May 14, 2013

Student Night

If I had the money (and if I thought it had a snowball's chance of working in Memphis), I would open an office and astrology school in midtown. I would teach two classes a week - one for beginners, and one for intermediate to advanced students - and those who reached a certain level would become eligible to give readings on "Student Night."

Student Night would be an opportunity for the public to have their chart read by students at a significantly reduced fee, so that a person might be able to afford six or seven brief readings in one night. And in a perfect world, there would be enough qualified students to participate. Every seasoned astrologer has a favorite method s/he prefers, so there would be a nice variety from which to choose. Some would get a nice break, some would get practice and make a few bucks, and it would raise awareness of astrology. Win-win-win all the way around.

The chart below is of a woman who would probably be a good repeat customer on Student Night. She has provided her data, her gender, and her location (now redacted at her request). I'm waiting to hear back from her about what she specifically needs to know. She touched on finances, a grown child who has special medical needs, and where to go from here. She writes like a person who is in transition, whose ends have unraveled and she's waiting to see what the next part of her life will be about. But that's just my take. She said she would write again with her questions. She also mentioned that she invented something for which she acquired a patent that she recently sold.

For chart verification, we have two dates: Her mother passed away in December 2010, and she moved a long distance from the place she had been living in April, 2008.

So if any practitioners would like to try their hand at this chart leave short notes in comments, and get in touch with me for anything too long for comments, and I'll post it for you right here.

 Her current location is in Florida.

I'll be adding more charts later, and I'll be posting my analysis in a few days, until then, happy studying and thanks for your input.

The following reading was kindly given by Margaret Fowler of Holly Springs, MS. She likes to work with asteroids, which I do not, so I appreciate her input (and I am adding the pictures for her).

Margaret: Okay, here's what I'm seeing. (I'm getting to the Chiron point, I swear LOL!) You see the house placements where her intercepted signs are located? That's her parental axis. The intercepted signs are communication/thinking. That Fixed signs are on the cusps of houses 4 and 10 tell me that there were very, very rigid rules to the point where she was pretty much programmed into having their opinions and not given a long enough "mental leash" to think for herself. What I'm seeing are parents that were narrow minded and dogmatic - wouldn't tolerate differing views because they saw their own views in black and white. The "my opinions and thoughts are good; differing thoughts/opinions are evil," and so they programmed her into seeing it this way. I'm also thinking that had she voiced an alternate opinion there was retribution, not necessarily physical abuse but made to feel embarrassed and awkward often enough to mark her in her adult life, where if she tried to communicate something she would either get tongue tied in the middle of explaining (thanks to her upbringing) or lose her train of thought simply because she feels put on the spot and expects to be judged and ridiculed for speaking out. That her ruling planet is Mercury, also ruler of her intercepted sign in the 10th is in detriment Sagittarius in the 4th house, intercepted, is another indicator. This is her ruling planet AND co-ruler of her 10th! AND it rules 2nd house, how she values herself!

Now me this is a second indicator of her childhood issues.

Chiron in Capricorn, the natural ruler of the 10th house, in her 5th house, conjunct Sun.

First, that it's in Capricorn, so she went one of two different extremes:

Either she has Anal Annie Syndrome, the mentality that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place...

OR...she has rebelled against this mentality, especially likely if part of the rigid rules she was raised by was an OCD neatness. If she has rebelled against it, she will, incredibly, be very good at organizing for other people. However, I'm thinking that because she is Virgo (sign of neatness, order) Rising and that Virgo is a duplicated sign in her chart, she is a rigid neat-freak, organizer in her everyday life.

 Now, with Chiron (remember, my theory, based on Chiron in Capricorn, natural ruler of 10th house, where her interception is) conjunct her Sun, ruler of her 12th house, I'm seeing someone who, due to the pressures and restrictions placed on her in her childhood, somewhere along the way, she began to think that there was bound to be that proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - after the storm.

Due to so much oppression, (and this part is indicated by the majority of her planets - 6 total - being in Succedent Houses) she started looking to the future, expecting greater things out of life in that great, indeterminable someday. Basically, it's a sense of feeling like there "just *has* to be a reason for her childhood and then believing that she has a special purpose in life. In general, feeling like the world owed her something, not in a narcissistic manner, as much as it was a coping mechanism that she never outgrew. (Take it from me, promising yourself the world on a silver platter "someday, when you're all grown up and finally in control of your own life" goes a long, long way in surviving day-to-day oppression while you're resisting the urge to scream with frustration.)

That her Chiron conjunct her 12th house ruler in 5th house, the Sun's natural house, tells me that where all 5th house matters are concerned, she's better at helping others than herself. Need romantic advice? Ask her! Need a baby sitter? If she's available, pick her! She's great with your kid and - BONUS! - your kid will have most likely learned something new by the time you pick him/her up. Going to the casino and need some luck? Bring her along! She will be your "lucky charm.” While you’re hitting the jackpot at that slot machine, she isn't. While she's great with your kids, she has problems with her own. She's great with romantic advice and yet her own love life isn't exactly great, or at least, it took her a while to get there. (After all, Pisces is duplicated on houses 7 and 8, its rulers in houses 2 and 8, so if/when she got a partner, he was an "asset.”)

Capricorn rules her 5th house, its ruler, Saturn is exalted in Libra, 2nd house, conjunct Mars (9th house ruler), which is detriment in Libra, also conjunct Neptune, (7th and 8th house ruler). 2nd house is her money house, with her 9th house ruler (higher education) as midpoint between her house of children and house of marriage rulers. Also important to add the 8th house ruler (partner's income) here. I'm wondering if her patent has something to do with child care? OR at the very least, the idea was inspired by the care that was required for her child. Perhaps her partner's money helped fund her work/research along the way toward that patent.

Now I want to add a couple more things: Do you know what caught my eye the first time I saw her chart? That Nodal Axis sitting right on top of her ASC/Desc line! If we could vote on the *worst* house placement for the North Node, I'd vote for 7th house! My favorite Aunt has this placement (though at least hers doesn't sit right on top of her ASC/DSC line!) and she is going through her second divorce - both men were manipulative, controlling and emotionally draining. Yet, her North Node is in the 7th house!

I say North Node in 7th house sucks because the South Node is your comfort zone; the North Node is where you're supposed to grow. But when the North Node is in the 7th house...well, unless you're a bonafide hermit living in the middle of nowhere, raising your own cattle (meat) and growing your own veggies so that you never-ever-ever have to interact with anyone, guess what? You're going to interact with other people, it's absolutely unavoidable. Having that Nodal Axis right on top of her ASC/Desc line tells me that fate is constantly *shoving* her out there with other people, whether she's ready for it or not. I kind of see this one as being thrown onto the stage in front of a live audience to perform an act after only one rehearsal. If I had this placement, I would miss "ME" so much! I don't see her as having much time to simply "Be, and Be Me All To Myself.” Now, look at her Nodes' dispositors: Neptune (in 2nd house) and Mercury. Mercury AGAIN??! Yup. Intercepted Mercury in house 4. I'm seeing someone who feels like Fate's own marionette. There's what she wants to do vs. what she is forced into doing.
This returns me to her intercepted parental house. Having unresolved issues from childhood will repeat itself in the home and career. I'd recommend she look up Freud’s "Destiny Neurosis,” particularly if she feels like (or in the past has felt like) her life has had a sort of "carousel effect": Same issues, different names. The gist of the "Destiny Neurosis" is that the id, or "inner child" is holding a grudge. Because the id functions on a subconscious level, the "ego" and "superego" is unaware of the id's continual antics - it never forgives, never forgets. The id is constantly creating situations similar to its past trauma, motivated by a hunger to fix it or correct it "this time around.” Problem is, the id isn't good at logic/reason, that's the job of the ego and super-ego. Without the two "inner grown-ups" even being aware of what the id has done, yet again, they are left scratching their heads and going, WTF??! when that proverbial carousel returns.

You know what I'm curious about? I'd love to know when her ASC progressed into Sagittarius. It would have been the first time her intercepted sign would have hit an angle and said "This is me, NOW!" She certainly would have been a fully-grown adult, free to, at the very least, explore her true self, particularly that part of her that was blocked in childhood. I wonder if that (approximate) 30 years Sagittarius was her progressed ASC, did she gain any new insights into herself? Did she reach any major epiphanies? (L. Valentine’s note: this doesn’t happen until 2050, but the thought is a good one.)

I'm really seeing someone who had to hide her "true self" in her childhood, or even went as far as having NO sense of self for a very long time due to her childhood conditioning. Also, interesting how Virgo is duplicated on her 1st and 2nd houses. This, to me, makes me think of someone who has used material possessions to define herself, particularly in the years she didn't know herself, or was attempting to know herself. Virgo is the sign of criticism, and with it ruling her 2nd house, I'm seeing her not having a very high self-esteem. Retail therapy might have been a means of filling in the void of what she felt was lacking within.

While she is not my student, I'd like to thank Margaret Fowler for her input, nevertheless. I'm not calling her out because I do appreciate the time and effort she put into the reading, but I have to point out that it serves as a cautionary tale to those who rely on readings from "astrologers" with  little or no experience. If anyone would like to contact her, she requests private messages through Facebook. I haven't checked to see if there's more than one person by that name. If so, she's the one in Holly Springs, MS.

If anyone else would like to be "Student for a Night" please get in touch with me. There's contact info in the upper right sidebar, and you can always write in the comments. I'll be back soon with my own reading, which is quite different.

Click this link to see my reading of the same chart.

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