May 22, 2013

Mostly Money

If you came here to study lottery-winning charts, you'll be happy to know that more than 80 posts and more than 200 example charts have been added to this blog. In the sidebar, under "My Posts," look for titles beginning with "Lottery-winning," and "Subject(s A - G)." Or use the tag cloud below "My Posts," or the search tool.

Our subject wishes to remain anonymous, so any information that I think could identify her will be withheld, including the birth data. Here is the natal chart:

This chart was previously delineated by another astrologer here.

I'm not going to do a full natal report here because that's not what the client requested. I'm just going to point out a few details that catch my eye. 

First, our client was born under the sign of Capricorn. I think it was astrologer Jeanne Avery from whom I learned the most interesting thing I know about Capricorns: they didn't want to be born. And the reason I believe this is correct is that I had a sister who was Capricorn, and her birth was a month overdue. When the time came, she dug her heels in and did all she could to prevent it. Consequently, she was pulled out with forceps and her soft little skull was disfigured. Her head was shaped like an egg, and she worked her whole life to hide it, which she did as exceedingly well as she did everything else.

Here is a picture of my Capricorn sister at twelve-years-old with my mother and baby sister in 1966.
There is a theory which states that before we are born, we make a plan for our physical, tangible life that is based on the lessons we need to complete while we are here. Capricorns already know coming into this life that this time around is going to be hard. It may also be possible that while in the womb they knew their mother's anxiety, and so their id is imprinted with "unwanted." Maybe she wasn't happy to be expecting, or the baby will be a financial burden, or whatever myriad of reasons there are for not wanting a child, not necessarily this child, but any child. But maybe the baby overhears the parents talking about it. This is not, after all, a baby until it is born. The souls coming into this world are adult souls with adult reasoning until they enter the infant body as the first breath is drawn. For this reason, Capricorns can be born with a complex. When they realize birth is inevitable, they decide that they will be good - very, very good - children. They will prove their worth. They will be quiet, they will not take up much room, they will not be any trouble, they will not ask for things, and they will get adolescence over with as quickly as possible. They will be responsible and mature at all times. Mother will not be sorry. They will make her proud.

Man, are they bossy. They make excellent executives and always strive to be leaders, bosses, and managers. They excel on the corporate ladder and suffer terribly if they are relegated to the lower rungs. Our client's sun is trine her ascendant, so her inner world is almost completely compatible with her outer personality. She is comfortable in her own skin. Her emotional needs may be lofty, but she's still a down-to-earth, practical and very capable woman. Her sun is strengthened by being in the house where it belongs in the natural zodiac (as is her moon in the 4th and Uranus in her 11th).

So in this chart, we take this psychological mindset and give it creativity because the sun is found in the 5th house, and what we get is a creative businesswoman. Our subject is an inventor among other things. Below is a chart for the day she received a patent on one of her inventions. I'm sorry that I can't tell you what the inventions are because it would reveal her identity, but trust me; they are good ones! I think I could safely say that at least 90% of all Americans have used one of them. I know I have.


The transits are cast for noon because I didn't find a time-stamp on the patent issue. The fact that the transiting midheaven and ascendant (which move approximately one degree every four minutes) are conjunct the natal ascendant and midheaven isn't at all important. What we do like, however, is that the transiting sun (ego, identity, purpose) lights up the 10th house of career, honor and public acclaim. Transiting Venus in the 10th house ensures the attention is favorable.

What stands out is that the transiting Saturn (remember this is the lord of her creative and businesslike sun) is conjunct the natal south node. There are many definitions of the moon's nodes. The south node is associated with our past and our comfort zone, but I also believe it is associated with our a priori knowledge. The natal south node is conjunct her ascendant, so she has no doubt brought much previous experience into this life.

 Transiting Mercury is retrograde, just like her natal Mercury. I think most astrologers believe Rx Mercury to always be afflicted, but I disagree. Many of my clients  have it in their chart and some of them appear to possess an almost photographic memory. There is order in their chaos. This natal Mercury makes a close sextile to natal Saturn, which gives her common sense. Retrograde planets are associated with internalization, but I would add storage and recall to the equation. They seem to absorb data like the rest of us, but then they process it differently, and out comes...let's say...a spinoff. Like a great chef, they turn their ingredients into something unique or special. Because of the limited size of blog space that requires the pictures to remain relatively small, you may not be able to tell that transiting Mercury is only one minute (not one degree, but one minute!) from an exact trine to her natal Neptune. Was receiving the patent a "dream come true" for her, literally? Had the idea come to her in a dream, vision, or other non-tangible form? With natal Neptune in the 2nd house (money and resources), it shows her idea (Mercury) had value.

Her natal Mercury is not "just" retrograde, it's stationary direct. That means it was about to assume forward motion by progression soon after her birth. This happened between February 15 and 16, right after her first birthday, so something significant happened in her life then. I haven't been able to determine exactly what it was, and don't want to lose precious time on it when we may never know because most people cannot remember being that age. However, no matter how I look at it, it involves the 4th and 8th houses (both are houses of endings), so it most likely involves the death of a family member or a change of residence (the 8th house is the 4th house of endings from the 4th house of home and family). I would like to urge her to remember that date, minus the year. I'm sure it rings a bell.

Still looking at the chart for the issue of the patent, transiting Pluto (power, transformation, creator, destroyer) trines the natal Ascendant (physical body, personality, here and now) and natal south node. It establishes our subject as the creator of this invention and gives her power over it.

This next one is interesting, too. Transiting Venus, up there in the 10th house, squares the natal north and south nodes, which lie across the ascendant / descendant axis.  

And in turn, the transiting nodes at 21 degrees Leo and Aquarius square the natal Venus, the ruler of her midheaven (career, reputation, public life and direction / path in life), and of course, her 3rd house of the rational mind, as well as paperwork. Squares are NOT always negative. I think that's one of the most difficult "rules" for beginning astrologers to grasp. In this case, we have transits that echo the natal aspects, and those are almost always herald an event.

Finally, the transiting moon conjuncts the natal north node which is beneficial.


Another thing I notice about the natal chart at a glance is the position of the natal moon. What a dichotomy! We have the usual Sagittarius emotional needs and outlook such as being an optimistic, enthusiastic, idealistic free spirit who requires personal freedom, opportunities to travel, and the ability to escape routine. Routine is anathema to our subject. On the other hand, the moon is in the 4th house of sticking around the homestead with family. Maybe for emotional fulfillment she needs a home in a foreign place, or likes to entertain visitors from far-away places. In any case, her home is bound to be as spacious and light as her mind.  Many people are unaware that some of history's greatest minds had the moon in Sagittarius. Their intelligence is sharp and far-sighted. 

The natal moon's nodes square her moon. That highlights issues with her mother and with women in general, as well as the home and family. This has been the oddest day for me because just before I am going to say something, someone else says it first. In this case, our client told me today about one of her ancestors and the real estate that he owned. The IC (cusp of the 4th house, opposite the midheaven) represents our families, ancestors and foundations in life. It also represents real estate. So does the moon, which is positioned in conjunction with the IC in her chart. A double whammy. And with the moon's nodes square the moon and IC, a triple whammy. Both the moon and the IC represent our childhood, ingrained habits, compulsive behavior patterns, emotional conditioning, and psychological inheritance. Our birth charts follow a family pattern. Look at the charts of everyone in your family, and you will find the same repetitions among the children, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on, back and back for as far back as you can find data for them. It is almost as if the ghosts of our ancestors influence us to finish their unfinished business. We won't go into the theory of reincarnation and how we might be our ancestors reborn, because our subject doesn't believe in reincarnation. So we'll save that for another time. I will add, though, that simply because our client brought up this ancestor of hers out of the blue, and because I don't believe in coincidence, I recommend that she look deeply into his life and try to discover what it may be that he needs her to finish for him.

The nodes squaring their own hostess (they are the MOON'S nodes, after all) sets up both psychological and physical issues in life that require constant work and attention. In this case, taking care of her mother, grandmother or other family members, or the necessity of being cared for by them, can cause her to feel she's not reaching her own potential due to persistent family responsibilities (or perhaps real estate issues) that just never end.

Our client is interested in risks, chances and gambling. Of course she is, with the sun in the 5th house, which represents those things. If there's one question I am asked more than any other, it's whether or not the chart shows the potential to win the lottery. And since the Powerball jackpot was recently high, I'm sure it was on her mind as well.

Her sun is in Capricorn, which isn't really noted for its good fortune. But look closer. She has Jupiter (bigger, better, more) in the 8th house of sex, death and other people's money. That in itself is often a harbinger of inheritance. In addition, she has Uranus (sudden, unexpected, surprising) strong in the 11th house, which is also a "lucky" house when it comes to winnings. Taurus (banking and finance) is on the midheaven, showing that comfort and living well is a goal in her life. Taurus also happens to be a sign of pastoral land. There are three things every Taurus needs for emotional well-being, and that is good food, good drink, and their own land. Every bull needs some pasture.

Two other things that indicate good fortune in this chart are Chiron conjunct her sun, and the vertex in the 5th house. Let me deal with the vertex first because it's quick and simple: it is a point of fate. It's a date with destiny and of things that happen to us over which we have no control. Like the moon's nodes, it has an opposite point, which isn't added to the chart; you just have to remember it's there. The vertex is the stronger of the two.  Both usually require a conjunction to activate them. Having the vertex in the house of risks and pleasures of life is a very fortunate place to have it. Chiron is a whole other matter.

I am not a fan of placing Chiron in the chart when I can't be sure of what it represents. I'm not positive that we have nailed his meaning yet. I have researched him in hundreds of charts, but have not found an effect that I can absolutely pin on him. The best definition I have heard so far (I could kick myself for not bookmarking it, because I haven't been able to find it again) is "to teach and protect" (I would not be surprised if our client had been a schoolteacher). What does that have to do with money, gambling, lotteries, and winning? Nothing. And yet, he almost always shows up in winning charts.

Another "lucky" point in the chart is Transpluto. Don't confuse it with transiting Pluto; they are not the same. Both natal and transiting Transpluto are almost always involved in major winnings.

I had not yet answered this question when the information was volunteered, along with the proof that our client had won big money while gambling over the course of three days. I love clients who don't expect me to go searching for needles in haystacks. Again, the data is withheld to protect her privacy, but thanks to this lovely woman, we get to learn from her (and Chiron?) 


There's so many winning indicators here, it's hard to know where to start. These are transits around the natal chart, the easiest charts for beginners to read. I'll begin with the transiting outer planets first because they are in effect the longest. 

* Transiting Pluto (extremes, big odds) had recently passed over the natal vertex (fate, destiny) in the 5th house of risks, chances, gambling, pleasures and entertainment. It was still within orb of a conjunction, but with power diminishing. Due to its back and forth retrograde / direct motion, it will continue to be in orb the rest of this year.

* Transiting Neptune conjuncted the north node just inside the cusp of the 7th house. Planets on house cusps are stronger than those in the middle of houses (usually), with those on the angles (ascendant / descendant / midheaven / IC) the strongest for good or ill. Neptune is the ruler of one of her angles (the descendant) as well as her 8th house. The 8th is the house of sex, death, and crime, but also of other people's money, funds that are pooled and redistributed, shared resources, and goods of the dead. It includes inheritance, taxes, wills and trusts, insurance, welfare, pensions, retirement accounts such as 401Ks, and lotteries. The north node (had you forgotten him already?) is considered a beneficent.

* Transiting Uranus woo hoo! is conjunct the natal Jupiter! This combination is often known as the "Thank the Lord!" aspect. There are few as lucky as this one. It shows a sudden change of fortune (usually for the better), and often indicates a windfall. And our client happens to have it placed in the 8th house (see paragraph above).

* Transiting Saturn (the ruler of our client's Capricorn sun and 5th house of gambling, remember) is trine to her natal Uranus (sudden, surprising, unexpected changes), which is in her natal 11th house. Most people think of the 11th house as that of friends, groups, associations and organizations, but because of its relationship to Uranus (it is the house of Aquarius, ruled by that planet), it is also associated with changes in fortune. Uranus is "accidentally dignified" here, which adds to its strength.
* Transiting Jupiter (bigger, better, more) is the planet most often associated with wealth (other than Pluto, which is the planet of crazy stupid wealth). Those in the know, and I'm guilty of this myself, look straight to it when they want to know if they're going to be lucky. And what is transiting Jupiter doing to the natal chart?  It's a degree past the sextile to its natal place (showing common sense about easy come/ easy go, perhaps) and two, almost three, degrees past a trine (ease) to the natal Part of Fortune in the 2nd house of money and resources. In astrology-speak, "so twenty minutes ago." It is a fading aspect.

Now we come to the personal planets, those that move very quickly and are like the big hand on a clock, pointing out details of time. 

* Transiting Mars at 10 degrees of Pisces makes a trine (ease) to natal Uranus (sudden, unexpected, exciting) in the 11th house (sudden, unexpected, exciting).

* Transiting Venus (love, money, happiness) trines natal Mars in the 2nd house (money and resources) and sextiles the natal Mercury (a pleasant time).

* Transiting Mercury, ruler of her ascendant (physical body, personality, and a timer - "You. Here. Now.")  as well as her  2nd house (money and resources) and co-ruler of her intercepted midheaven (public notice) is about to square its own natal position in the chart. Quick little Mercury moves about a degree a day, and so in two days, the lucky spell will end.

* Transiting sun at 26 Aquarius is working on a square to the natal midheaven (brings the person to public notice). It will complete the square in two days, and will contribute to the end of her luck this time around. 

* Transiting moon is insignificant in this matter because the wins took place over a period of three days, and the moon has moved many degrees during that time. 

* Transiting north node of the moon (a beneficent) is conjunct the natal Venus (love, money, happiness). This may not be a big flashy aspect like Jupiter over Uranus, but it's important and should not be overlooked! Both transiting nodes square natal Pluto (extreme odds), the dispositor of her natal Venus. 

*Transiting vertex conjunct her natal Mercury, ruler of her ascendant, 2nd house of money, and co-ruler of her midheaven.

* I forgot to circle it on the chart above, but this is also important. Transiting Transpluto, a hypothetical planet (say what???!) that I've seen defined as everything from self-sufficiency to perfection always seems to be part of the equation in big wins, and in this case, it conjuncts the ascendant (as the timer "You. Here. Now.") and squares the natal moon on an angle (adding strength). That natal moon rules the 11th house (sudden, unexpected, exciting).


In secondary progressions the outer planets move so slowly that they are only a degree or two from their natal positions and in most cases are not used. What we look at in these charts are the progressed midheaven and ascendant, inner planets, and most importantly, the progressed moon because it is the fastest transit, moving roughly one degree per month. It works as a timer, like the second hand on a clock that ticks off the seconds. In this chart, you can see that it is conjunct the natal north node (a beneficent).  The progressed vertex (fate, a date with destiny) is trine to natal Neptune in the 2nd house (money, resources), the ruler of the 8th house (other people's money).

Secondary progressions indicate what is due to occur in life in the year for which they are cast. Transits for an event shown around the progressions are always telling. In the chart above, we have the transits for our client's big win shown around her secondary progressions. Notice that progressed Neptune is the ruler of the progressed 5th house of gambling and risks.

* The cusp of the 5th house of gambling and risks has arrived at a natal angle. Recall that the natal descendant is at 1 degree 06 Pisces. and the natal north node is at 2 degrees 28 Pisces and Rx. At the time of the win, the cusp of the progressed 5th house is at 3 degrees 33 Pisces and the progressed north node is at 0 Pisces 34 Rx. Transiting Neptune is at 2 Pisces 35. If I put them altogether, it looks like this: 


* Neptune is the ruler of the natal 8th house of other people's money and the progressed 5th house of gambling. Remember when I said that planets are stronger on a cusp than in the middle of a house? If I take apart the tri-wheel above, transiting Neptune is conjunct the progressed moon and progressed north node on the cusp of the progressed 5th house. Do you see that?

* Transiting Pluto (power, odds, transformation) conjuncts progressed Chiron

* Transiting Uranus (sudden, unexpected, exciting) trine progressed Transpluto. Natal Transpluto is in the same place, but since the natal chart is not included in this illustration, you can't see it.

*Transiting Jupiter trines progressed Venus.  

Trines between Jupiter (bigger, better, more) and Venus (love, money, happiness) are classic winning aspects.

* Transiting Mars (action, effort) in the 5th house makes a trine to progressed Uranus (sudden, unexpected, exciting)

* Transiting Transpluto conjunct progressed 
South Node (earned credit)

* Transiting Venus (love, money, happiness) and transiting moon's nodes oppose and square natal Pluto, forming a Grand Cross in fixed signs. This is not generally a favorable influence. Venus will complete the aspect in about two days. I'm not sure, but my best guess is that this would be the time to stop gambling before her luck runs out.


Solar arc directions are another way of progressing the chart. The planets don't change their relationship to each other this way; everything moves at the same rate, which is the rate that she sun moves in 24 hours. There is no point in looking at this chart without the natal chart along with it. Here we look for aspects that the directed ascendant and midheaven might make to natal planets or angles, and aspects directed planets make to natal planets or angles.

Here, the directed ascendant at 3 degrees Scorpio sextiles the natal sun at 3 degrees Capricorn, which is mildly favorable, but not that much to write home about. The directed south node also sextiles the sun, while the directed north node trines it. It is always favorable to have the nodes in an easy aspect to planets, rather than challenging aspects like squares.

The directed moon is leaving the 5th house, and sits on a cusp.  

The main attraction here is that directed Saturn, ruler of the natal 5th house of the risks and pleasures of life, as well as the lord of her natal Capricorn sun, is conjunct her natal Mercury, ruler of her ascendant, 2nd house of money, and intercepted midheaven - a coming together of energies.

I want to show you one more:
This is a harmonic chart for the win. What is most important is the closest aspect; the rest are small details. What is the closest aspect here? It's Jupiter (bigger, better, more) conjunct the IC. Jupiter is the ruler of the 2nd house of money.

This is the only chart using the Porphyry system. All others are Placidus.