February 19, 2014

Help! I Hate My Job!

Help! I hate my job! I’m about to be 26 and I feel like I've already wasted a lot of time. This isn’t how I want to spend the rest of my life. Is it too late for me to find the right career? I was born July 30, 1988 at 6:26 P.M. MDT (Remaining data redacted for the client’s privacy.) 

Dear Client,

Heavens, no! You haven’t even had your first Saturn Return yet. You are just getting started in life, and may not even find your true calling until Saturn gets back to its natal place in your chart, which will be in 2017. I’ve looked ahead and can see that’s going to be a real testing ground year for you, though, as it is for many people. That’s when Saturn will jerk you up by your bootstraps and give you a rude awakening unless you start preparing soon. I suggest that once you are finished with this reading that you come back here and read all about the Saturn Return and the Saturn Cycle.

The Saturn Return
The Saturn Cycle of Career Success (featuring Richard Nixon)
The Saturn Cycle of Vivien Leigh

Above is your natal chart. I’m going to dissect it for you with the goal of helping you to better understand yourself and your needs so that you can make informed decisions. This is a very long reading, so you will probably want to tackle it in sections. It’s currently in 9 Parts, but I may add a tenth one in a few days because I can see that you are currently at a crossroads in your life, when things will change to put you on a different path.


THE SUN is who we are at our core. This is our ego, our heart and our vitality. The sun is the center of our solar system, and it is the center of our being. It is the innermost part of us shining out into the world. It says "This is who I am and what I'm all about. The midheaven may be where I am headed, but this is the road I'm taking." It is our life force and will to live, and how we go about it. It is how we express our individuality, distinctiveness, eccentricities, character, peculiarities and singularity all rolled together. It represents our most basic nature and remains a constant through all the good times and bad, the highs and lows and the ebb and flow of our lives. 

Your sun is in Leo, the sign of royalty. It is loving, generous, noble, and warm-hearted. Leos are like bright sunny days. They shine like gold. Confident and bold, they stand out from the crowd and crave recognition, success, and reward. Dramatic, they take center stage, and the party doesn't begin until they arrive. Of course, actors come in all signs, but Leo is the one most associated with the entertainment business. For Leos, fame and fortune feel as if they are just around the corner. They are almost childlike in their creativity, just give them a box of crayons and they can do anything. They are the kings and queens of bright ideas. They do well working in fields like teaching (Leo is the sign of children, and Leos love them), entertainment, party and event planning, sports, games and; recreation, gambling, risk-taking, ruling countries, leading the pack, and anything creative where they can shine and be recognized for their achievements. You can see why an ordinary mundane job like construction is not the best fit for you. The only thing about it that would please a Leo is that by standing on a roof you'd be closer to the sun.

Now on the other side of the shiny gold coin, this sign is usually pretty self-absorbed. This is because Leo is the sign of the heart, which is at the center of the body. With their party-atmosphere disposition, they tend to forget there are other people around. The good news is that this may be less so for you because your sun is in your 7th house of Significant Others. You always need another person to help you feel complete.

I’d like you to click here to go and have a look around Leo, and see how you identify with it.


You don’t have to read this entire blog post in one sitting. In fact, it might work best to read one section at a time, and then sleep on it. The idea is to get to know yourself better, therefore empowering you with the ability to make more informed decisions, choices and strategies that will lead to happiness. Astrology is like a shortcut to “finding yourself.” It’s your Instruction Manual. So use the link to check out the meaning of your sun sign and we’ll call this the end of Part 1.

THE ASCENDANT is determined at the exact time and place that we inhale our first breath, when the soul enters a physical body on the earth plane.

We are not a body with a soul; we are a soul with a body.

It represents the body, the vehicle the soul drives through this life. When a planet or the moon goes over the ascendant in a natal chart, the corresponding events in life become a personal matter. Sometimes those matters are physical. It’s a timing device that says, “You. Here. Now.”

The sign on the ascendant, also known as the rising sign, works like the lens on a camera. Depending on the lens – macro or zoom, fisheye or telescope—we see the world in a different way because we see what the lens sees. Or we could think of it as a special effects filter that gives us a certain perspective on life. 

The ascendant also represents the first impression that we give, the way others see us, how we are perceived to be, and what we’re like.

Click the link below to familiarize yourself with it. And come back next time for Part III. 

The Ascendant, also known as the Rising Sign is the first house of a chart. It begins where the 9 is on a clock and encompasses the section that reaches down to where the 8 is on a clock. 

Depending upon whether the sun, moon and ascendant are in harmony or not, what others see may not be what they get because the ascendant is a mask that we wear to prevent others from seeing us naked. It’s what we show them, not necessarily who we are.  So when I said that you aren’t meant for construction, that was really only partially true. I can see how you might gravitate toward it because you grew up seeing through that lens. And others might sense that ability in you because Capricorn is the sign of construction, architecture, engineering, agriculture, and business. It’s like you’re wearing Eau de Construction. Or Scent of Landscaper. 

Capricorns are leaders – authoritative, ambitious, bossy, perfectionists. No one can do anything as well as Capricorns can do it themselves and when they want to impress someone, they roll out their professional accomplishments or begin taking charge of the immediate environment or situation. They achieve their greatest heights when they are humble, good fathers, ladies and gentlemen, and when they dress the part. They stand out in formal clothing of classic styling. Prestigious labels are also important to them.

They are dignified, low-key and very reserved in their personality and mannerisms. They don’t like anything to upset the status quo. I once knew a Capricorn who told her husband not to ask for a knife in a restaurant because it would “cause a scene.” They can be very imposing in their standards and expectations.

Capricorns generally don’t like rowdiness, slapstick comedy or “cutting up,” but if given the chance, they’ll tickle our funny bones by dropping a remark with the driest wit imaginable, like that of Oscar Wilde whose Saturn was conjunct his midheaven, or Ambrose Bierce, who had three planets and the north node in Capricorn. Stephen Wright is a master of deadpan comedy.


Environment and social class are some of the factors that influence how Saturnine energy manifests.

The disadvantaged Capricorns (and Saturn types) take life seriously, usually because it’s always been a difficult task. They either did experience, or perceive that they experienced, a hard upbringing. There may have been poverty, a lack of education and health care, a parent who was abusive, cold or absent. They don’t see life as fun; they see it as hard. Many drop out of school either by necessity or misfortune. These are the people who do the manual labor jobs like drywall, roofing, bricklaying, finishing, landscaping, maintenance, heavy equipment operators, migrant farming, crop planting and picking, etc.

A middle-class Capricorn, a species that has all but disappeared, probably has a high school diploma and some college or maybe a Bachelor’s degree. They hold the middle management jobs. They’re the job foreman, the superintendent, the owner’s rep, the building inspector. They have some authority, and always know what you should be doing. They can be micro-managers if Saturn is in combination with certain other factors. They are ambitious and always striving to get up the corporate ladder. They are married with an average number of kids, maintain family traditions, go to church on Sunday, tow the line and do what is expected of them. They accept the responsibilities of life and get on with it.

Sometimes the first type starts working hard at becoming the second type around the time of their Saturn Return which for you, will be in the year 2017. It is said that we aren’t really mature until we experience our first Saturn Return.
Usually at the time of the Return our life’s purpose begins to show itself to us. We discover a talent we didn’t know we had until then, and suddenly, it consumes us. We get more serious about our responsibilities, jobs, marriage, children, and parents. Some people may return to school while others may be finishing their education and facing the burden of student loans. This is a milestone event in life that occurs about every 28 years. Your first Saturn Return arrives at age 29, which is a little later than usual. It falls in Sagittarius, which, in my humble opinion, is a good sign to have Saturn in. It’s almost certain that further education will part of your Return.
But it falls into the 12th house of confinement and institutions so you should be very careful to make sure you’re not getting that education behind bars. Saturn is your chart ruler, which makes it an important planet. People with Saturn in the 12th house have secret enemies. It’s also very close to your ascendant, which can make the events that occur at that time deeply personal and possibly tinged with worry, grief, guilt, or sorrow.
Capricorns invented the School of Hard Knocks, and Saturn’s Return is Make-It-or-Break-It Time. There is no Fake-It-til-You-Make it with Saturn close to your ascendant. We realize now that there is no fairy Godmother or Prince Charming coming to rescue us after all. We have to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and carry on with the job of living. The Return is rarely an easy time, but it is necessarily difficult in order for us to learn responsibility, patience, endurance, morals, wisdom, integrity and character. If we fail this first test, then we continue life as the disadvantaged type of Capricorn.
And lest we forget, there is the advantaged and affluent type of Capricorn who is often born into privilege and simply anticipates that he will achieve certain things in life. He will have the resources to participate in all the right sports, join all the right clubs, and rub elbows with all the right people. He will receive a higher education, enjoy a lucrative career in architecture, engineering, ranching, organic farming, business, or one of the sciences. He tends to be a conservative Republican, and even a Tea Bagger if his Saturn is particularly austere. He is a pillar of the church and community, and Christian, Catholic or Jewish. He has deep roots in a patriarchal society joined by invitation only. And a lot of the time, a stick up his ass. An example of this type of Capricorn might be the character of Cal Hockley (played by Billy Zane), the wealthy fiancé of Rose in Titanic.

There’s one thing that can rocket the disadvantaged type of Capricorn to the status of the advantaged type, and it isn’t money. It’s class. Examples of classy Capricorns are Denzel Washington, Diane Sawyer, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Robert Duvall, Muhammad Ali and Princess Kate. Zooey Deschanel is a triple Capricorn. George Clooney is Taurus, but has a Capricorn moon. Sean Connery is a Virgo with Capricorn rising. These are all people who have played to their Capricorn strengths and achieved iconic status. You’ll see them in the Pinterest boards soon.

If there’s one thing that can sink an advantaged Capricorn type to the ranks of the disadvantaged, it’s a lack of humility. Everyone loves the lady or gentleman who has reached the pinnacle of success while at the same time, has kept it real. It may be kind of difficult for a Leo to do because they tend to want to crow about their accomplishments, but the higher the status and the more humble the man, the more he is loved and adored. Get too big for your bridges (sorry, I couldn’t resist the Chris Christie dig), I mean britches, and we want nothing more than to tear him down and put him in his place.

Humility and acknowledgment of a Higher Power aren’t options for Capricorns; they are requirements. Gratitude and acknowledgment of what has been received are necessities of the Capricorn life, and if it is not expressed willingly, then it is enforced by dropping them to their knees either in pain or in prayer. One way or the other, they’re getting down there, sooner or later.

Please take a minute to go here and familiarize yourself with Capricorn, remembering that this is your rising sign, the lens through which you see life, the mask you wear, the first impression that you give, and that you should play it up for maximum achievement and authenticity.

Then sleep on it and come back for Part IV.

Part IV
The moon represents our emotional needs and reactions and shows what we need for emotional security. It represents our instinctual responses and inherent habits, along with those feelings we incorporated into our lives because “that’s the way it was when I was growing up.” It’s our intuition and gut instinct. In fact, it rules the breast and stomach in the body. It is the part of us with which we first identify ourselves, even before the sun or ascendant. Ask a toddler, “Where is Johnny?” and little Johnny might hit himself in the chest. Or ask “Where is Mary?” and she’s likely to pull up her dress and poke her fingers into her abdomen or belly button. “I am here.” The moon is our inner child, and remains so, no matter how old we grow.

It also represents things like how we feel about our mothers and wives, as well as what our childhood, family and home life are like, but we’re not going into that right now because this is a vocational reading, not a full natal reading. We’re only going to look at what makes you feel emotionally fulfilled and secure.

Your moon is in Pisces. It is a water sign: sensitive, compassionate and kind to others. The emotional needs of Pisces include a strong need for closeness and sympathy. They are so emotionally loving and caring that it can be hard for them to understand where to draw the line. All Pisces have a bit of a martyr complex and are easily taken advantage of by those who would prey on their desire to be of service. When they are overly generous, they end up as the victim. Lonely widows are bilked out of their life savings by Casanovas every day. Sugar daddies, too. Nursemaids, caretakers and mothers sacrifice so much of their lives to others that they forget to live their own. They are forgiving and tolerant, so there are a million ways for Pisces to care, and every one provides a way for others to manipulate them. 

Unless some other factor in the chart overwhelms him, a person with a Pisces moon is always willing to defend the underdog as long as it doesn't require too much effort. They usually choose to be pacifist bleeding-heart liberals who want to save the world and all the trees, animals and underprivileged children in it, and yet, they may ignore the call to action because they can be so laid back that they are in danger of falling over.

All Pisces and Neptune types who might be reading this are probably cringing right now because they are rather thin-skinned and easily hurt by insensitivity or perceived criticism. It’s their natural reaction to swim back down to the bottom of the sea when they need to get away from it all.

Those with a Pisces moon are generally very sweet-natured children until they discover and begin to express the other—often conflicting—elements of themselves. There is often a rude awakening that gives them a compassion for others' suffering, so they make good doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, relief aid workers, philanthropists and volunteers.
This is also the sign most associated with Munchausens by Proxy.
Those with a Pisces moon can be both spiritually aware, and aware of spirits. Many are gifted with psychic ability, extraordinary knowing, ESP, second sight, sixth sense, or just good old-fashioned intuition. They can see what isn't there, but also not see what is. If carefully honed by listening to those little whispers in their ear and deciding to follow their hunches, this ability can save them from many tight spots and increase their chances for success in speculation. This is the sign of the subconscious and of dreams. Many people with a Pisces moon sleepwalk or suffer horrible sleep terrors as children, possibly full of memories from a recent past life. The chances of this are higher if the moon is in the 8th or 12th house, or Neptune is prominent in the natal chart. Neptune is significant in your chart, and we’ll be looking at it soon. World renowned and respected psychic Edgar Cayce was a Pisces.

Pisces is an adaptable sign. Its sympathy is vast and it feels deeply. It is guileless and passively trusting. When the moon is in Pisces, it can cause the tender-hearted to drown in their emotions. They are like psychic sponges soaking up all the moods and psychic impressions around them, absorbing it into themselves, and making it such a part of them that they are unsure of how much of it is really theirs, or where they stop and another begins.

  • Pisces is the sign associated with Jesus and Christianity. 
  • It's the 12th sign, a water sign. 
  • His twelve disciples were fishermen.
  • He fed the multitudes with two fish. The symbol for Pisces is two fish.
  • He walked on water. 

He is so associated with Pisces and fish that we don’t acknowledge that scientifically and rationally, he would have been born in the spring, and the celebration of his birth was changed to coincide with the Pagan holiday of Saturnalia. It was winter, the nights were long, and the Romans thought they may as well party, so they just lumped everyone’s holy days together and partied for about two weeks.

Jesus represents the Age of Pisces, which is to be followed by the Age of Aquarius. Those who edited the Bible over the centuries didn’t always recognize astrology when they saw it, so they failed to remove the symbolism of the matter in Mark 14:13. 

Many Pisces / Neptune types also devoutly practice Eastern religions like Buddhism (Richard Gere, actor and pianist), Hinduism (George Harrison, musician and Beatle) and Islam / Muslim (Cat Stevens, musician and peace activist). Neptune contributes to spiritual / pacifist personalities.

As you can see, this is quite different from the reserved, business-like, sometimes bossy nature of your Capricorn ascendant. Pisces has so much empathy for others they hardly know what to do with it all, while Capricorn’s heart lies on the chilly side. A Capricorn once told me, "It's all about the choices we make," spoken with a tone of disapproval and superiority. Tough luck. Capricorn can lack sympathy, while Pisces will go way out on a limb and lie for a friend. Pisces would take a bullet for you, while Capricorn might push you in front of it. Capricorn believes in efficiency, organization, and falling in line, while Pisces likes to drift and dream and paint outside the lines. They are starving artists, musicians, dreamers, writers, house painters and bartenders, but often spend their lives dependent on others either due to illness or disability, or just being unfocused or unclear about which direction they should go. They can be very ungrounded and impractical, which annoys Capricorn to no end.

Pisces is the muse, the inspiration, the sign of art, music, poetry, dance, and imagination. Oceans and imaginations know no bounds. Probably the greatest artist who ever lived, Michelangelo, had both the sun and moon in Pisces. Leonardo DaVinci was a Taurus with a Pisces moon. Vincent Van Gogh was a hot-tempered, red-haired Aries with Venus (love), Mars (desire) and the midheaven (career, life direction) in Pisces.

One of the most enduring composers ever to live was George Frideric Handel. It’s not by coincidence that his masterpiece is named Messiah, normally referred to as Handel's Messiah. Frederic Chopin was also Pisces, and had a Capricorn moon.

Two contemporary musicians who were living legends and whose music has become nearly immortal were George Harrison and Kurt Cobain, both Pisces.

William Steinway, of the most finely crafted pianos, was a Pisces.

The most respected photographer of fine art in this century, Ansel Adams, was Pisces. 

Albert Einstein, whose intelligence quotient knew no bounds, had one of the most brilliant minds of all time, and was Pisces.  

Harry Gerguson, professional imposter, listed in the Top 10 Liars of All Time, was also known as Michael Romanoff, Russian royalty. He had the sun, moon and Venus in Pisces.

Considered one of the most beautiful and glamorous actresses of her time, Elizabeth Taylor was Pisces. She was addicted to drugs, alcohol and romance, and late in life a philanthropist who supported AIDS charities. She is associated with film, drama, diamonds and perfume, all of which fall under Pisces’ domain. That’s what you call playing to your strengths. She lived her authentic life.

Those with the moon in Pisces are peace-loving, and easygoing. They just want to be calm and chill. Whether or not they achieve and maintain those emotional needs depends on whether or not they learn that peace is something that is inside, not outside, of themselves. The Pisces moon gives the romantic temperament of gypsies, mystics, musicians, poets and artists who escape the ugliness and hardship of everyday life by escaping into fantasy and imagination, alcohol and drugs. These traits don’t sound at all practical, admirable or useful to a lot of the other signs. They’re just jealous because being Pisces is so fun. They accuse Pisces types of being delusional, deceptive, confused and shiftless. And some are. But the whole key to finding your success is playing to your strengths, as all the people above did. Don’t feel guilty about what can seem to others to be laziness or lack of ambition. Pisces is not less than say, Capricorn or Aries. One is not better than the other, just different. We can no more stop a planet from expressing its energy than we can stop it from spinning. You must use the creative expression of your moon, or it will use you. Embrace it. Live it. Be it.

Click this link to learn all about Pisces.

 Come back next time for Part V. 


The ruler of your Pisces moon is Neptune, and your Neptune sits right on your Capricorn ascendant, giving you even more of a Pisces image and personality. It also increases your Piscean talents and abilities. Neptune types are romantic, sentimental, sensitive, and sympathetic. When Neptune is prominent in a chart, there is always an element of fantasy in the life. Film, photography and cinema fall under Neptune’s rulership. So do art, paint, ink, music and dance. Hypnosis, psychic ability, reiki and nursing are all Neptunian careers, as are magicians and illusionists. Neptune mixed with Capricorn has the potential and talent to be a sculptor and also a draftsman.

Neptune rules the feet and most Pisces or Neptune types should hook up with people who have theirs on the ground in order to compensate for their wandering ways. They love shoes, and often have closets crammed with them. Their feet are usually pretty attractive, so being barefoot works for them, too, as well as messy, bedroom hair. Their clothing needs a little glamour. A little imagination. A dash of fantasy. They usually have dreamy eyes and an unfocused gaze – Elvis eyes.

Consider the life of Elvis for a minute. A Capricorn with a Pisces Moon, he had Neptune as the most elevated planet in his chart. At your age, you’d consider him Old School, but there’s no denying that in his day he was the king. He helped give birth to rock ‘n’ roll, made millions of women want him, and men want to be him, and lived a pretty damned glamorous life. It is said that he was emotionally sensitive and hurt by the many people who he felt used him. He also died of a drug overdose.

Neptune’s effect on an individual is clear when it holds a place of prominence in his or her chart. They tend to be storytellers and can embellish the truth. Everything they say must be taken with a grain of salt.

You’ve probably read Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, but have you ever read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court? We don’t have Mark Twain’s birth time, but I think there’s a good possibility that he had Neptune near his ascendant because he was a great storyteller and obscured his real identity by using a pseudonym, for which he is better known than his real name of Samuel Clemmons. The planet of illusion, delusion, deception and confusion can keep us from having a clear identity, or from knowing who we really are, or having others know who we really are.

One thing that’s easy to see is that Neptune rules glamour. Marilyn Monroe, probably the greatest sex goddess of the silver screen had Leo rising with Neptune as her rising planet. She was seen as the epitome of glamour. But it also represents illusion, delusion, deception, confusion and conspiracies. She was able to turn her glamour on and off like a light switch, but has been famously described as a candle in the wind. She just didn't know who she was, where to turn or which way to go. Her death has been a mystery for decades.
Neptune was in Princess Diana's midheaven, the house of career and reputation. She was known not only for her sympathy and kindness, but also as one of the most glamorous women in the world. Her death, too, is surrounded by mystery and conspiracy theories that won’t quit. 

Neptune was in a very close conjunction to the midheaven in the chart of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and she, too, is upheld as one of the world's most glamorous women. Her death is not a mystery; it's well known that she passed from cancer. But the death of her husband is still the subject of one of most enduring conspiracy theories of the century.

All three women lived a fairytale life in the eyes of others. All three were the most photographed women of their time. Marilyn was in the movies. Diana was the hunted subject of the paparazzi, and Jackie was a photographer when she began her career. Do you see the pattern?

To those who do not understand you, you may seem shifty, elusive, hard to pin down, confused or dishonest. Even you may be unrealistic about or unaware of your goals, ambitions, and actual abilities. That’s why it is so important to know, understand and accept yourself for who you are, and to live authentically. The love of art and fantasy doesn’t make you lazy. Not using it to earn a living does. It’s perfect for artists, illustrators, tattoo artists, actors, models and musicians.

Stretching the truth doesn’t necessarily make you a liar. Not stretching it as far as you can and giving the results away is the harm. It’s perfect for writers, poets, songwriters, storytellers and illusionists.

Dressing up and living a classy, elegant life doesn’t mean you are faking it. It means you are acting out who you really are; you’re no longer hiding it to fit in with the crowd or other people’s expectations of you.

Don’t be skeptical about “living the dream.” Just go ahead and live it. Be 100% of you. Make the physical changes first, because those are the easiest. Then start looking for employment in a field that incorporates the things you really love. Get some education or be willing to train or apprentice if necessary. Begin with those two simple things and the rest will fall in line. It won’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t mean that there won’t still be rough patches in life. It just means that you will no longer see yourself through a mirror that needs a good cleaning, and things will become so much clearer and easier. The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling.

When Neptune conjuncts the ascendant (yours is even closer to your ascendant than Marilyn Monroe's was to hers), you have to USE that planet, or be used BY it! You must incorporate its better qualities (art, music, poetry, photography, film, dance, yoga, inspiration, psychic ability, glamour) or its lesser qualities will take over (alcohol, drugs, confusion, delusion, deception, aimlessness). Neptune is the same reason so many musicians are either alcoholics or druggies, and were, long before the era of rock stars perfected addiction.

To learn more about Neptune and how it has affected us all for the past 60 years, and what it will mean to us for the next 12 years, click this link. It is the last part of a 3-part series about 12/21/2012, but the information is still good today. The post starts out being about Capricorn (your rising sign), but then quickly moves onto Neptune.

You will learn more about yourself if you read it, and you already examined Pisces in Pinterest last time. You don't have to go back to look at it again unless you want to. But if you feel you need a refresher course, click here.  Then sleep on it - or dream on it, as befitting Neptune - and return next time for Part VI.

PART VI                                   
(abbreviated MC for medium coeli, or “middle of the sky.”)

The midheaven is the cusp of the 10th house (in most house systems, but I don’t want to start confusing you so let’s just leave it at that for now). The entire 10th house tells about our careers, goals and ambitions, and the sign on its cusp is an indicator of our life’s path. By this I mean that we may have two jobs in our entire lives, or we may have fifty, but collected as a whole over time, those we had a choice in will be related to the sign on the midheaven. It’s our “brand.” The work we do by necessity, duty or obligation is different, and we’ll get to those jobs later. Near our retirement, or at the end of our lives, when people sum up our achievements, successes or failures and contributions (or lack thereof) to the world, when they talk about our “life’s work,” it will clearly be related to the sign on our midheaven. But it is enhanced or diminished by planets that may be in the house, or by other planets that may aspect it, and / or by the house where the planet that rules the MC resides.
Almost everyone has a vocation and an avocation. A vocation is a job, an occupation or a trade. An avocation is work we enjoy and love so much that we'd do it even if we didn't get paid. This is where so many people go wrong. They fall prey to the 6th house Daily Grind, the house of obligation and duty, instead of pursuing the work that fills them with passion and gives them the motivation to get out of bed every morning.

Choosing the wrong career or not pursuing the work they were passionate about consistently ranks in the Top 10 of the Greatest Regrets in Life by those about to die.

Click here for another poll taken by

And here's another from Everyday Health.
In this Forbes poll of the Top 25 Regrets in Life, #19 was "Choosing the practical job over the one I really wanted. I was watching CNBC the other day and one finance guy was being asked for advice on what college kids should major in today. He said: ‘It sounds corny but they’ve got to do what they love.’ He’s right. Of course, as a country, we need more engineers, scientists, and other ‘hard’ science folks.  But, at the end of the day, you’ve got to live your life, not the government’s.  There are many who think they need to take a ‘consulting job’ to build up their experience before settling in to a job they love.  Although there are many roads that lead to Rome, you’re probably better off just starting immediately in the area that you love.”

The sign on our midheaven shows us our true calling. It is the little voice inside us that tells us what we need to achieve in order to fulfill our own destiny. It is our subconscious, our ancient soul with the wisdom and memory of our many previous lives, trying to remind us what we came here to do. It is the inner knowing that this is what we strive for, not what we are stuck with. The midheaven indicates the work we do that will be identified with us at the end of our lives, the goal we need to achieve to feel satisfied and happy with our life and ourselves.

We can’t just look at the sign on the midheaven and be done with it. It’s not always that easy. One of the things we want to do is cast a second natal chart using the Equal house system, and then take the sign and degree of the midheaven from the Placidus, Koch, Porphyry, or whatever other house system we prefer to use, and place it in the Equal house chart. Which house does it fall into? That could change the whole flavor of its meaning. In your chart, your midheaven still falls into your 10th house, which means you aren't likely to stray far from the direction set for you by your parents and family. You will pretty much stick to their plan for you, or how you were brought up, or "the apple won't fall far from the tree." You aren’t likely to go out there and break any family records and achieve a Ph.D., or become a billionaire in five years. You’re fairly content with just being solvent. And that’s okay.

The cusp of the 10th house, in particular, is exceptionally important. The cusp is the highest point in the chart, the middle of the sky (usually, and depending on latitude of birth, but again, I don’t want to confuse you). It represents our public selves, our reputations, and is the house of honor / dishonor and fame or infamy. This is the place in the chart that is aspected when we are awarded something like an Oscar or Grammy, win the lottery, are involved in a scandal, fall from grace, are arrested, get a big job promotion, appear in the media, or win an election. Whatever happens at the midheaven is out there for the whole world to see. There is no hiding it. It is a big part of our reputation.

The midheaven is also an indicator of status changes in life. When we marry or divorce, the midheaven is aspected. When a parent or spouse dies, the midheaven is aspected. When we graduate, get a big promotion, retire, or move to another part of the country or world that will have a profound effect on our lifestyle, those are all status changes, and are reflected by aspects to the midheaven.
Go and see the pins for the midheaven
and let them roll around in your mind and settle in, then come back next time when I’ll tell you about the sign on your midheaven. It’s going to be a long one, so come prepared.

Remember that we’re talking about your path in life.

Scorpio is co-ruled by two planets, Mars and Pluto. That’s because Mars was the ruler for thousands of years before Pluto was discovered. Sometimes you will hear some half-baked astrologer say that Pluto can’t rule Scorpio because its orbit is so big that it never makes a return to its natal place, therefore it can’t possibly have any effect on the individual and only rules “the masses” or “generations.” All I can tell you is that they
need to get their head out of their ass stop memorizing astrology cookbooks and start doing some research. We don’t see the end of our lives either, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a purpose, that they don’t have meaning. Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not real. Just because we can’t prove something doesn’t mean it’s not true; some things are true whether we believe them or not. Pluto is the planet that represents the soul’s purpose and progress through countless lifetimes, and it all begins there. We all have a reason, a purpose for being in a physical body on the material plane, and the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to learn what it is. This is not a natal reading, however, so we’re only going to go into what it means as far as your career and your path in life.

We’re going to be taking a look at what Scorpio means, as well as where both Mars and Pluto are in your chart, and the square aspect that your Pluto receives from your sun. One interesting thing I want to note here before we get going is that Pluto occupies your 10th house as well as ruling it. One of the things Pluto does is remove people from our lives. With it being nine degrees from your midheaven, can you think of anyone important who disappeared from your life when you were around eight or nine years old?

The sign of Scorpio covers a lot of territory, and sometimes it hard for non-astrologers to understand how they are related. It comes from the ancient myth of Hades, Persephone and Demeter. I’m going to try to put this together for you briefly, making a short story even shorter.

You’re probably somewhat familiar with Hades (Pluto). He was the son of Kronos (Saturn), and the brother of Zeus (Uranus) and Poseidon (Neptune). Kronos divided the world between his three sons and gave them each a kingdom to rule. Zeus got the sky, Poseidon got the oceans, and that left nothing for Hades but the underworld. Hades was the least popular of the gods because people knew that once their loved ones went to his kingdom they never returned.

During this same time, there was a goddess named Demeter. She was goddess of the harvest, grains, and fertility of the earth. You might think of her as Mother Earth or Mother Nature. Demeter had a beautiful virgin daughter named Persephone (Pers if' ini). Lots of young gods wanted to marry her, but her mother always rejected their gifts and offers for her daughter’s hand.

Hades was one of the gods who was in love with Persephone, and since it was pretty much understood that he didn’t stand a cold chance in his kingdom of getting Demeter’s permission to marry her daughter, he got Zeus’ permission to kidnap her, instead. And one day while out on business, Demeter allowed Persephone to wait for her in a sylvan meadow with some other maidens until she returned. While Demeter was gone, Hades saw his chance. When Persephone stooped down to pick a flower, it opened a crevice in the earth and Hades rode out on his chariot and abducted her, taking her away to the underworld, where he raped her and made her his wife. Or maybe he only seduced her, but sex was definitely involved.

When Demeter returned and couldn’t find Persephone, she searched the earth high and low to no avail. Finally, Hectate (goddess of the crossroads, entrance-ways, fire, light, the moon, magic and witchcraft, knower of herbs and poisonous plants, necromancy and sorcery) told Demeter she had seen the whole thing, and ratted Hades out.

Demeter sent Hermes (Mercury), the messenger god, to Zeus to demand the return of her daughter, but since Zeus been involved the whole time and had given Hades permission to abduct Persephone in the first place, he refused. Demeter was angry and it’s not wise to screw with Mother Nature. Some say she caused a drought that dried up all the fruit trees and vegetables; others say she brought on the first winter. Either way, there was no food and the people suffered and starved. Much as it is today, it wasn’t the anguished cries of the people who changed the heart of Zeus. It was the fact that without people, there would be no one to make sacrifices and worship the 1%, so Zeus demanded that Hades return Persephone and sent Hermes to fetch her.

However, the Fates had previously decided that s/he who consumed food or drink in the Underworld was doomed to spend eternity there. And while Persephone was there, Hades had tricked her in to eating a few measly pomegranate seeds. So for every seed she had eaten (the number she ate is unclear) she had to go back and spend that many months in the underworld as Hades’ wife, and the rest of the time, she was free to return to her mother. When she returned, Demeter was so happy that she created the first spring, and when Persephone had to return to hell, Demeter punished the gods by inflicting a drought or winter again.

Later on, the ancient Eleusinian Mysteries were initiation ceremonies held every year for the cult of Demeter and Persephone. The rites and ceremonies were secret and those initiated believed that they would have a reward in the afterlife. During the ceremonies the abduction of Persephone was reenacted in a 3-part play:
  • The descent, or loss and "death" of Persephone;
  • The examination, investigation, research, shakedown, inquest and search
  • and finally, the ascent of Persephone and her reunion with Demeter. Her death and resurrection is symbolic of the death and rebirth of all life.
From this myth, we get these meanings: control, power, passion, lust, possessiveness, jealousy, obsession, revenge, vengeance, subterfuge, kidnapping, abduction, penetration, rape, seduction, sex, crime, magic, sorcery, and most importantly death, rebirth and transformation. An easy way to REcall that meaning is to REemember the RE words: rebirth, resurrection, renaissance, renew, recycle, refinish, remodel, remake, restore, revitalize, rejuvenate, recreate, resuscitate, reawaken, regenerate, reclamation, repossession, recovery and so on. Like the phoenix, Scorpio rises from the ashes every time.

From the Eleusinian Mysteries, we get the meanings of investigation, research, shakedown and inquest. Scorpio types excel at detective work, finding the truth, and getting to the bottom of things. They are at home in the underbelly of society.

A person doesn’t have to “be a Scorpio” for it to influence his direction in life. If the sign, or the planet Pluto, is on his midheaven, as they both are in yours, the path he takes in life will have Scorpio influences. People of this type are those others are talking about when they say, “still waters run deep.” They prefer profound experiences over mundane ones, contemplative conversations over mindless chatter, and would rather spend time alone than with shallow-minded people. This is a sign of control, power and manipulation.

One of the ways we learn how planets influence us is by observing what is happening in the world at the time they are discovered. We begin watching them in charts and comparing them to what happens on earth to either confirm or dismiss our theories. Pluto was discovered around the same time that the atom was split and nuclear energy was discovered, and that certainly seems to define one of Pluto’s extremes as well as one of his career options (x-ray techs, nuclear medicine. surgeons). Pluto and Scorpio feel like dormant volcanoes. Danger lurks just beneath the surface, smoldering, inflamed and ready to blow. If I had to describe Scorpio in one word, it would be intensity.

When those “certain” astrologers claim that Pluto can only affect the masses and the generations, they are talking about the slow subtle pressure over a very long period of time that is needed to change coal into diamonds or dinosaurs into oil. This is the kind of transformation that we don’t notice until much time has gone by. When we finally look back and say, “That is when everything began to change,” we could check and see that there was a significant transit from Pluto at the time. These are the kinds of changes affecting the world right now as Pluto, planet of control, power and manipulation, moves through Capricorn, sign of government, authorities and big business. They are subtly taking the common man’s rights a little at a time, so that it is almost imperceptible until it will be too late for us to resist. That was the way Hitler took power, as well.

Pluto’s function is to transform. It removes, destroys, and makes way for renewal. When we don’t succumb to Pluto’s transformation, for example when we don’t let go of the people and things that have completed their purpose in our lives, then Pluto will rip the rug out from under us, and take those things by force. This is not a planet of half-way. It’s all or nothing. It is the sign of sinner or saint. Some of the less evolved Scorpio or Pluto types become mobsters, gangsters and criminals. They are jealous, vengeful and controlling. But the more evolved Plutonian types are, the more likely they are to lead lives of isolation and spiritual contemplation, such as nuns, monks, ascetics, and shaman.

Pluto is associated with power and control. For the lower-type, that means it seeks power and control over others. For the higher-minded type, that means power and control over themselves. With Scorpio on the midheaven, it means that you have a strong willful need to control your own career and destiny. You’re way too young to remember, but there’s a famous song by Frank Sinatra called I Did It My Way, and that could easily be the theme song for someone with Scorpio on the midheaven or Pluto in the 10th house, and you have both. You don’t take orders easily. You are very good at rising to a challenge, but you probably need to learn to control your willfulness. Your sun is in the 7th house of relationships, but it rules your 8th house of death and that’s a problem. You allow dangerous people into your life and must be careful not to piss them off. You also invite upsetting situations into your life, unwittingly or not.

Everyone with a strong Scorpio or Pluto on the midheaven will experience abrupt halts and complete transformations on their path in life, so that their life feels like a pie cut into sections. When you’re done with one, you’re done. Period. It’s over. You move onto the next phase. Like Madonna, you may reinvent yourself and your career over and over again. And yet, you are threatened by change and find it difficult, so it’s always unnerving.

You seek out the dark side, maybe even flirt with danger. We are all full of contradictions and one of yours is that your Leo sun is bright, sunny by nature, and creative, while your Scorpio side is negative and self-destructive and self-defeating. Your optimistic, open and generous Leo sun has a hard time blending with your Scorpio traits, which can act out irrationally, behavior that is rooted in fear of vulnerability due to a traumatic childhood experience. You also fear being exposed. Fear and vulnerability feed on each other. You want complete control over what others know about you – or think they know. In order to do that, you need complete control over yourself and your behavior and actions. Before you can have that mastery over others, you must first master yourself.

Those with Scorpio on the midheaven are highly secretive. You want to have everything worked out and just right before you allow others to even know about your plans, just in case they aren’t successful, because you crave validity. If Plan A doesn’t work out to your satisfaction, you will completely obliterate it and start over again and again if necessary, until you are satisfied. It is the Pluto / Scorpio principle of destroy / transform / begin anew.

What you need to know is that with Scorpio on the midheaven, you have tremendous resilience when it comes to making your way in life. You have enormous power at your disposal when you have learned to control it. I know that sounds like one of those “if only” statements. If only I were older, wiser, richer, lived somewhere else, had this, had that…but all you really have to do is claim the power. Do it in small steps if you need to, but begin today.

Let’s talk about some of the professions at which Scorpio excels. First off, they can’t bear to work at something they consider demeaning. Their job needs to feel relevant or significant in some way. They are profound, focused and self-directed. They don’t need someone else to tell them what to do when they are working in the right job; they instinctively go the right way. They feel the need to penetrate to the core of things, so they make great researchers in nearly any field, but particularly science: physics, chemistry, nuclear medicine, x-ray techs, nuclear power, and in your case, possibly solar power. Have I already mentioned detectives and private investigators? And librarians. They also make good psychologists and psychiatrists because they can find the root causes of things hidden in the subconscious.

Pluto is a water sign, as are Cancer and Pisces. Cancer seems to get the surface of water while Pisces gets its depths, but Scorpio gets the swamps, dregs, sewers, water treatment and plumbing. Not that there’s any money in spelunking, but you’d be good at it, as well as a geologist who studies volcanoes. Mining is also a Scorpio profession.

Porn stars, prostitutes and sex therapists often have strong Scorpio and Pluto aspects in their charts. I once had a client who was a high-priced call girl. When I mentioned it, she said, “Oh, you guessed.” No, I didn’t “guess.” I could see it all over her chart. She was a very nice person. I liked her a lot. If you’ve never seen the movie The Sessions, you should make a point to rent it. I promise you’ll like it.

Those with Scorpio or Pluto on the midheaven also make good pathologists, dieners, coroners, funeral directors, gravediggers and taxidermists. I haven’t really investigated archeology in relationship to Scorpio, but I can see how it could be a fit because it is basically unearthing something long-buried.

Let’s take a look at your Mars for a moment because it is the other ruler of Scorpio, the ancient ruler. I always call Mars the penis planet because it is associated with everything we think of as being predominately male: assertiveness, aggression, war, anger, violence, hostility, weapons, pyrotechnics, burns, scalds, tools, bloodshed, scalpels, sexual penetration, sports, persuing and conquering. It is the planet of ambition and motivation. There are more, but I think you get it.

Your Mars is in Aries, the sign it rules. That makes it strong and capable of asserting itself in powerful ways. Unfortunately, it’s positioned badly and makes some difficult and tricky aspects. So while it’s strong, it’s not necessarily strong “for the better.” Let me break it down for you.

It occupies your third house of everyday matters and the immediate environment. The 3rd house is also the house of transportation, so I imagine you have a bit of a lead foot. This house involves short-distance trips and even shorter ones like the errands you may need to run around your own neighborhood or town, deliveries, pick-ups, and things like that. Mars indicates a lot of activity in that area.

It is also the natural house of the rational mind and the ability to communicate and express yourself. You’re intelligent, articulate and direct in your conversations, but this is Mars we’re talking about, and diplomacy is not his strong suit. Thanks to the trine that Mars makes to your sun, you’re an enthusiastic person, self-assertive, autonomous, and you make a good impression on others, although you tend to be a little impulsive. The trine to your sun shows that you’re confident and a willing worker at a job that fits you, and you enjoy friendly competition but don’t feel that it’s necessary to win at all cost. You enjoy the game for the entertainment value.

On the other hand, Mars makes a very close square (just minutes away) to your ascendant / descendant axis. This is basically you vs. other people, particularly your marriage or business partner, and it’s a very difficult aspect that completely contradicts the trine to your sun. This square says that you won’t back down from a challenge, that you will defend your beliefs to the death, and if anyone disagrees with you about even small things that you take it as a personal slight. You can identify so strongly with your own opinions that you feel your personal honor depends on being right, and one of Mars beliefs is that might makes right. You’re good at expressing yourself, but as said before, Mars’ strength isn’t diplomacy or compromise, and people can feel like you’re attacking them in simple conversation.

You must be extremely cautious if you are angry while working because this is a perilous position if you do dangerous work, particularly if machinery or weapons are involved. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that all weapons need to be unloaded and locked safely away if you have children in the house. Your Mars has a hair trigger and is in danger of “going off” anytime you are angry and acting impulsively. You need to stay calm on the job and pick your battles carefully at all times.

It’s not bad enough that Mars afflicts your ascendant / descendant axis. It also squares your Neptune. This is a double whammy because Neptune is the ruler of your 3rd house – the one Mars occupies. That’s like being hostile and picking a fight with your landlord. No good can come of it. I know you’re smart enough to read between the lines here. 3rd house = all that activity in your immediate environment. Taking the easy road will eventually cause you to face much bigger problems. Never forget that Neptune rules conspiracies and things that are hidden. Also remember that Mars rules weapons and squares from it to Neptune mean, “How dafuk did that happen?!?”

When the two rulers of Scorpio are combined, we get tools, sharp instruments and penetration. With that, we get skilled surgeons or talented butchers. They also make good tattoo artists because Mars rules sharp instruments, tools and needles, and Pluto transforms (the skin or body). Mars in Aries people enjoy new beginnings—new ideas, pioneering action, and fresh projects make them happiest. If you can control your Martian temper, the square to Neptune can be transformed from something difficult to something that motivates you and gets you off the couch or out of bed in the morning. Don’t forget, Neptune is artistic and loves fantasy, two good traits for a tattoo artist.

In the natural zodiac where the first sign and the first house is Aries and the last sign and last house is Pisces, it means that Scorpio’s position is the 8th house, the one most astrologers refer to as “sex, death and transformation.” This is the house of money, possessions and goods of the dead, inheritance, wills and trusts. Working within those areas is a possibility.

But there’s another way to read the chart called “stepping.” The 1st House is you, and the opposite house, the 7th one, is your spouse, business partner or significant other. The 2nd house is your money, possessions and resources, so the 8th house is your spouse, business partner or significant other’s money, possessions or resources. 

It’s not just “their” money. It’s any money that’s not yours and only yours. It’s other people’s money. This is money that is pooled or collected from more than one source and then redistributed.
  • Community property
  • Taxes
  • Social Security
  • Welfare
  • Insurance
  • Pensions
  • 401Ks
  • Lotteries
  • Winnings from gambling
  • Stocks and investments
  • The Federal Reserve (which is not federal!)
Therefore, a profession in any of these areas belongs to Scorpio. You might want to click through to both the Scorpio pins… and the 8th House Pins until you get a good feel for your path in life and career options. Then come back next time for the “6th House of Jobs;” the house of service, duty and obligations, which adds another layer to your personality. You’re a chameleon!

The 6TH HOUSE is the house of jobs, duty, service, obligations and the daily grind.
We’re going to examine two planets in this section: Mercury, because it rules Gemini, the sign on the cusp of your 6th house, and Venus because it is in your 6th house.

The 6th house shows the things we must do in order to get by day to day. We (mostly) have to brush our teeth and hair, get dressed, eat, feed the kids and dogs, and go work at something to bring home the bacon. Sometimes the jobs we take because the electricity has to be kept on aren’t necessarily those we choose, but those we are obligated to do because others depend on us. We do what we have to do. If we’re lucky, the sign on the cusp of this house is compatible with the sign on the midheaven, and then we make an early success in life. If we’re even luckier, planets in this house will make a flowing aspect to the midheaven, or any planets that may happen to be in the midheaven, and then we are even more successful. When that doesn’t happen, we have to find other ways to blend the energies.
Your 6th house has Gemini on the cusp and Venus in Gemini occupies it, and that is about as opposite to Scorpio as you can get. Scorpio is dark, brooding, secretive and introverted. Gemini is like throwing back the curtains, opening up the window and letting fresh air and sunshine into the room. It is friendly, youthful, chatty, fickle, flirtatious, fun, lighthearted and a social butterfly. It takes very little seriously, thrives on variety, and refuses to grow up or grow old. Unlike Scorpio, he loves small talk and meeting new people.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury (Hermes), the messenger of the gods, the Peter Pan of Mt. Olympus. He is either in constant motion or constant communication – Scorpios detest him. Gemini is spontaneous, adapts easily to change and is mentally flexible. In fact, he loves games, puzzles books, electronics and communication devices of every kind. He is restless, quickly bored and may have ADD or ADHD. He is easily distracted because he is so curious and inquisitive. He also likes to collect small things like rocks, coins or stamps. He is an amazing salesman because he is witty, can talk to anyone about anything, and can always get others to say yes simply because he is so charming and agreeable. He is a good agent and promoter.

He is all about communication in all its forms, and there are a lot of ways to communicate: all writing instruments such as pens, pencils, ink, crayons, chalk, typewriters, keyboards, the alphabet; books, magazines, newspapers, Kindles, ipads; telephones, telegraph, tell your neighbor; reading, writing, snail mail, email, bumper stickers, pony express, FedEx, UPS, USPS, hands and sign language, libraries, book stores and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Mercury-ruled people almost always work with their hands.

Then there are all the forms of transportation that he also covers: his car and the keys to it, bicycles, and public transport such as buses and trolleys. Then there are Mercury-ruled professions like teachers, librarians, writers, editors, literary agents, broadcasters, radio personalities, news anchors, journalists, reporters, puzzle creators, deliverymen, messengers, waiters, waitresses, and to some extent, advertisers and jingle writers.

If you look up Venus in Gemini online, all you’re going to find is information related to your love life and the type of women you are attracted to (see all of the above) because Venus is the planet of love. Basically they all say that a man with Venus in Gemini kisses with one eye open in case his real true love should happen to walk by. That’s all well and good, but the 6th house is not about love and relationships. It’s about work and obligations, and Venus is all about not working. It took me a long time to figure it out, but I used to believe that whenever Venus transited my midheaven, or that of a client, that we’d get a raise or promotion, or that manna from heaven would rain down on us in some form or another. But time and experience have shown me that no, Venus transiting the midheaven means time off! It means not working. I have one client who calls me every time Venus crosses her midheaven and she is always on vacation then. The 6th house is about taking care of necessities and doing our duty, about dealing with the real world, not the fantasies in which we prefer to dwell. And with Venus opposed to Saturn, as it is in your chart, you may have a tendency to lean on significant others who are older, wiser, better educated and more financially independent than yourself.

There are, of course, people who have Venus in Gemini in their 6th house who work because they have no other choice. They tend to get along well with their employers and co-workers because of their charm and wit, provided those others aren’t Capricorns (taskmasters) or Scorpios (introverts). Those people work hard to earn their paycheck and expect everyone else to do the same, including Venus in Gemini.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is also the planet that rises immediately before the sun in your chart, and that is a very strong vocational indicator that shows that you work best in Mercury-related capacities. You are good at planning ahead and working out all the details of your job in advance. You spend time mentally focusing on what has to be done, and then you get to it.

Besides love and money, Venus is also the planet that represents beauty, harmony, luxury, and art. Placed in this house, it is a good indicator that the work you do could or should be related to those things.

All in all, so far, five jobs stand out over the many other possibilities: librarian, tattoo artist, architectural salvage, repo man, drug dealer.

The librarian incorporates the Scorpio talent for research, the Gemini ease in communication and love of the written word, and the Venusian social grace needed to deal with the public.

Tattoo artist incorporates the Scorpio ability to transform something, the day-to-day Martian aptitude with sharp objects, the artistic talent and love of fantasy with Neptune on the ascendant, the manual dexterity and need for constant variety of Mercury in Gemini, and the artistic eye of Venus in the dexterous sign of Gemini. That same Venus also happens to be the ruler of your 5th house of creativity.

Architectural Salvage incorporates the Scorpio theme of reclamation, and the day-to-day Martian aptitude with tools. Your charm and sales talent would be helpful in both buying and selling.

Repo Man incorporates the Scorpio theme of research and repossession, the day-to-day Martian aptitude with tools and weapons (in addition to your lead foot), and your Neptune on the ascendant ability to “be invisible,” and “disappear.”

I suppose that with marijuana being legal in two states including yours, and being decriminalized in a few more, it is only a matter of time until dealing becomes a legitimate business that won’t land you in jail. This is a job that incorporates the Scorpio theme of crime bosses and drug lords; the Capricorn ascendant of business and self-employment; Neptune, the planet of drugs and addictions on the ascendant, and the Gemini talent for sales in the 6th house of jobs. Unless you do it legally and by the book, better keep that concealed weapon of Mars in the 3rd house of everyday matters and immediate environment handy. You'll need it. Also be aware of of the prominence of your 12th house of things that are both secret and confined, like jail.

This time, I’d like you to click on the links and take a look at the pins for three different areas:

The 6th House so that you get a good handle on what the house of duty, service and obligation is all about.

Gemini because it describes your 6th House.

And the 3rd House because it is an extension of Gemini.

Come back next time for information on your 2nd House of money and resources.

The 2ND HOUSE represents money, possessions and resources. The sign on the cusp and the ruling planet shows how we make money, spend it, and feel about it.

Your 2nd house of money and resources has Aquarius on the cusp, which is ruled by Uranus, the planet of freedom, liberty and equality for all. Money buys freedom. That's the way you see it. It is the planet of independence, dissent, non-conformity, invention, social conscience, diversity, and the objective intellectual mind. The other side is rebellious, eccentric and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about authority, rules or tradition. Uranus is the planet of the sudden, unexpected and accidental. It blows in like a tornado, turns life upside down, and leaves just as suddenly.

When Uranus rules the 2nd house, your income can come through odd, innovative and unusual sources. Uranus is a rogue planet that breaks all the rules and dances to its own beat, so it often signals free-lance work. It is slightly unstable and highly eclectic. Finances may come in from many sources and from all directions. Never put all your eggs in one basket when this sign is on the cusp. Diversity is key.

Uranus is the planet we use to measure how we are alike and how we are different, how we fit in or how we don’t. It always has one foot in the future, and can capitalize on trends until the trend becomes status quo, then it must find or invent a new trend in which to invest. You will find income, resources and maybe even investment tips through friends and friends of friends, group activities, clubs and organizations and social networking. This planet is frequently involved with good fortune, unexpected gains, lucky breaks, and lottery wins. Be ready for new possibilities and surprising experiences from unexpected places. Don’t get crazy with impulsive gambling, but don’t ignore true hunches, either.

If you have money to invest, your best bet is to go with computers, social networking, electronics, new inventions and electric utilities. Secondarily, because your Uranus is in Sagittarius, don’t overlook foreign investments.

There is one caveat here, however. Uranus is in your 12th house, where it can work behind the scenes - or it can work from jail. Because you have Scorpio on the midheaven, while you’re social networking, be careful who you trust. Don’t become someone’s fall guy or scapegoat.

Have a look at the pins for Aquarius 
and the 11th House, remembering as you do that it’s not about you, personally. It’s about from where your money and resources may come, and how you feel about money and spending. 

I'm going to go ahead and post this because I know you're waiting for it. If I add the 10th part in the next few days, I'll let you know.         

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