November 25, 2015


Apologies. Somehow this post got lost in the shuffle and although it was posted in several places, I can't find a copy anywhere. 😕


  1. WOW
    What a sharp well-written astrological post. Very informative and thorough!

  2. Thanks. After the "wow," your comment reads word for word like some spam I sometimes get that links to an astrological site in India, so at first I did a "Sheldon Cooper" and wondered, "Sarcasm?" But there's no nasty phishing link, so I appreciate you -- sort of. Your comment caused me to take a look at the post because I'd pretty much forgotten what I'd written, which caused me to discover that a chart was missing. Which caused me to discover while re-creating it that the one above it was wrong! Just slightly, but still enough that I needed to correct it. Which caused me to spend hours fixing it that I'd planned to spend elsewhere. So I don't know if I'm happy with you or irked. Hmm. I think I'll go with happy. By the way, the Donald Trump charts that were at the end of this post have been moved. I left a link.

    I hope you have a stellar weekend. Thanks for coming by.


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