January 11, 2016

Grant Lewi Death Harmonic Comparison

Here is the Daily Age Harmonic for the death of astrologer Grant Lewi. This harmonic uses the widely accepted birth time of 8:30 AM. In this chart, the sun conjoins the ascendant and is trined by the moon. The moon also opposes Neptune, ruler of the static midheaven.

The closest aspect is Jupiter, ruler of the descendant and co-ruler of the static midheaven, in a square to the north node. Jupiter also conjoins Mars, and they receive a trine from the Uranus conjunction to the vertex date with destiny.

Mercury, the chart ruler and also ruler of the 4th house of endings, trines Saturn, ruler of the 8th house, but it’s neither the closest aspect nor the most important.

Below is the Daily Age Harmonic of Lewi using the birth time reported by one of his contemporaries, Marc Edmund Jones. It’s a good example of what a mere 5-minute difference in birth time can make.


In this chart, the north node conjoins the ascendant, and is closely squared by Jupiter conjunct Mars at the static midheaven. Mars rules the midheaven as well. Jupiter rules the 6th house of health.

Saturn and Uranus, the two rulers of the 8th house of death oppose the 8th cusp. The part of (mis)fortune trines the north node / ascendant.

In this chart, Mercury, ruler of the 12th house, is conjunct the floating midheaven, and together they sextile the vertex date with destiny. All three form inconjuncts to the eastpoint, which is a secondary ascendant, to form a yod, which is known as the hand of God or finger of fate aspect. It empties into the 10th house of public attention.

Remember that the base chart, the natal, was cast in the Porphyry house system. If you need help casting and reading harmonic charts, use this link:


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