April 30, 2013

How To Look at the Future

I have had the hardest time trying to finish these charts. I tend to scan ahead in the ephemeris, looking for the eventual outcome, and I stop to cast a few charts along the way because something caught my eye. I think "This chart could be ...! And this one could be...!" and "Oh, no. That's too bad." Then I find something that's interesting in a different way so then I'm off casting charts of family members to see how it looks for them. When I find the same event in all the charts, then I know there's something that needs to be zeroed in on. And then I'm off to see how long and how far a planet in stationary or retrograde motion will affect it, and if any planets have been strengthened or debilitated or moved in or out of mutual reception. And on and on and on for each person who is in the equation for whom I have birth data. And then it's hard for me to switch from psychological analysis and tracing the evolutionary path of the soul over to prediction work. I need to turn my internal editor ON and my curiosity OFF when I'm working with client's charts.

I've been working on the chart of a young man whose birth data is

November 14, 1994
9:58 A.M. CST
Memphis, TN

The chart is cast in the
Placidus method with a True Node. For now. In a few minutes, I'm going to switch to a different house method.

The Natal Chart

It is delineated here.

This chart illustrates that natal Mars is in bold, brash and proud Leo where it is easily flattered, compelled to create, and driven to contribute something important to humanity. Don't underestimate this desire.

Interestingly, it's in the Aries duad of Leo, and Aries is the sign on the I.C. (4th house cusp), the house of endings. A house that Mars rules. I am noticing a lot of Mars / Moon, Aries / Cancer, and 4th house / 8th house themes here. 

We know that he recently left his mother's home to live with his father under the transiting Neptune conjunction to his natal Saturn in Pisces, a combination defined as "involuntary detachment" by Reinhold Ebertin, and a "killer fog" in general. We also know that his natal Neptune and his natal Saturn are in Mutual Reception, but are semi-square to each other, so not that helpful.

In addition, recall that Mars is the handle of the bucket planetary pattern. It's a VIP planet, driven to act. To a Leo Mars, it's important to leave your mark on the world. Something memorable. Creative. With panache. On the other hand, with Mars in the 8th house, the subconscious desire is to leave something profound, something deeply meaningful. Here's a Short List of 8th house themes:

Here's the 8th House Short List:

death, dying, funerals, wills, inheritance, estates, taxes

restoration, resurrection, renewal, reincarnation, recycling

rape, kidnapping, crime, seduction

sex, Tantra, magic, Wicca, Paganism

money of business partnership or marriage, community property

insurance, tax, 401K, social security, pensions, food stamps, public assistance

stocks, bonds, treasuries



Our young, brash, impatient and hot-tempered Mars in Leo upstart has been locked in a battle of wills his whole life.

The Great and Powerful Oz is what I call the Jupiter (great) / Pluto (powerful) conjunction (Oz) in Scorpio, which shows success beyond our wildest dreams in the exact same type of matters as in the 8th house short list. Scorpio is the sign of extremes, sinner or saint. It goes big or it goes home. The showy Mars energy has now progressed to a square to the Great and Powerful Oz. He's ready to take on what might be the battle of his life, the showdown he has waited for from his birth. The progressed Mars is one degree from the exact square to The Wizard in the progressed chart. That would definitely qualify as a big and profound legacy. That would leave a very big mark.



An even closer natal square is the one between the narcissistic Mars (sorry, there's no way around that description) and the natal sun in the often suspicious, vengeful sign of Scorpio. The sun is in the Cancer duad, so it's highly receptive to suggestion, but there's a double dose of tenacious possessiveness, too.

The sun rules the 8th house. The fire is set. Our guy has some very important decisions to make about which way he's going to go.
Mars is placed in the 8th (sex, death, and surgery).  That is the stage for this play.

Mars rules the 4th (home, mother, family, roots, beginnings, one of the houses of endings), so one or more of those areas of life will play a role in the events.   

It also co-rules the 11th house (friends, associations, groups), so others will play a role in events.

Pause. Think. Absorb.
Mars squares (challenges, goads) the sun (ego, identity, inner life, life force) to act. It's a physical planet in the cardinal fire duad of Leo, which is, itself, a fire sign.

Think of the square aspect as an action verb that joins them, and not happily, but more like two people who are handcuffed together. They're going to have to cooperate with each other, but it won't be fun.

The sun is also an acting planet, but it's in Scorpio. It doesn't go off half-cocked like Mars. It creatively strategizes, prepares, and then acts, all in good time.

This square, when activated by transits, progressions, directions, returns, or just about anything, could be a threat to life or limb, or just very high blood pressure. It's an innate aspect, irritated and hot under the collar. The sun rules the 8th (sex, death, and surgery), so matters of the 8th house play a role when this square is activated. Anger (Mars) and ego (the sun) could force an ending or injury.

It also squares Jupiter (Great) and Pluto (Powerful) Oz in the 11th house. Someday our guy’s guest list could read like a power list of Who's Who. Tied to the 12th house, many of those friends might be of the secret, clandestine variety. It almost suggests subversive or secret service / secret society type of friends.


In addition to the other natal Mars aspects, there's also Mars quincunx the natal Neptune, which is in the 1st house (personality, first impressions, the image we project). Don't forget it's in mutual reception with Saturn in Pisces.

Remember keywords like "involuntary detachment" and "killer fog.” There may spiritual or martyr tendencies, self-pity, and the karmic need for lessons in compassion and service. Our guy has recently detached from his home, and all the things he has known as his sanctuary and place of security. Neptune has dissolved all his foundations and structures. His environment has completely changed. He may also have changed his appearance to one he feels is more in line with his 1st house Neptune image. 

At the new moon in the progressed chart in February, he performed a Plutonian / Scorpionic / 8th house / phoenix action: he chucked it all and started over. Neptune pushes us out of our safe harbors and casts us adrift on a sea of confusion, desperation and self-doubt. Or is it faith?

The quincunx aspect requires big adjustments and compromises between the planets and houses involved. It's extremely important under Neptune aspects, and especially while Neptune is the ruler of the 3rd house of transportation, communication and the rational mind, to keep a grip on the handle of truth. Muddled minds during certain activities could lead to serious accidents, errors in judgment, and pitfalls. Exaggeration, deceit, gullibility and fantasy are serious possibilities whenever Neptune has control of the mind. Neptune contributes to the blurring of fantasy and reality. This is a great aspect to have if you are an artist, musician, songwriter, novelist, or psychic. Or if you work in an artistic, creative, healing or charitable occupation. Otherwise, you may merely be confused, stoned, or coming down with dementia or psychosis.

As a matter of fact, I can see how his chart might indicate talent as an ink artist. Libra, sign of art and beauty is on the midheaven, representing the career, and its ruler, Venus (beauty, decoration, adornment) is in Scorpio (tattoos), and is placed in the midheaven. It also rules the 5th house of creativity (hobbies, entertainment). Neptune (art) and Saturn (business) are in mutual reception, and involve both the ascendant (body, image, first impression) and the 2nd house of income by Pisces effort, such as art, music, acting, glamour, intuition, psychic / spiritual or healing arts. I'll leave you follow the other vocational indicators on your own.

Mars and Neptune aspects always make me wonder if there’s something unseen there, something purposely hidden (possibly in plain sight) Notice that Mars is conjunct the Vertex, a date with destiny over which we have no control. Mars could describe someone (male), or a situation (violent) that alters this young man's destiny forever.

Additionally, Neptune  and the ascendant are conjunct in the progressed chart. This  indicates that our guy may be unrealistic about his goals, ambitions, and actual abilities. 
Finally, there is about to be a lot said here regarding all the Mars / Moon / 4th house /domestic matters / family matters / endings/ in these upcoming charts. So don't forget that the natal moon is in Aries. It's a firecracker moon, snappish, tightly wound to go off, temperamental.


Here is the chart for the lunar eclipse earlier today (April 25, 2013) and probably the reason I have not been able to make progress on these charts. This is, of course, a transit chart around the natal.

The eclipse falls in the 10th house of career, reputation, status, or direction. It signals a turning point in life. This is when our guy comes to the attention of the public in some way. He stands out from a crowd. It's beneficial that the eclipse trines his natal Saturn, the ruler of his ascendant. He is recognized or noticed, for good or ill. He has a change of status.

The eclipse falls on his Mercury / Venus conjunction in the 10th. That's usually a sign of good news, pleasant conversations, and social occasions. Mercury and Venus together often point to the presence of a young female or a sister.

One time, many years ago, a client came to me and said that she'd been invited to a party, and she wondered if she and her husband should attend. I saw the Mercury / Venus conjunction activated in her chart, and furthermore, Venus was the ruler of the 5th house of children, creativity, and entertainment. The house of parties. She said it was a faculty fundraiser or some such, and yes, I could see the business ties. I told her that she should go.

At her next appointment, I asked how she had liked the party. She said they went, but they didn't have a good time. The music wasn't suitable for dancing, and the whole thing was a snooze. However, her husband made an important business contact, so it wasn't a total waste of time.

It was a perfect example of fate verses free will. The stars showed her attending the party. Whether or not she had a good time was up to her.

Now here is the next interesting thing about this chart: the eclipse point conjunct natal Venus in the 10th is opposed by the transiting Mars and sun in the 4th house of home, mom, and domestic matters. This is one of the houses of endings, remember?

*Mars is in the 4th house, and rules the 4th house,

*Mars is conjunct the sun, the ruler of the 8th house

In this chart, they are making a trine aspect to the ascendant, and help our guy to express himself with enthusiasm.


The nodes are in a separating square with our guy's Mars, so close that here is another of those things I go back and research: when were the transiting nodes in exact square to his volatile Mars?

In February, when I can only assume there was some kind of blow-up that resulted in his leaving home. Mars in the 8th house (*the 4th house of endings from the 4th house of home), ruling the 4th house of - you guessed it - home.

What is the best predictor of future behavior?

Past behavior.

That incident, whatever it was, is a sample of what will be coming in May. 

Still in the same chart, natal Venus, activated by the lunar eclipse, is the ruler of (Libra) the sign on the midheaven (status) and the 5th house of parties (children, creativity, celebrations, romances).

Transiting Venus, however, is in the opposite house and conjunct the natal south node. To cover every little psychological nuance of a chart is too time-consuming and space-eating for a blog post. But, there is the south node, marking it as a timing indicator when matters connected to Venus and families will predominate. And there it is, marking a person, a female, as someone who will figure highly in his life.

Mercury, also in the 10th (status) rules the 6th (health, nutrition, job, service, duty, routine) and the 9th (higher mind, continuing education, beliefs).

These houses make some interesting equations when looked at by a method called stepping, but I won't go into that now, except to say it is the method of looking at houses where the first house is some other house, and the counting begins from there.

The reason I know this is a significant event is because the moon's nodes are finishing their 18.6 year-cycle and returning to their natal place. They are the alarm clock set to go off for this particular event. They show karmic ties to it, and they are connected to family.

The next likely time when there may be a significant event in the life is at the solar eclipse on May 9, 2013. Below is a wheel with the eclipse around the natal chart.


This is so cut and dried. There's the eclipse at 19 Taurus 31, right on the cusp of the 5th house. Let's review the meaning of the 5th house:

children of the body or the imagination


pleasures, risks,  gambles

"romance," recreational sex, affairs

hobbies, sports, entertainment, recreation, vacations, parties 

small animals treated as children and family members

So it activates the 5th house and at the same time, it squares Mars and opposes the sun, those same two rulers of the 4th and 8th houses of homes, families, and endings.

Simultaneously, Mars, who's pretty upset due to the square from the eclipse, is transiting near the bottom of the chart in conjunction with the south node. There's the indicator that it's:

time, as in "there is a time for all things..."



all the above

in the 4th house  (mom, home, domestic matters, the end of a matter).

I also don't like the connotation of the Vertex being conjunct the descendant.

The thing about eclipses is that they tend to either set big things in motion, or abruptly end others. 

Let' recap:

I am almost certain that if we ask this young man's mother if there was a blow-up when he left home, that she would confirm it. That would be when the moon's nodes squared his Mars.

Also, recall the progressed new moon of new beginnings and turning points, and transiting Uranus (sudden change), crossing the natal moon (home, mom, domestic matters).

Then, on May 9th, the solar eclipse will square his natal Mars and oppose his natal sun; the same rulers of the same houses with the same effect, and the same players. So beware of sudden outbursts and confrontations.

Now that the eclipse has lit up Mars and gotten him all ticked off, notice that in about a week, the transiting Mars will square the natal Mars, and that's good chance for all hell to break loose.  See the chart below:


Any time a planet opposes or squares it's own natal position, it's not a happy planet. And Mars is one of the most unhappy planets of all when he's angry. This is often symbolic of two men in a contest of wills. It is a matter of pride, and the natal Mars in Leo has plenty of that. He draws a line in the sand and dares anyone to cross it. Now he has to defend it. The same houses are activated that we see over and over: the 4th and 8th.

Frankly, I find this a little frightening in the chart of someone who is under a Neptune spell and has trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy, as well as being under the influence of rebellious and unpredictable Uranus. Add the emotionally angry and hot-tempered moon in Aries as a trigger, and that could be a recipe for disaster.


Above is the Secondary Progressed chart for this year of our guy's life. You can see the timing by looking at the progressed moon, which is three degrees past the progressed sun. We know that the conjunction was exact in February, when he left home. Therefore, this chart is set for three months later: May 2013, when the transiting Mars squares the natal Mars.


The timing for this is impeccable. Charts like this give confidence that we're working with an accurate birth time. In Secondary Progressions, it is the moon that is the most important timer. Three months ago in this chart, the progressed moon was conjunct the progressed sun, indicating new beginnings and fresh starts. It took place in Sagittarius, the sign of expansion and adventure, and in the 11th house of friends, groups and associations. I'm not sure what role his friends may have played in his bid for freedom. The 11th house has a few other meanings, but it's commonly known as "friends and associates." Both the sun and moon rule the 7th house in this chart.

The moon rules Cancer, the sign on the cusp of the 7th house, and the sun rules Leo, of which the entire sign is intercepted in the 7th house. It's a pretty good bet that some kind of partnership was formed in February.

But then, this is also the 4th house of endings from the 4th house of home and domestic matters. So, a quitting of the current home. In that case, the progressed new moon in the 11th house may show the fulfillment of a wish, because the 11th house of friends is also the house of hopes, wishes, and aspirations. Because the 11th is the natural home of Uranus, it can also show accidents, changing fortunes, and sudden, unexpected events like little tornadoes in the life.


The progressed midheaven and IC (4th house), have progressed to a conjunction of the natal moon’s nodes, marking the time for a major event that affects both the path traveled in life, and his home and family life. To have an angle progress to a conjunction of the North node is considered a beneficent, fortunate balance of karma. It sheds favorable light on the reputation. Time for a change. A turning point.

And there is progressed Mars at 27 Leo. It is just minutes from an exact square to his Jupiter / Pluto conjunction (the Great and Powerful Oz) who likes to do things in a big and powerful way, especially while in the 10th house of public spectacles. Also in this chart, the progressed ascendant is exactly conjunct the natal Uranus.  Want to see it again?


In the progressed chart (this year), the ascendant (the personality and the body) is exactly conjunct (is activating) the natal Uranus. Our guy needs his freedom at all costs, and will rebel and behave unpredictably until he has it. Also, he is accident prone.

It is even more difficult for our guy to declare his independence while Uranus, the co-ruler of his chart, the key to his freedom, is locked up due to interceptions in the first and seventh houses. The other co-ruler, Saturn, (Lord Capricorn, the sign on the ascendant) escaped lock-up by a hair, literally. He is less than one degree into the second house. I’ll bet the door caught him on the ass. Hold that thought through the next paragraph.

Aquarius is intercepted in the first house. Leo is intercepted in the 7th house. That means that all the planets contained in those houses are going to be frustrated in their efforts to express themselves. Uranus is one. Mars is the other. I’m sure it’s not by accident that these are the two planets that most freak out while imprisoned! They’ll go buggy. They’ll climb the walls. Picture a claustrophobic trapped on an elevator. And then recall that Saturn, who would not have minded being intercepted that much, escaped it by only a hair. That is meaningful.

Uranus is bucking to go; he's at the gate (the ascendant), but can’t get out. To him, it feels like crashing against a door that won't open. The closer to the ascendant Uranus stays, the more rebellious (and accident prone) he will remain. Doing the only thing Uranus can do, he forced the gate open and instigated the separation. Had he waited for the interception to pass, the gate would have opened "magically" and he could have saved himself a lot of energy.

But nodes, keys to timing and karmic lessons say, "A turning point is here. Ready or not." And then the gears in our karmic records switch based on our choices. And the switch of that gear begins a new set of instructions and a new set of gears. But they are all confined to the parts and housing we have available, the natal chart. That is the blueprint and master plan.

NEPTUNE CONJUNCT THE ASCENDANT Officially, the conjunction of the progressed ascendant to Neptune is over, but Neptune is still hovering around in the wings, waiting for another chance to mystify things for our guy just in case they get too clear. The planet of illusion, delusion, deception and confusion can keep him from having a clear identity, or from knowing who he is. It is a sign of glamour and fantasy, and yes, art, and it's having a profound influence on his image and personality. It can produce Pisces dis-eases in the body. Neptune is the planet of our addictions.

Just about everyone knows Marilyn Monroe had Neptune rising in her chart. She still represents the epitome of glamour, illusion, delusion, deception, confusion and addiction. She was a "candle in the wind." Neptune is the same reason so many musicians are either alcoholics or druggies, long before the era of rock stars perfected addiction. Many Neptune types practice Eastern religions like Buddhism (Richard Gere, actor and pianist), Hinduism (George Harrison) and Islam (Cat Stevens). Neptune contributes to spiritual / pacifist personalities. Our guy has been trying on different identities, looking for the one that feels right. In the meantime, he may seem shifty, elusive, hard to pin down, confused and dishonest. He may be unrealistic about his goals, ambitions, and actual abilities. .


The next thing to see in this chart is that the progressed Mars is exactly conjunct the progressed Vertex, a date with destiny that's beyond his control. This might represent a male who displays undue influence over our young man. It might be a situation that could be described as angry, violent or competitive that ensnares our guy like an innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time. It could be emergency surgery. The vertex is a wild card, so we don’t know. Natal Jupiter may be out of reach of the wrath of Mars for now, but the progressed Jupiter is still very much within orb of a square from the progressed Mars and Vertex. Mars and Jupiter conflicts usually mean trouble with the law.

Mars = enforcement
Jupiter = laws
Vertex = a date with destiny
That's a handy little thing to know about your own chart if you have a lead foot.


The Secondary Progressed chart can be read alone, as just done, but it also needs to be read around the natal chart. In secondary progressions, the outer planets never move more than a degree or two from their natal place, so unless something special is happening with them like returning to their exact degree by a directional change of motion, or completing an exact aspect with another planet or angle, then they are largely ignored.


Rebellious, disruptive, freedom-or-die Uranus is conjunct the ascendant, guaranteeing the new start would be more of a sudden break than a smooth transition. The ascendant represents the body on the physical plane, or in other words: "You. Here. Now." The intensifying and compulsive need for independence becomes "acting out." This is the proverbial Rebel Without a Cause, because any and every cause will do. It is true that most teens go through a rebellious phase, but those with a prominently placed natal Uranus, or one involved in stressful transits, progressions, directions, etc., bear the brunt of it. A keyword here is "sudden change." Our young man might suddenly begin to change his physical appearance, and a tattoo is sure to follow. Neptune (the collective unconscious, art) hovers at the ascendant (body, image, first impression). Uranus is the ruler of the natal second house of money. Lack of green stuff can seriously curtail freedom.


Now, I don't know, maybe I'm splitting hairs, but I don't want to miss something that might turn out to be important. Progressed Jupiter is almost a full degree past the conjunction to natal Pluto, and therefore, it's not really part of a "Mars square the Great and Powerful Oz" scenario in the progressed chart. We do know, however, that when placed around the natal chart, progressed Mars is exactly square to natal Pluto, and remember this is on a day when transiting Mars exactly squares natal Mars. Mars makes war. He's aggressive, invasive, incendiary. He's impatient, angry and physical. He wants to knock you out. Mars is in Leo, so his ego is the hair trigger to some explosive energies. This is most likely around May 17, when hot heads and big egos will be ready to explode. Notice that the progressed vertex is now in exact conjunction with progressed Mars, showing a date with destiny, one that will probably blast a few craters into the landscape of life. This could also show a connection with a male whose influence or actions will change our guy's destiny. Pluto is both in and rules the 11th house, the backdrop for a  power struggle and confrontation with a friend, group or associate.

This chart also makes it obvious that progressed Mercury (communication, transportation, siblings) is square to natal Saturn, Lord Capricorn of the Ascendant, the ruler of the entire chart. This is not favorable. Mercury is in its detriment in Sagittarius, and might say anything! It's as if the filter between the brain and the tongue has been removed. A planet in detriment acts out, like a child in the store who wants something he can't have. In this case, the planet being aspected is Saturn in Pisces who thinks of himself as a victim. This could mean things like acting out, speaking with heavy sarcasm, and making plans that have no realistic chance of working out. This is also the young trickster Mercury, the planet of transportation, goading Lord Capricorn, who can seriously hurt him and restrict his mobility. This is a brutal year for our guy.

 The Moons Nodes

The Moon's Nodes are superb milestone indicators. They are always prominent in event charts. They are helpful in keeping perspective about other transits as well, because if the Nodes are not clearly activating the chart, then any drama or event that occurs will amount to less in the long run (this, too, shall pass). The moon's nodes mark turning points that involve the planets or angles with which they are in aspect.


In the case of our guy, the turning point involves making his way in the world (north node conjunct the midheaven / reputation, direction in life) verses the necessity to pay more attention to home and domestic matters (IC), which are shaky right now. It is usually the south node that shows where the separation will occur. In this case, the south node was conjunct the 4th house of home, family, domestic matters, and endings. The nodes seem to be connected to family events, and that could certainly be said of our guy's current circumstances. The north node represents the karmic leap from the precipice into the unknown future, and that's always frightening. The north node is like a beacon that teaches us that we don't have to be able to see the end of the road in order to go forward on it. It illuminates the first few steps, and we need only to keep putting one foot in front of the other. In this chart, the north node is illuminating the future path for our guy.

The nodes (and karma) can be compared to a Newton's Cradle:

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.


The south node represents our past. This is our comfort zone. There's no leaping off tall buildings in a single bound here. This is a snuggle down in the big chair, wearing our comfies and slippers, armed with the remote, movie, popcorn, and something to drink. In this case, particularly with the south node in the Venus-ruled pleasant sign of Taurus, why get up? We have everything we need right here. The South node is where we sit on the sidelines, being an armchair quarterback, never testing the boundaries or pushing the envelope. It is where we stagnate and become couch potatoes in the game of life. We can't move forward in life nor in our evolutionary growth from the big chair.  The south node is also where the past catches up with us and we can't get out of paying our karmic debts.
Newton's Third Law of Motion: 

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
So these are the things shown in our guy's progressed chart for the year: # A new beginning # A  compelling urge for freedom and independence # A difficult parting and involuntarily detachment # The reaching of a karmic milestone and a turning point in life that involves family ties # Search for identity, or something elusive, mystical, musical or make-believe about the personality # Susceptible to addictions and gullible to scams The Secondary Progressed chart can be read alone, as just done, but it also needs to be read around the natal chart


Above is a chart with the transits of May 17, 2013 around the secondary progressions. The date was chosen because it is the day when transiting Mars squares, and the transiting moon conjuncts, natal Mars.
The first thing to note is the  transiting north node conjunct the progressed north node conjunct the progressed midheaven. It the same aspect we looked at in the previous chart. It still means that this year, our guy’s status or renown has been activated by the natal north node (a beneficent, fortunate balance of karma). It is a turning point. It sheds favorable light on the reputation. In this chart you can easily see the transiting Mars at 20 Taurus, the planet responsible for this whole inquiry. It is separating from a square to Ceres, the goddess of fertility and abundance. Normally, when an aspect is past, you should let it go, but there are exceptions. In this chart, transiting Saturn is four degrees past a conjunction to the progressed Venus. The partile conjunction was back in November of 2012. But Saturn turned retrograde and came back. It will hook up with Venus again in late June and for most of July. In fact, it will turn stationary direct right on progressed Venus on July 8, when it may "all seem too much to bear." Saturn conjunctions are notorious for causing depression and feelings of "Nobody loves me so I might as well go out in the yard and eat dirt." It gets blamed for financial troubles, too, because Saturn restricts, and Venus represents love, beauty and money. It can cause significant loneliness and feelings of dejection or outright rejection. But this aspect has rewards, as well. It can bring serious long-term relationships, some of which have a May-December quality to them. They are not fairytale romances with beautiful princes and princesses, but good solid relationships built on common sense, a common purpose, steadfastness, and practicality. I have also seen this aspect reflect a labor of love, and a dedication to craftsmanship, and finally, I have also seen it at times that an honor is bestowed. (Saturn) = respect given + (Venus) = to the favored. Venus, receiver of the aspect, is in the progressed 9th house, and it rules the 9th as well. As the Lord (or I should say Lady) of Taurus, it rules over the 4th house of home, mom, family, domestic matters, and endings. The 4th is a house that keeps popping up in every chart. Also important is the transiting Saturn trining the natal Saturn. If only it were that easy. No, this transiting Saturn also trines the transiting Neptune conjunction to Saturn. So far it has been impossible to know if that transit has our guy living in a completely delusional world, or only a partial one. But now, with a trine from the transiting Saturn to assist, it appears that maybe he really can make at least some of his dreams come true. The aspect looks like practice, maybe of a musical instrument? Any thoughts, anyone?
Transiting Saturn + Progressed Venus = working for love or beauty
Trine (easier advancements, flowing with the tide)
Natal Saturn + Transiting Neptune = serious about music  (or art?)
I'm not sure exactly what the transiting Saturn trine is supporting, but it makes me less uneasy about the trend that these charts have been taking. This is a complex chart, though, and we're not done. The transiting Vertex is only two minutes from an exact conjunction to the natal sun. We know that the Vertex is a fated date with destiny, but not in what way. To have it conjunct the sun is a fairly unusual event, I think. But that's not all. Transiting Venus opposes them from the cusp of the 5th house. I don't think that's the complete picture, though. Transiting Mercury is opposed to its own place.
That can mean so many things.
the need to be with others
regretful communication
verbal sparring
impulsive decision making
transportation problems
Let's look at the houses to narrow it down. The progressed Mercury is in the 10th house, the midheaven. That's the career, reputation, and status in life. As the ruler of Gemini, it is the Lord of the 5th (children, creativity, entertainment) 6th (work, duty, service, obligations, pets) and as the ruler of Virgo, it's Lord of the 8th house (death, sex, surgery). The transiting Mercury opposes its own place. That may not be life threatening, but it's certainly not a good day. Combined with Neptune clouding the judgment of Saturn, and the unpredictable behavior of Uranus at the progressed ascendant, which is as accident prone as Uranus conjunct the 3rd house cusp (as it is in these transits to the progressed chart). With all the active afflictions to Mars, it’s a good day to be careful and cautious in all things.   

This post was getting a little long, so I've decided to make a separate one for the Harmonic charts we're going to look at. HERE is a link to that..