February 6, 2014

What Does This Mean? A Guide to Charts

Need a little help understanding a specific thing in the chart? Here's a guide that will make it easy! Just click on the subject you want to learn about (these are a work in progress and may be incomplete).

The Ascendant (also known as the rising sign and the cusp of the 1st House)

The Descendant (also known as the cusp of the 7th House)

The Midheaven (also known as the cusp of the 10th house)

The IC (also known as the cusp of the 4th house) It is the first house of Endings.

2nd House of money, resources and possessions

3rd House of communication, transportation, elementary education, the immediate environment, siblings

5th House of creativity, human & furry children, romance, risks, gambling, games, entertainment, recreation, sports

6th House of service, duty, obligation, work, health, nutrition, daily grind and small undomesticated animals

8th House of sex, death, regeneration, surgery, crime, and other people's money. It is the second house of Endings.

9th house of the elevated mind, higher education, philosophy, religion, law, medicine, literature and publishing, the search for meaning in life, long-distance travel. foreign people, places, languages and cultures, imports / exports, immigration / emigration 

11th House of friends, social groups, associations, clubs, diversity, what we have in common and how we are different, new possibilities, surprising experiences, the sudden and accidental, things beyond our control and out of our hands, things that can radically alter our priorities, good fortune, unexpected gains, lucky breaks, lottery wins, hopes and wishes and whether or not we’ll get them. The house of astrology.

12th House of intangibles and things that are invisible, unseen and untouchable such as ghosts and spirits, sleepwalking, dreams, nightmares, sleep disorders, and astral projection. This is the house secrets, sorrows, self-undoing, grief, things that are hidden or clandestine, places of seclusion, isolation or confinement such as jails, hospitals, asylums, convents, abbeys, monasteries and zoos. It is the subconscious and collective unconscious. It is the third house of Endings.

The Moon's Nodes are associated with the past (south node) and future (north node). They indicate turning points in a situation and are often karmic indicators. The South Node is about the past (even past lives), about what is familiar, comfortable and emotionally safe. It is considered negative and sometimes malefic. The North Node is about the future, the unknown, and what frightens us. It's about growth and pushing the boundaries. It is the leap we are supposed to take. It's considered positive and usually benefic. Each is in a sign and a house and are VERY important.

If you need help learning how to find aspects  / read transits, go here:


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