October 12, 2012

The Six Victims of West Memphis 3

As many Memphians know, the murder of three young boys took place on May 5, 1993 in West Memphis, Arkansas. Three young men were tried and found guilty of the crime, and the eldest was sent to Death Row. As it turns out, in 2011, after serving 17 years behind bars, it was proven they weren't guilty. 

I didn't live in Memphis when the crime was committed, and my entire knowledge of it was limited to the news that I happened to see on the day they were released. I never thought much more about it. 

As it turns out, my friend Margaret Fowler, and her friend Michelle Mahon Seery, were discussing it on their Facebook pages the other night, and I became interested. I pulled up the Wiki page and read about the investigation, trial, and subsequent release of the other three victims, the three who gave up 17 years of their lives for crimes that DNA evidence finally proved were innocent.

Since Wiki provided birth dates for the three men who went to jail, I decided to cast solar charts for them (time of birth unknown, so sunrise used), to see what the transits hit in their charts on that day. The results were particularly interesting.

The young man sentenced to die, Damien Nichols, has written a book about his experience. I have not yet read it because I don't want to be unduly influenced by anything it says while I study the charts. Apparently though, he used to be a practicing Satanist. Here's an eyeroll because it's just the kind of reputation that a rebellious teenage boy who wanted to stand out in a crowd would create for himself. It was exactly that reputation that made him a murder suspect in a redneck town on a witch hunt. The other two young men were deemed guilty by association.

 I have heard so much conflicting information about Echols (coincidentally,--not that I believe in coincidence--Echles is a name that happens to fit in with the story of Robin Hood (Hills) where the murders occurred) that I am intrigued. After Satanism, Echols supposedly converted to Catholicism. Then I heard he's into Zen Buddhism. There's nothing wrong with trying on different cloaks until you find one that fits. I know he has a stellium of planets in Sagittarius, the sign of Truth-seeking, so I'm not surprised that he is on a spiritual quest. In Tarot, I would associate him more with The Hermit than with The Devil. 

Ms. Mahon Seery provided the information that Mr. Echols is into astrology, and produced a picture of an "astrological" daily planner that he kept while incarcerated. But it's not like any kind of astrology I've ever practiced. I've seen some of the very esoteric symbols before, but it's as f**ked up as Chinese music to me. A couple other things stand out about his interest: He either doesn't know his birth time, or he knows and is being secretive about it. The first is something with which I may be able to help; the latter is something with which I can empathize. 

The second thing is that after writing the preface of the self-published version of his book, he added the date and time he wrote it. Was it the first thing he wrote in his manuscript, or the last thing? Is it a cryptic clue? I don't know, but it's revealing and I'd like to invite Mr. Nichols here to discuss his charts and the transits on the night of the murders. 

In fact, I would welcome any of the people involved who can produce a birth certificate or other written record with the time of their birth on it, and let's see what new information the planets can reveal. 

The convicted:
Jessie Misskelley 
Jason Baldwin 

The parents of the deceased:
Stevie Branch 
Christopher Byers 
Michael Moore

The Forgotten Suspects:
Chris Morgan 
Brian Holland

The Two Stepfathers:
John Mark Byers 
Terry Hobbs

If you want to see the planets exonerate you, or if the parents of the deceased would like to get a better look at what really happened, please leave contact information here, or email me at astrologymemphis@gmail.com