February 14, 2014

Astrological Eye Candy

Look at these stellar paintings by Scott Gustafson! 
I love the exquisite lighting, the choice of color and the detail. 
I am jealous of the lucky soul who bought them and can gaze upon them every day! 

For more of the above artist's work, go here: 

Here is "The Astrologer" by Mariana Palova. 
What imagination! What outstanding contrast in color.

For more fascinating works like this one, go to http://marianapalova.weebly.com/

I wish I could tell you who painted this one, but unfortunately, the Pinterest link led back to another astrologer's site who did not credit the artist. That astrologer makes such ridiculously dire predictions that I'm not going to link to him or her. If you are the artist of this work, please speak up and provide a link to any site you have where people may go to buy your art!

Speaking of Pinterest, while I was browsing there today, I happened to notice that some other astrologers have copied -- not re-pinned -- my work. Some have taken my ideas and gone back to the original source (like YouTube or Google), leaving me out of it completely so that when another pinner pins, it doesn't leave a link that says, "Also pinned to Memphis Astrology." Some have gone back to the original source and pinned and actually copied and pasted my descriptions to that pin! I don't need to tell you that the first instance is simply rude and the second instance is plagiarism. My first instinct was to block those people from even seeing my boards, but then I decided to give them a chance to make it right. I will be checking back to see if that gets done and if the same people do it again, they will be blocked in a heartbeat. That's just rude and I would hate to have to call them out publicly.

Wow. That was  incredibly rude and arrogant of me, not to mention completely ignorant of how Pinterest works. Please forgive me. I'm ashamed of myself.