March 7, 2014

Ted Turner Mars in Libra

Ted Turner was rushed to the hospital today with appendicitis.

November 19, 1938
8:50 AM EST
Cincinnati, OH

Tropical Zodiac
Porphyry Houses

Ted Turner, Natal Chart
Turner has a very strong Pluto in his chart. Pluto is the planet of wealth, thus, plutocrats. It's in mutual reception with his natal sun in Scorpio, and the two are in trine to each other, feeding each other in mutual cooperation. Pluto is the ruler of his 12th house of hospitals, where his sun (life force, individuality) is located, and the sun is the ruler of the 9th house of foreign countries and long distances, where he and the hospital are currently located. 

His natal chart holds a yod between his natal 
  • Mars in Libra (under fire with the upcoming cardinal Grand Cross of April) (diplomacy, passive-aggressiveness, partnerships, marriage and equality)
  • Mercury (communication) in Sagittarius (reaching far and hitting the mark) in a wide conjunction with the ascendant
  • Uranus in Taurus at the apex. Uranus is the planet of  technology and telecommunications, placed in Taurus, the money sign. 
We're going to be seeing more people who have their natal Mars in Libra in the news as the Grand Cross takes shape in mid April. Take note that transiting Mars just turned stationary retrograde a few days ago, and its conjunction to Turner's natal moon was the trigger of this event.

Ted Turner, appendicitis transits
There are quite a few aspects to the natal here from today's transits, but those that describe the event are transiting Mars (pain, wounding, cutting, sharp objects) conjunct his natal moon (ruler of the 8th house of surgery) in the 11th house of sudden events. Transiting Saturn (suffering, loss, worry, restriction) in Scorpio (surgery) conjuncts his natal sun (life, identity) in the 12th house of hospitals, ruler of the 9th house of foreign countries and long-distances. The transiting moon in the 6th house of illness. His natal Saturn / Mars opposition (slow burn, stop go stop go stop go) in angular houses is being challenged by the T-Square that's forming a Grand Cross, and can be affected repeatedly almost all the way through July 2014.

Below is Turner's age harmonic chart for today. 

There is a Grand Trine between Mercury, Neptune and the moon, but that's not the dominating feature here. Mercury (health) in Aquarius (unexpected) in the 12th house (hospitals) is tied to the 8th house (surgery). Mercury also represents messengers and the media, Aquarius also represents friends, and the 12th house also represents solitude and privacy. It trines Neptune (anesthesia, hospitals) in Gemini (communication, media) in the 4th house of the end of the matter. Both Mercury and Neptune are trined by the moon, ruler of the 6th house of health and illness in the 8th house of surgery. The moon is conjunct the north node, a beneficent aspect, and both are in Libra, the sign associated with the midsection of the body (usually, but not necessarily limited to the kidneys and intestines.) But that's still not the significant part of this age harmonic chart.

The significant part is that all of the following planets and indicators fall into the 8th house of surgery:

  • The sun--The vitality and life force is opposed by Mars, planet of cutting and blood.
  • Uranus--Ruler of the ascendant, the chart ruler, and representative of sudden, unexpected events
  • The north node of the moon--a turning point in life, a matter of great significance.
  • The moon--the "other" light. The sun, moon and ruler of the ascendant are three most vital parts of any chart. This one squares Jupiter--in and ruling--the 11th house of sudden events and twists of fate.
Saturn--planet of suffering, loss and restriction is conjunct the 8th house cusp. All house cusps are particularly sensitive in harmonic charts. Saturn is the ruler of the 12 house of confinement, seclusion and institutions. It is squared by a retrograde Venus on the cusp of the 11th house of sudden events and twists of fate. Venus rules the 4th house of home +  the end of matters, as well as the 9th house of long-distances and foreign countries.

Mars is opposed to the sun, but also inconjuncts the natal Pluto - the other ruler of surgery.

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