May 16, 2018

Supernatural Synchronicity of Celestial Rocks

Carl Jung defined synchronicity this way: “Events are ‘meaningful coincidences’ if they occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related.”

According to, there are 20,809 named or numbered asteroids, and millions more waiting to be discovered. First they are numbered, and then the discoverer submits a suggestion for a name. I have no idea how the final decision is made because I haven’t discovered any. If you do, please consider naming one Lakshmi!

Stop and think about those numbers for a minute. Almost twenty-one thousand asteroids, each with its own meaning, often derived from its name, or sometimes as with planets, from earthly events occurring around the time of discovery. We’d need paper the size of a wall to apply each of them to our natal chart, and probably months to delineate them. For now, we’re going to look at those of Elvis and Priscilla Presley.

The day that Elvis was born, asteroid #17059, “Elvis,” was at 00 Scorpio 23.
The day Priscilla was born, asteroid # 2137, “Priscilla,” was at 12 Virgo 26.

On the day that Elvis was born, asteroid # 2137, “Priscilla,” was at 12 Sagittarius 51, conjunct his ascendant.
On the day that Priscilla was born, asteroid #17059, “Elvis,” had reached 06 Cancer18, only 9 minutes across her descendant!

On the day that Elvis and Priscilla were married, asteroid #17059, “Elvis,” had reached 12 Taurus 32, and asteroid # 2137, “Priscilla,” had reached 23 Cancer 06.

Asteroid “Elvis” was conjunct the marriage sun and square the moon.

Asteroid “Priscilla” formed a Grand Trine with the marriage Midheaven and Neptune, ruler of the Midheaven, in the 5th house of romance.

ABOVE: At the time of his birth in December 1935, the asteroid #2137, “Priscilla,” was at 12 Sagittarius 51, conjunct his natal ascendant!

BELOW: Priscilla (née Beaulieu) Presley was born on May 24, 1945 at 10:40 PM in Kings County, New York. The asteroid “Elvis” on that day was at 06 Cancer 18, directly on her descendant! Asteroid Elvis, which was at 00 Scorpio 23 the day Elvis was born, conjuncted her natal Midheaven.


Elvis and Priscilla were married May 1, 1967 at 9:41 AM PDT, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The asteroid Priscilla (#2137) had reached 23 Cancer 06, conjunct Jupiter and completing a Grand Trine with Neptune, ruler of the Midheaven in the 5th house of romance (and children – their daughter Lisa Marie was born exactly nine months to the day later), and with the Midheaven of the moment at 23 Pisces 29.

The asteroid Elvis, (#17059) had reached 12 Taurus 32, just one degree and 56 seconds past a conjunction with the sun, and 1 degree and 2 minutes shy of a square with the moon, the chart ruler.

On a personal note, both my husband’s and my name are spelled oddly, and neither of us have an asteroid for our first names. However, we both have one for our last names.

On his date of birth, his surname asteroid was at 12 Capricorn 16.
On his date of birth, my surname asteroid was at 11 Capricorn 31.

On my date of birth, my surname asteroid was at 18 Taurus 11.
On my date of birth, his surname asteroid was at 18 Capricorn 29.

On the day we met, his surname asteroid conjuncted his ascendant and opposed his Venus. My surname asteroid conjuncted his Midheaven and trined his sun.

On the day we met, my surname asteroid conjuncted the ruler of my Midheaven, and trined my Jupiter. His surname asteroid activated my Grand Cross. If I’d understood that then, I would have known to run!

I saw this interesting video about the sheer volume of asteroids that circle the earth on You can click on the title, or copy and paste the link yourself. It makes the synchronicity of celestial rocks even more miraculous.


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