February 15, 2014

Layla, Passion and Impossible Love

Eric Clapton, with keyboardist Bobby Whitlock, bassist Carl Radle, drummer Jim Gordon and Duane Allman as Derek & the Dominos, recorded the famous and hauntingly beautiful love song Layla on September 9, 1970 in Miami, Florida. 

For those too young to know, "Layla" was a pseudonym for Patty Boyd, the woman Clapton loved, who happened to be married to his best friend George Harrison of The Beatles at the time. The name was derived from the legendary love story of Layla and Majnun - the meaning of Majnun meaning "possessed" or "madman."
Venus (love) and Jupiter (expansion, hope) were conjunct Clapton's moon (women, emotions) and his ascendant (the part of us we show others) in Scorpio, sign of depth and passion. 

Transiting Venus also opposed his natal Venus Rx in Taurus. 

The transiting moon (emotions) was square to (stress) the transiting Pluto (passion, unrequited love), ruler of his moon and rising sign of Scorpio. 

Besides opposing its own natal place, transiting Venus (love) trined his natal Saturn in the 8th house of unrequited or impossible love, ruler of his 3rd (communication). 

Transiting Mars (desire, effort, taking action) sextiled Saturn as well, but more importantly it opposed its own natal place. The transiting North Node (a beneficent, a leap of faith) conjuncted his natal Mars, co-ruler of his ascendant (the part of us we show others)

Transiting Saturn Rx (grief, sorrow, limitations and ruler of his natal 3rd of communication) was trine to his natal Jupiter (hope, optimism) in the 11th house (friends, groups, allies, shared experiences, breaking the rules, trying something new, radically altered priorities, new possibilities, lucky breaks, unexpected gains, focus on hopes and dreams of the near future). 

And finally, Chiron (healing through pain, finding hope and making something beautiful to share with others through one's own pain) was conjunct his sun (inner self and identity).

Astrology always tells the true story.