmutation ain't for sissies. Pluto is the planet of sinners or saints and the ability to transform and transcend, to ascend to spiritual heights. 

This critique of Michelangelo's Slaves helps to shed light on the Mars--Pluto opposition in a soul of a higher individuated or avatar state of consciousness:

The fame of these four powerful statues – named by scholars as “The Awakening Slave,” “The Young Slave,” “The Bearded Slave” and “The Atlas (or Bound)” – is due above all to their unfinished state. They are some of the finest examples of Michelangelo’s habitual working practice, referred to as non-finito” (or incomplete), magnificent illustrations of the difficulty of the artist in carving out the figure from the block of marble and emblematic of the struggle of man to free the spirit (Pluto) from matter (Mars). These sculptures have been interpreted in many ways. As we see them, in various stages of completion, they evoke the enormous strength of the creative concept as they try to free themselves from the bonds and physical weight of the marble. It is now claimed that the artist deliberately left them incomplete to represent this eternal struggle of human beings to free themselves from their material trappings.

In light of this aspect, it's very important that Meghan and Harry make sure that Lilibet gets onto the right path as early as possible. It would be wise to teach her yoga and meditation to help her deal with some strong feelings that will eventually try to take over. 


Our mental chemistry is revealed by the speed of the Moon (impulses, emotions) and whether Mercury (information processing)  trails the Sun, or rises before it. Some of us are fast to jump to conclusions. Others seem to take forever to make up our minds. Some are patient; some are anxious.  Some are just right. Both Meghan and Harry are in the Goldilocks category. Archie will be anxious. 

The Moon was traveling slowly on the day of Lilibet's birth, and Mercury trailed the Sun. This is considered a "deliberate" mental chemistry. Not deliberate as in intentional, determined or purposeful, but deliberate as in careful, thoughtful and measured. This is much like having a significant amount of Libra in one's chart: they procrastinate or take forever to make a decision. They make exemplary judges because they have such a strong need to see balance, they wait and wait for every fact to be presented and weighed. They're often late to *basically everything, because they just can't decide whether or not to go. 

deliberate: by conscious design or purpose; marked by careful consideration or reflection; 
with care and dignity; produced or marked by conscious design or premeditation; 
carefully thought out in advance.

  • The Queen is balanced. The Moon was particularly slow at her birth at only 11° 48'.

  • Prince Phillip was balanced. Believe it or not.

  • Diana was anxious.

  • Charles is balanced.

  • Camilla is anxious.

  • Prince William is anxious. His moon is very fast at 15°11'. He is quick to jump to conclusions.

  • Kate is balanced.

  • Prince Andrew is balanced. There's another shocker.


For Lilibet, that is a good thing because with the Moon and Mars in mutual reception she'll be a spitfire. Or as Daryl Dixon nicknamed Judith Grimes, "Lil' Asskicker." The Mars - Pluto opposition along with Mars in mutual reception might be tamed or trained with the self-discipline that's inherent in martial arts or yoga. The Moon represents our emotions, habits, foundations, childhood, home, country, mom and apple pie. With this mutual reception, she'll have a fighting spirit and a need for independence. She'll be impatient, impulsive and prone to outbursts. She'll need to be physically active and competitive to feel secure. Harry and Meghan might need to take extra care about the things they discuss in front of her, because not only will her Gemini Sun blurt things out unintentionally at the wrong time, but the mutual reception often says too much, too soon. It jumps the gun, and also judges others pointedly. It's contentious and aggressive by nature due to the emotional imbalance it causes.


Lilibet's personality, on the other hand, is shown by the sign on the Ascendant, the part of the chart which reveals the first impression that others usually get of us, which isn't necessarily who we really are. It's the mask we wear, the part of ourselves that we first show others, and what we choose to hold back. The ascendant is also the lens or filter through which we perceive ourselves and our lives. It represents the physical body, the visage, and the "here and now." 

Lilibet has Leo on the Ascendant, which is a fixed sign. The Sun rules Leo and is found in the 10th house of her yearning. Her purpose in life; her raison d'ĂȘtre; her ikigai. It's the house of her career and achievements, ambition and goals.  How she'll go, the way she'll roll, her brand, her rep, her cred. It reveals her public self, which like the Ascendant, may not necessarily be who she really is, but just what people think of her. In due course, it shows honor or dishonor; fame or infamy. Being a fixed sign, she'll be very goal-oriented and determined, and with the Sun as the chart ruler placed in the 10th house, she'll reach for the stars. She'll set a high bar for herself. This is the area of life where she wants and needs to shine: in a career and in front of the public.  One means through which she can rise will be through words. She might be a fiction writer or pen her memoirs. She might become a journalist, speechwriter or public speaker. Those latter ones could work really well with her Moon-Mars mutual reception, though I doubt her parents would relish the idea of her becoming a member of the media. Also, she lacks any planets in the 3rd house of communications, so maybe not. 
Her Ascendant is in the 29th "Look at me!" degree, conjunct the fixed star Regulus, known as the Little King.

  1. Regulus was rising when Queen Elizabeth was crowned.
  2. Princess Margaret had it conjunct her Sun. She wanted to be Queen.
  3. Margaret Thatcher had it conjunct her Moon. *shrugs* 
  4. Elton John has the Ascendant conjunct Regulus, and he's a queen, of sorts.
  5. We don't know about Freddie Mercury because we don't know his birth time. 
  6. Trump has Regulus on his Ascendant which helps explain why he believes he's a king.  

Lilibet's Sun, ruler of Leo is high in the public 10th house. That is where she'll shine. But being alone with herself may prove harder for her.  The unoccupied half of her chart consists of: 

The 12th of solitude, isolation, meditation; it's got to be really hard for a Gemini to meditate. She should be introduced to it at as early an age as possible. This is also the house of charities, hospitals, ashrams and institutions, and things that go on behind the scenes. 

The 1st house, known as the Ascendant or rising sign. I just covered it above.

The 2nd house is about money and resources, and also our values. These might be confusing or elusive matters to Lilibet because she has modest Virgo on the 2nd house cusp, and will work for her money, or at some distant time from now, will instead, use it in duty and service to others, as befits Virgo, those who serve and feed the world. Lilibet has Venus trine Jupiter, though, which is often found in the charts of the wealthy, privileged and extravagant. For someone with all her planets in one half of the chart, there are a lot of paradoxes in it. Virgo's ruler, Mercury, is retrograde and squares Neptune, the ruler of the 8th house of her spouse's income, as well as taxes, insurance, inheritance, wills, trusts, and other goods of the deceased. That square could mean she's confused, has illusions, or is deceived in money matters. The 8th is the house of other people's values and valuables in which we have a stake. Mercury, also the ruler of Gemini, which internalizes thoughts and decisions, has a strong inner dialog. The square aspect between them is the closest in the chart, so this will be a driving force in her life. More about them later.

  • Archie's impatient Mars - Jupiter opposition conjuncts Lilibet's Mercury and squares her Neptune.

The 3rd house is about her rational mind, her ability to absorb, process and disseminate information. Dissemination of information is also a function of her bowl. This is the house of siblings, neighbors, shopkeepers, and others in her immediate environment. With lovely Venus-ruled Libra on the cusp in trine to Jupiter, Lilibet should be kind and diplomatic in her dealings with others, but we have to judge the chart as a whole, and a lot of her chart contradicts that. This aspect in water signs is where we'll see her emotions at play because the Moon in Aries just isn't feely. As we get into the sweetness of the Venus trine Jupiter aspect in her chart, it becomes hard to reconcile with the rest of the chart. It's like finding a tablespoon of honey in a plate of cooked kale.  Also, Venus trine Jupiter can be an aspect of self-indulgence and going overboard--often in the simplest of ways: sugar. 

Venus is sugar and spice and everything nice. Sweet and kind. Venus is the planet with jurisdiction over Friday. Lilibet was born on a Friday. 

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursdays child has far to go,
Fridays child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for his living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.  

I think I might be going out on a limb if I say she won't like vulgarity or anything unbecoming because her Venus is out-of-bounds at +24° 25' declination. Planets that are out-of-bounds have been described as out-of-control, over the top, or refuse to conform to normal conventions, to fall into line. But they're also lateral thinkers, and thinkers outside the box. They're original artists. Most of all, they require personal freedom like fish require water. 

Most people don't have any out-of-bounds planets. A few people have one. Even fewer have two. Three is even more rare. The most out-of-bounds planets I've seen in one chart so far belong to Stevie Nicks, with five! I thought I'd counted six once before, but I must have been mistaken. 

Venus trine Jupiter should give her grace and a warm heart and bestow popularity, and with Jupiter in Pisces in the 7th house and the planet in high focus by being the only angular planet, a happy and beneficial marriage. How does this connect with the person we're coming to know?

  • Venus in Cancer has a strong love for home and family, and especially mother. Venus in the 11th house can make a family of friends. A beautiful home will be important to her. (Lilibet also has Mars in Cancer, willing to fight for or with her family.) 
  • Jupiter in Pisces can be a very spiritual place for the ancient ruler of the sign. Lilibet's partners in life will need to be contemplative, philosophical, truth seekers, worldly and kind. 

You can't prove it by me, but traditional astrology gives Venus rulership over money. In my lottery research, Venus had very little to do with money, while Jupiter was always involved. With Venus trine Jupiter, money will come freely to her, but she'll likely spend it just as fast. Jupiter is the planet of bigger, better and more, more, more. 

She shouldn't marry anyone at a time when her Jupiter is afflicted because also inherent in a trine between Venus and Jupiter conjunct the Descendant is the possibility of attracting someone lazy, overly-self-indulgent, with no need to exert him or herself or to grow through challenges, because challenges likely won't even exist. This trine makes everything too easy. I hoped to not cross over from the 3rd house to the 7th, but the trine ties them together substantively. 

Also in the profile is Taurus, the other Venus sign. Taurus is on Lilibet's Midheaven, her direction in life, her guiding star. She'll look for safety, stability, dependability and comfort. She's going to want a gentrified life. She's going to expect to live well. Uranian astrologers will be interested to know Lilibet has Black Moon Lilith less than one degree from her Midheaven. Aquarius is on her Descendant, so she'll want relationships that break barriers or challenge the status quo. With Uranus, ruler of her Aquarian Descendant, in the 9th house, it's very likely she will marry someone from another country. Someone who meets the country home criteria. Also, Uranus is her scout planet, so she'll be comfortable with the unconventional and at home with independence within her relationships. She'll lead with her head, not her heart, be quite opinionated, and things will have to be done her way. This is confirmed by the Moon in Aries, which isn't sentimental or sensitive at all. In the rising order of personal planets, her Sun rises first, so she'll put herself first. She'll take for granted that she's the boss, and that others should simply comply.

The 4th house is the house of our foundations, our home, family, mother (or father; ask me later), and childhood. It's the house of beginnings and also final endings. With Scorpio on the cusp of the Nadir, she'll keep her private life private. The two rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, are the planets in opposition I've written so much about here, though. The 4th house and the Moon represent the same things - our emotions, habits, foundations, childhood, home, country, mom and apple pie.


Chiron was discovered in late 1977,  not quite 44 years ago, so he's very young in the astrological tool box. We haven't had much time to observe him, so we choose to ascribe characteristics to this asteroid aligned with the Greek myth of a very special centaur of the same name. He was a teacher and healer; injured and in agony, but unable to heal himself and unable to die. There's got to be more to Chiron than that because if there's not, he shows up in some pretty inappropriate places. Of course, Chiron is already present everywhere, but he shouldn't be conjunct the Midheaven on your wedding day, or on the Ascendant when you win the lottery. If he is, there's got to be a lot more to the story than we currently know. 

Harry's Moon, exalted in Taurus, occupying his 4th house of mother, home and family, is the spout of his bucket chart through which everything else is poured. The trauma of his mother's death colors his every decision and action. It's the wound, which for him, will never heal, and it's his greatest agony. If it were possible, that loss is the one thing he'd give anything to change. And then he met Meghan, whose Chiron, the Wounded Healer, conjuncts his Moon and trines his Sun, and it's healing at first sight. She helps him to heal himself, and he really is her Prince Charming. He wants to protect her, their family and their home in the way he couldn't protect his mother.  She is the one who inspires his desire to be not just a father, but a good father (Capricorn rising), a good husband (Saturn conjunct the Midheaven from the 9th of his life philosophy). He wants to insure that the trauma of losing his mother never happens to his children, or to his wife. He couldn't live through that kind of pain again. 

      • Princess Diana was born under a Cancer Sun. 
      • Meghan was born under a Cancer Ascendant.
      • Harry has Cancer on the Descendant (7th house of marriage).

And now, Lilibet is born with the Moon conjunct Chiron in her 8th house. The Moon rules her 12th house, and the Moon and Mars are in mutual reception. To top it all off, Lilibet's Moon - Chiron conjunction falls directly on Meghan's Midheaven (and Meghan's Chiron falls three and a half degrees from Lilibet's) and Meghan's Mars squares it.  The Midheaven is our reason for living, our path in life, the thing that inspires us to get up each morning.  Don't forget that Lilibet's Mars - Pluto opposition falls directly across Meghan's Ascendant - Descendant axis, which will likely cause a lot of power struggles and push / shove.  If that's not challenging enough, Meghan's Uranus falls just one minute into Lilibet's 4th house / opposed to her Midheaven. At least it trines and sextiles Lilibet's Mars - Pluto opposition. 

 If I were Meghan's astrologer,  I would recommend getting a mental health checkup if she's feeling any kind of post partum depression. It could give other women the courage to speak up and seek help for themselves. 

Let's dissect the Moon in conjunction with Chiron.

First, the Moon represents our subconscious; the custodian of our memories, habits, security needs, nurturing abilities, emotional reactions, moods, instincts and intuition. It represents the mother and wife, fecundity, family and home. 

Chiron represents our deepest wounds, our biggest life traumas, the things that happened that changed us for evermore. Things can never be the same again. It's our pain and anger and need to wail. And whimper. It's the thing that breaks us, and drives us to our knees. 

When the Moon and Chiron are conjunct, our pain comes from our subconscious, and its roots are deep in Moon-related matters: the nurturing we feel we didn't get, feeling unwanted by mother or family, the loss of our mother to death while we're still children. The irretrievable loss of our home or family.  We'd give anything to undo it, to go back and change things, to heal ourselves of our unbearable suffering and feel whole again. But we can't. What we can do is heal others through our own pain. And that is the heart of Chiron.

"What I’ve learned in my own life
is the power of transforming pain into purpose."
~ Prince Harry


I'm not going to go through every planet and aspect; I'm painting with broad strokes. Saturn trine the Sun confers favor from authorities. It knows how to conduct business successfully. That's why I find Mercury Retrograde in square to Neptune (below) perplexing and a little concerning. 


First, Mercury.

I refer to Mercury as "he" because I tend to think of it as a Peter Pan character. 

The sign that Mercury occupies, his condition, relationship to the Moon, and aspects indicate how we absorb, filter, and process information. It shows whether we ponder matters or jump to conclusions, whether we are strong silent types or motor mouths, whether we are rational or irrational, serious-minded or social butterflies, and whether or not there is a filter between our brains and our tongues. 

Our ability to say what we mean and to mean what we say is less acute during the retrograde period, as well as our ability to discriminate. Our critical faculties are dimmed as well–in most cases. There are exceptions to the rule, but nearly always, it leads to confusion and uncertainty, backtracking, sidestepping and clawing words backIt shows learning disabilities, mental disorders, and our dexterity, or lack thereof.

Mercury has domain over information, communication, and all things related to them. If you can read it, write it, or say it, it’s his. He rules all reading material: blogs, books, newspapers, magazines, contracts, leases, agreements, medical coding, shorthand, computer programming, the note you pass in class, and the graffiti you spray where you shouldn’t. He also rules all writing instruments: pens, pencils, crayons, chalk, anything with a keypad, and even your two hands.

He gets all the speaking roles such as acting, speeches, teaching and filibustering, and all recording and communication devices such as telephones, telegraph, tell your neighbor, cards, letters, mail, email, faxes, tape recorders, voicemail, and Dictaphones.

He gets the keys to your car, and the car itself.  He rules deliveries. He shares social networking and bicycles with Uranus, and air travel with Jupiter, but wagons, skates, skis, lifts, elevators, trolleys, subways, and so forth are all his … they’re all part of another of his domains: transportation. If it takes you from one place to another, it’s usually Mercury’s. He covers short distances like those you travel to run errands around your neighborhood and the distance you walk to school. Along with teaching, he’s lord over elementary or basic education, which reaches up to college level (after that, Jupiter takes over). While in the neighborhood, he rules neighbors and the immediate environment. He’s even your brothers, sisters, and young people in general.

Now, Neptune

Nebulous Neptune is another planet that covers a lot of territory. Take a deep breath.

Neptune is the planet of intangibles, of things that can’t be grasped in the hand. I usually refer to him as the planet of illusion, delusion, deception, and confusion. He encourages us to see things that aren't there, and to not see things that are. He dissolves, pacifies, neutralizes and hypnotizes that with which he comes into contact. He is the rose color in our glasses.

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, and the 12th house is his natural domain. Where Jupiter types tend to follow traditional or orthodox religions (unless challenged by Uranus), Neptune types usually describe themselves as spiritual. It's the planet of faith. They sense that all living things are connected by a collective unconscious where each of us are merely drops in a sea of karma. Many Neptunians have such strong attunement to something otherworldly that they devote their entire lives, one way or another, consciously or not, to serving in abbeys, convents, monasteries, cathedrals, ashrams, asylums, laboratories, hospitals, hospices, prisons, orphanages, shelters, cults, and other places of devotion, solitude, isolation, exile, confinement or charity. The 14th Dalai Lama has Neptune conjunct his Moon (in Virgo, sign of service) in the 12th house, Neptune's natural domain. Neptune rules his 6th house of service, and the Moon rules his Midheaven, the height of achievement, honor and recognition.

His friend and devotee, Richard Gere, has Neptune conjunct Venus in Libra in the 11th, and Venus is the final dispositor, the gatekeeper through which all the other planets must pass inspection before proceeding. Most actors hate to be typecast, but in Gere's case, in real life, he is the embodiment of the knight-in-shining armor roles that made him famous. Venus idealizes love, and in Libra, it probably believes in soul mates, although, because he is well-educated, well-traveled, and well-seasoned, the term soul mate may not mean to him what it means to some of us. Venus with Neptune searches for a higher love. Pluto searches for a deeper one; Libra, for one equal to himself.

An astrologer I know who was working on his thesis in psychology told me of a young man incarcerated in an asylum who had all of his personal planets in Pisces in the 12th house. He'd been found naked, chained to his bed, and capable of saying only five words: Don’t let the boy out, because it was all he had ever heard.

In Neptune provides a host of ways we can hide away in seclusion and keep ourselves there: Leukemia, hypochondria, agoraphobia, Alzheimer’s, amnesia, mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction, hallucinations, cataracts, loss of hearing, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and the common cold. Dreams, illusions, memories, and fantasies can hold us prisoner for life. 

Neptune is the planet that represents the collective unconscious, our personal conscience, and selfless identity. He has the patience and empathy for caregiving, and often a tendency to either ill health or hypochondria. It’s hard to know which, when he blurs all the lines. His compassionate sympathy for the universe and all the suffering in it sometimes gives him martyr tendencies. The life of Christ is a prime example of Neptune and Pisces energy. Whether truth or parable, it is not by coincidence that the symbol of Christianity is the fish. Not by coincidence were He and His disciples were fishers of men who cast their nets in the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus walked on the water (Neptune = Master Over Waters). The life of Christ is the quintessence of the Age of Pisces. Neptune is the planet of our faith, clergy, and evangelists.

Beatle George Harrison, a Pisces, had Neptune in his 11th house of groups and associations, in Libra, the sign of partnerships. It ruled his 5th house of creativity and entertainment. He wrote the songs My Sweet Lord about Hinduism, and Here Comes the Sun (the Son) about Christianity.

Another popular musician of the 70’s was Cat Stevens, whose Neptune is conjunct the Ascendant giving not only an ethereal sound to his music, but also to his appearance and demeanor. Neptune rules his 6th house of health, and in 1969, he contracted TB (a Neptunian illness). During his illness, he began to question the meaning of life. He took up yoga, meditation, and the study of religion and metaphysics. He began to write songs about his insights, all of which are functions of Neptune. His songs became highly successful. My personal favorite was Oh, Very Young, a poignant song about hindsight and the inevitable disillusionment of youth that embodied the spirit of the times. It was from an album called Buddha and the Chocolate Box. All Neptunian. Even this video of Wild World has a fuzzy, unfocused quality. 

Regarding his songwriting, he said, "I get the tune, and then I just keep on singing the tune until the words come out from the tune. It's kind of a hypnotic state that you reach after a while when you keep on playing it where words just evolve from it." That’s about as clear as … Neptune.

Stevens studied Buddhism, Zen, the I Ching, numerology, tarot cards and astrology before choosing the Islamic faith in 1977. He changed his name again, this time to Yusuf Islam, and moved to the Middle East. In 2004 the world-renowned pacifist returned to the U.S. to record a song with Dolly Parton, but was denied entry into the U.S. as a security risk.

A quick search of my database came up with many other musicians with Mercury square Neptune - David Bowie, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, twins Maurice and Robin Gibb, Henry Mancini, Jim Morrison, Dennis Wilson and opera diva Maria Callas. And those are just the charts I have. There are probably hundreds more. 
Neptune bestows glamour and illusion. He adds mystery and intrigue. 

  • In Marilyn Monroe’s chart, for instance, he was the rising planet, hovering near her ascendant, and ruling her 8th house of sex and death, which has remained a mystery and a conspiracy theory. 
  • Jackie O (Kennedy Onassis) had Neptune conjunct her midheaven (reputation).
  • Princess Diana had Neptune in the 10th house of public reputation, ruling her 3rd house of transportation. 
  • Men are usually labeled as debonair rather than glamorous, which describes the Duke of Windsor, who abdicated the throne for his duchess, Wallis Simpson. He had Neptune and Jupiter conjunct the midheaven. Jupiter ruled his 4th house of royal family; Neptune ruled his 7th house of marriage. 
  • North West has Neptune conjunct her Pisces midheaven and will no doubt live a glamorous and creative life (This blog was updated in 2016, after North was born).

Neptune is lord of photography, film and video. He can be highly deceptive. He is our muse, our inspiration. Many Neptune types are gifted with creativity and blessed with imagination. They are born storytellers. They excel in art, music, drama, fantasy, fiction and film. Leonardo Da Vinci had Neptune conjunct the Midheaven. So does gifted lyricist and musician Jackson Browne. Neptune people who put their imagination to good use make great writers, songwriters, musicians, poets, novelists, actors, dancers, cinematographers, filmmakers, symphony conductors, performers, costume designers, shoemakers, perfumers, and magicians.
Many are gifted in another kind of vision, and are active in a world of spirit, intuition, extraordinary knowing, dowsing, metaphysics, hypnotists, mediums and ghost hunters. They are psychic sponges, soaking in the ethereal through osmosis, and somehow understanding it. Shirley MacLaine has Neptune conjunct her Moon in the 12th house of the ethereal. Famous psychic Edgar Cayce had the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and the Moon's North Node in Pisces, as well as Neptune conjunct the Moon.

Another spirit under Neptune’s rule is the kind that comes in bottles and baggies. The Neptune that dissolves our egos, boundaries and the inhibitions which contribute to our addictions, is the same that compels others to serve in the occupations that attempt to cure them. Pharmacists, chemists, nurses, and reiki masters benefit from the help of Neptune. 
When afflicted, Neptune types can create fantasies so real in their own imaginations that they play them out in reality. Richard "Night Stalker" Rameriz seems to have been influenced by his cousin, an enthusiastically violent Viet Nam vet who had been with Special Forces. He often bragged of torture and glorified killing. The cousin murdered his wife, who at the time, was standing close enough to Rameriz to splatter his face with her blood. Rameriz eventually played out his own fantasy rampage.

Pisces can be master liars, manipulators and deceivers, depending on the whole natal chart, of course. John Wayne Gacy became known as the "Killer Clown" due to his charitable services at fundraising events, parades and children's parties where he would dress as "Pogo the Clown." He claimed to have entertained at hospitals, as well, but there is no proof of it. Still you can’t get much more Neptunian, short of adding a boat. Don’t believe everything you hear, and even less of what you see, when Neptune is involved.

Lord of personal melodrama, Neptune often casts himself in a martyr role. He thrives on sympathy. I’ve known two Pisces women who developed Munchausen by proxy. One of them, with many Pisces planets in and ruling her 7th house of marriage, faked bruises with eye shadow and claimed spousal abuse. She should have used a matte shadow instead of a sparkly one because she was caught. Under Neptune's influence, she divorced her husband and abandoned her children for the man with whom she'd been having an affair. Many years later, after her lover still had not left his own wife, and the transit of Neptune had moved on, her idealization of love and her willingness to sacrifice everything for it faded, but not before Neptune dissolved away every single thing in her life.

Also under Neptune’s rule is all liquids, water and gas. From streams and creeks to raging rivers, lakes, seas, oceans and swimming pools, he reigns over all vaporous substances such as fog, precipitation, snow, dew and even frost. He rules all forms of liquid from drinking water to perfume to gasoline, and all natural gasses like propane, methane and helium. Neptune also influences sailors, sea captains, pirates, marine biologists, and everything that lives in the water. Shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis had Neptune conjunct Jupiter in the 10th house of career and reputation in Cancer, the other water and shipping sign. In addition, Neptune is responsible for oil spills, floods, hurricanes and tsunamis. Also in Neptune’s domain are vast wide-open spaces like oceans, tundra, and outer space. Beach Boy Dennis Wilson drowned when transiting Mercury conjuncted his natal Mercury that was square Neptune, ruler of his 8th house. I mention it because being in the water is still a way of life in California.
That’s quite a lot for one planet to look after. No wonder Neptune is so often dazed and confused. Which brings us back to Mercury-planet of the mind and communication-square Neptune-planet of illusion, delusion, deception and confusion.

When Mercury is at cross-purposes with Neptune a fog can set in on the brain. It might cause learning problems, dyslexia, speech or hearing problems, or worse; schizophrenia and psychotic episodes. I would add epilepsy, but that's probably more of a Mercury-Uranus thing. I started to research it but the field was really big. 

  • It's interesting that King George VI stuttered. (Mercury opposed to Neptune; Sun - Mercury combust)
  • Queen Elizabeth adorably had trouble pronouncing her own name as a child.
  • Now the Queen's namesake has an aspect in her natal that could show a speech problem.  
Neptune dissolves all with which it comes into contact. In a square with the planet of the rational mind, Lilibet might have a problem with inner confusion, inability to focus, incoherence, or maybe just self-deception. I was looking at the chart of a famous woman just a minute ago who has a Mercury-Neptune affliction, and after many decades of evidence to the contrary, she's still under the self-delusion that she can sing. Or maybe she has an overly vivid imagination. Mercury square Neptune could turn out to be a lack of clarity in speech, of being inarticulate, and of having to struggle to express herself. It would necessitate the need to learn how to make others interpret what she means. 

Some people with Mercury aspects to Neptune are just absent-minded or have no head for details. They are daydreamers and storytellers, but often get the facts wrong in those stories. These things put their credibility in a precarious position. They need a creative outlet like music, art or writing. 

It doesn't seem to matter whether the aspect between Mercury and Neptune is an easy one or a challenging one; they all seem to have an interest or talent in mystical matters.  As children they have imaginary friends. If allowed to nurture the ability, they learn to consciously comprehend the unconscious levels of their minds, and those of other people, too. They can become gifted psychics, or not.  Sometimes they're simply deceitful people and liars. 

  • Cult leader Jim Jones had Mercury, Neptune and his Ascendant in a Grand Trine. He used his voice to soothe and persuade other people to conform to his desires.
  • Televangelist Jim Bakker with Mercury square Neptune bilked hundreds of thousands of gullible people out of their money. Maybe they had Mercury in a stress aspect with Neptune, too. 
  • Lizzie Borden picked up her ax when Uranus afflicted her Mercury-Neptune square.  For the record, she had Mars way, way out-of-bounds. 
  • Some people with Mercury square Neptune are notorious liars. To cover my legal bases: in my opinion, Donald Trump is probably the best known. 
  • George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin while transiting Mercury opposed his natal Mercury and squared his Neptune. That wasn't enough to activate the tragedy that ensued - it required natal Saturn conjunct his natal Pluto - but it's good evidence that he was deluded and deceptive. 

Not all is lost. Just as there are avatars who mastered their Mars - Pluto oppositions, there was one person with a Mercury - Neptune square that blew all the rest out of the water. Albert Schweitzer was a French polymath, theologian, organist, writer, humanitarian, vegetarian, philosopher, and physician. He won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1952.

I have to wind this up now because Blogger becomes uncooperative once I reach a certain word count.  I tried to tease out the important basics, the foundation, because we could interpret Lilibet's natal chart for days. Please add your own insights in the comments. Someone please say something about her Venus being out-of-bounds, and about Archie's natal Mars being conjunct Lilibet's Mercury. And if you made it this far, thanks for reading. You have an incredible attention span.