May 10, 2018

Fan Mail

A sample of my fan mail after declining a request to work for this particular person for a month for a payment of $100.

Dearest Lesia --

From Me to You -- and most everyone else who sells their services as an "astrologer":

As one who has spent literally tens-of-thousands of volunteer hours over the past 20 years in service to beginners in Alcoholics Anonymous, I have never encountered a group of people who peddle themselves as being in a helping profession and yet are more focused on their rate per hour.

Lesia, I offered you what I could afford to pay. If I were thriving, I wouldn't be so in need of your counsel. 

By the way, perhaps you should consider simply stating your truth the next time you want to tell someone to go fuck themselves. It's much more satisfying.

Best --
-- Greg

P.S.  Making ends meet has never been easy for me, so I have always worn multiple hats and relied on multiple income streams. For many years now, I have been ghostwriting for the websites of three different authors who are associated with Rizzoli Publishing. In fact, I'm technically paid in this case as a subcontractor by Rizzoli, rather than by their authors. 

So, it's really a pity you've suffered through the past two years of effort on your book without income and therefore just wouldn't be able to afford my consultancy fee to make a few phone calls in your behalf.

But good luck with that book, Lesia. Karma's a bitch.


I'm sorry folks, but your inability to pay my fee doesn't obligate me to work for you anyway. I simply don't understand the bitterness when I decline.