November 10, 2012

The Effect of Eclipses in the Natal Chart

There's a solar eclipse coming up Tuesday, November 13, 2012. 

Eclipses have powerful and long-lasting effects in our lives if they make an aspect to an important planet or angle in our chart. Here are three examples to whet your appetite.

In this example, the solar eclipse at 0 degrees Gemini fell into this woman's 7th house of marriage and business partnerships. But what turned out to be more important was that it made an exact trine to Jupiter (bigger, better, more, expansion) in her 10th house of career and reputation. A job that was perfect for her opened up and when she applied, she got it. 

Notice that transiting Mars (ruler of her 6th house of jobs) trines Saturn (ambition, responsibility, executive ability), and the North Node conjuncts it. 

Note that transiting Saturn, which astrologers so often claim is near the top of the chart when a person is at the height of their career, is at the very bottom of this one (but on an angle). The woman said it was the best job she ever had. It paid extremely well, and she was elated to work there.

Note also that the Eclipse Part of Fortune and the Eclipse Ascendant conjunct her natal Vertex, and the Eclipse Vertex conjuncts her natal Ascendant. The Vertex represents a point of fate and appointments with destiny. 

Below is a Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees Gemini in a man's 2nd house of money.

Notice that the Eclipse squares his natal Saturn. Unlike the unaspected Saturn in the woman's chart above, this man's Saturn is afflicted by the opposition of his natal Mercury, Uranus and Pluto, which the Eclipse also squares. Saturn still means ambition, responsibility, and executive ability, but negatively, it's loss, sorrow, and suffering.

Notice that the Eclipse Mars opposes his natal Mars, which often indicates a confrontation and conflicts.

And finally, see how the Eclipse Nodes of the Moon square his natal Sun in the 6th house of employment.  What are you thinking, that he lost his job? Hang on...

The Lunar Eclipse later that month at 24 degrees Sagittarius also squared his natal Sun, as the Moon's Nodes continued to do. This was a Full Moon, of course. Just an hour after this eclipse, this man was assaulted and robbed at his place of employment, and spent the night in the emergency room.

So, where does the upcoming eclipse at 21 Scorpio fall into your chart? HERE is what you need to have your chart cast.



  1. I just wanted to give you the heads up that "Sapiens dominabitur astris" means something more along the lines of "The wise man rules the stars".

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