March 16, 2014

In Honor of Dymock Brose, an Extraordinary Astrologer

Dymock Brose, a most generous-hearted Australian astrologer who spent decades teaching us all about harmonic charts, passed at the age of 95 on March 11, 2014. He is survived by his beautiful wife, Marguerite, who will continue his work. She said that he had lost his sight and hearing and passed gently and peacefully from heart failure. With her assistance, he presented lessons every single week for a dozen years of which I am aware, and I'm sure many more of which I'm not. A light has truly gone out in the world. The knowledge and expertise he took with him can never be replaced, but we are fortunate that Marguerite is willing to carry on with it. 

Dymock Brose
September 9, 1918
5:50:04 A.M.
Adelaide, Australia
Porphyry (as he would have wished)

Here is the age harmonic chart for his passing.
95. 5064873

He taught us to find the most important feature of the chart which is usually, but not always, the closest conjunction. In this case, the most important feature is the Saturn / Mars / Pluto conjunction in the 8th house of death, squaring Jupiter, ruler of the ascendant (he used the ancient rulers). Uranus, ruler of the 12th house of hospitals (and his natal 6th house of illness) conjuncts the 4th house of endings. Mercury (ruler of his natal sun and midheaven) quincunxes the moon's north node in Leo, sign of the heart, on the cusp of the 6th house of illness and sextiles the south node on the cusp of the 9th house of the longest journey of all. Venus, ruler of the 8th house of death trines Neptune, ruler of the ascendant, indicating a peaceful passing. He deserved no less.