September 11, 2013

Somebody Just Shoot Me Now

The data of these charts has been withheld to protect the privacy of their owners.

This isn't the stuff that I have been working on for you, but your Facebook status said, "Somebody just shoot me now," so I looked at your chart to see what was going on. A chart cast for the time I saw the post wasn't that revealing. But I noticed as I was peeking, that your Lunar Return occurs at 06:26 a.m. this morning September 11, 2013. So that's probably what the commotion is about.

A lunar return is a chart cast for the exact time that the moon returns to its natal place in the chart. It shows your emotional state for the upcoming month, family or domestic matters that need attending to, and by its house position, sign and rulership, where you will have to focus your attention in the upcoming weeks.

The first planet to examine is the moon, which is in the 3rd house of communication, transportation, siblings, neighbors and your immediate environment. That is the place of focus. Fortunately for you, the moon and Jupiter (bigger, better, more) are in mutual reception, so they're diplomatic to each other. But they make no aspect to each other, so they aren't really working together.  The moon (emotional needs, ingrained habits, home/ family/ domestic matters) in Sagittarius is quite outspoken about its feelings.

The moon rules the 11th house of unexpected happenings, and Jupiter is conjunct that house's cusp. It's important to note that Jupiter is the ruler of your 4th house of  home/ family/ domestic matters. This is the house of a parent (some say father / others claim mother). 

Another thing to note in this chart are the moon's nodes at 8 degrees Scorpio and Taurus square to Mars (physical energy, anger, competitiveness) in Leo (ego, creativity, children, the heart of the matter, drama and theater). The nodes indicate that family is involved in stressful circumstances. This is aggressive energy that makes Mars difficult to control or direct. Mars has trouble taking "no" for an answer. And in Leo, it's a matter of pride.

The sun (ego, life force, inner self, creativity), which is the dispositor of Mars, is fairly close to your ascendant, so I'm thinking that you identify strongly with the issues at hand. You could say that the matter has your stamp on it. The sun is the ruler of your 12th house of hospitals, places of confinement, clandestine matters and things that are hidden.

Something else important to see is that Saturn (father, authority, ambition, conservative outlook, austerity, loss, grief) is conjunct your moon's north node, which is helpful to Saturn by strengthening good qualities such as responsibility, accountability and adherence to tradition. But therein lies the problem. Mars wants to go go go, and Saturn wants to stay stay stay. It's like trying to drive your car with the emergency brake engaged. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. It could manifest many ways. You may be indecisive about how to handle a career or parental matter. Your physical energy may be erratic, making you highly susceptible to physical injury and even broken bones. Mars square Saturn is often present at the time of dental work. It can bring the feeling of seething anger and rowing against the tide.

Mars is also afflicted by a inconjunct aspect from Pluto the Destroyer. The inconjunct aspect shows that a compromise or adjustment has to be made between Mars (male energy, testosterone, sports, sex, competition) and the energy of Pluto. There really is no contest. Pluto's energy is extreme: it's either nuclear and volcanic, or it's the slow subtle force that turns coal to diamonds and dinosaurs to oil. This transformation occurs in your 4th house of  home/ family/ domestic matters. This is the house of a parent (some say father / others claim mother). Both planets are co-rulers of the third house, which is classic in cases of bad news.

With all this difficult energy surrounding Mars, it's important to point out that it is the ruler of your 8th house. This is the natural house of Pluto, so it is the house of sex, death, transformation, surgery, endings, new beginnings, taboos, rape, crime, and matters pertaining to other people's money. It represents money matters connected to death such as wills and trusts; money that is collected then redistributed such as taxes, welfare, social security, insurance, lotteries, football pools; money that is invested like stocks and bonds; money of the marriage (community property, alimony) or business partner (mobs, embezzlement and money laundering) are all 8th house matters.

Also worrisome is Uranus right on the cusp of the 8th house described above. Uranus is the planet of the sudden, unexpected, accidental, out of control, and Acts of God. It is like a tornado that blows into your life, turns everything upside down, makes a general mess of things, and then vanishes as quickly as it appeared. Its effects are very long-lasting, however. While I'm not crazy about its position right on the cusp of the 8th house, it is the only planet in good aspect to Mars. That's a sudden release of energy (and maybe blood, which Mars rules).

If I place your natal chart around the lunar return, it should provide more details.

The lunar return ascendant in Virgo (exacting, analytical, critical) has come to your natal Uranus (radical, unexpected, disruptive) and Pluto (power, control, transformation). The ascendant shows two things here: one is that you strongly identify with these energies at the present time; the other is a timing indicator. The ascendant can indicate "You. Here. Now."

The lunar return Part of Fortune (fortune, misfortune, fate) conjuncts your natal sun (ego, inner self, self-identity), ascendant (the outer identity, the physical body, the outward personality, the projection of self) and moon's north node (where you must take a leap of faith). Again the ascendant is a timing device that means, "You. Here. Now," and indicates that the matter is either very personal, or affects the physical body.

Chiron, an asteroid that is associated with healing, teaching, wounds and herbal remedies opposes your ascendant. This is another indication of a health issue. Chiron is often referred to as the "wound that never heals." I don't buy into everything "they," whoever they are, say about it, but in important event charts, it usually does play a role. It's just that the role isn't always crystal clear.

The lunar return Mercury (communication, transportation, siblings, neighbors, immediate environment) squares (stress, conflict) your natal moon's nodes which lie in your natal first (yourself, you ) and seventh (marriage, partners, opponents, "not you") houses, and are the connectors known as family ties, as well as the accountants of karma.

The same Mercury (communication, rational thought, self-expression) makes a trine (ease, no effort, no worries) to your natal Mars (assertion, debate, on guard) in Gemini (communication, transportation, self-expression), so I imagine you were able to express yourself well, saying what you meant and meaning what you said, with no blockage or hesitation between your thoughts and your spoken or written words. 

The problem, however, is that the lunar return moon, one of the most important planets in this whole scenario, is the trigger for that Martian (fast, rough, aggressive) energy.

And finally, with the lunar return midheaven conjuncting your natal East Point, you will come to public attention in some way.

Some of this got me to thinking and I looked at the transits for September 11 around your father's chart as well. There is so much to see in this one I hardly know where to begin.

I guess I will start with the moon's nodes conjunct the midheaven (career, public reputation, honor or dishonor, fame or shame, direction and path in life, status in life) and the opposite point - the IC (home, family, domestic matters, land, real estate, childhood, mother, roots, foundations, beginnings and endings). Usually, when things go well in the career and the public life in the community, they are the opposite at home. Transiting Saturn is also conjunct his midheaven, and that's a transit that marks milestone events in life. It is always an important time. If you want to read a little about what Saturn does, there are several posts that will enlighten you. This is doubly important in his chart because Saturn is the ruler of his Capricorn ascendant (drill sergeant, authority, cold exterior), and therefore even more important. 

Here's a post that shows Saturn's cycle through the life of Vivien Leigh, who married or divorced whenever Saturn transited one of her angles.

Here's one that follows Saturn's transit through the meteoric rise and spectacular fall of Richard Nixon.

Here's one that explains the milestones and disruptions in life that we all experience due to Saturn's movement around our charts in relationship to its natal place.

Here's one that shows the devastation that Saturn can cause in life.

And here's a transit that involves Saturn that has been in effect off and on to varying degrees of intensity in your personal chart since last spring. Neptune over Saturn will remain in effect in your chart through the beginning of 2015. The most intense effects should be felt around the 

End of February and most of March 2014
September and October 2014
December 2014 through January 2015

Now, back to the important transits in your father's chart:

The next most important transits are Pluto (destroyer, transformer, power, control, domination) square (stress, conflict) to his natal moon, and transiting Uranus (sudden disruptive changes, unexpected events, accidental conditions) conjunct his natal moon. In other words, his moon is under a lot of pressure. The moon in a man's chart is the wife, mother, and women in general; emotional needs and responses, emotional patterns and habits, the inner child; the family unit, foundations and roots in life, ancestry; domestic matters and real estate; endings and finalization. He is undergoing very stressful changes at this time. 

The natal moon occupies his third house of communication and transportation in the sign of Aries which gives a quick temper and emotional outbursts. This is someone always willing to pick a fight over some perceived injustice to himself. It rules his 7th house of marriage and business partners.

Transiting Mars square Saturn which gives the stop go stop go effect that drains your energy and impedes your progress is also in effect in this chart, where it afflicts the midheaven (public persona, reputation) and IC (home, family, domestic matters). It's important to point out that Mars square the midheaven and IC shows the willingness to push the envelope, take daring risks, make hasty decisions, think only of oneself, act now, argue, quarrel and carry out plans. 

Transiting Jupiter (expansion, increase, rules and laws, religion, philosophy, beliefs) opposes (confrontation, standoff, checkmate) the natal ascendant (physical body, outward personality, You. Here. Now.)  Whenever I see combinations of  Mars and Jupiter afflicting a chart, I think of apprehension and law enforcement.

It's 5 a.m. I'm going to post this and come back to finish it later.

Today is September 12, 2013 
and I am updating this post.

The owner of the chart above responded to my work. I quote:

"so in english what the hell is it saying? lol"

It doesn't say just one thing. It describes many things. You have free will, and the choices you have made and continue to make will determine which way things go. A human being is like an onion. We are complex and have layers. So each of the scenarios described can play out in different layers, some physical and tangible, others intangible or absorbed inside where your inner child resides. 

Sometimes they only color your mood and follow you like a black cloud that rains not only on you, but also on everyone you come into contact with. On those days, things just don't go your way. You are rowing against the tide, so no matter how much effort you put into it, you just "ain't going nowhere." Your energy on those days would be better spent in strategic planning, working with metals, or a good game of chess. 

On other days they bring events that change our lives.

I haven't finished working on your natal chart, so you haven't seen it yet, but you have a Grand Cross configuration in it. In a nutshell, you have a lot of these kinds of days. Your life is basically a bunch of crisis tied together with string. It is a never-ending series of problems to be solved. It's the kind of life they say builds character. 

One good thing about your natal chart that I want to point out is that career-wise you are "in the zone." You're making slow steady strides now through the middle of October.

Stepping back for a longer view, you are on your way up the career ladder, with a peak coming around 2023 - 24. It is a long climb, which means a long career. There will be two or three major crisis in life along the way. The timing of these can be predicted from the day of your birth.

Take for instance the current nodes square to Mars which shows a stressful experience involving other people. It might be something like a group of people meeting to work on something mechanical or maybe it represents the guys pumping iron down at the gym. It's wherever macho man-stuff is happening. But the people involved disagree, or they're angry and arguing, or jockeying for position. They may not like each other, but they have to work together on this there's a lot of stressful energy.

So imagine all that testosterone raring to go and now throw a wrench in it. Saturn is the authority figure, the executive, the boss, the chain of command, the judge, the conservative, the Republican, the elder. He is iron, lead and gravity. He is the monkey in the works. So you have the brash young guys trying to grunt and go to "git 'er done," and then you have a wrench in the gear, saying "Wait a minute. Not so fast." And you are both, simultaneously.

Internally, these are the conflicting energies inside you that you are currently battling.

Externally, it is reflected in your environment by the places you choose to go, the kinds of people you encounter and spend time with, the way you order your life, your work and even your politics.

What happens when a person is pressured on all fronts by the opposing energies of force and resistance? Pretty often something snaps.  Your statement, "Somebody, just shoot me now," is a perfect description of the frustration and futility of this planetary combination. Another analogy might be "beating your head against a brick wall."

This is an excellent aspect to have if you work with metals, such as farriers, blacksmiths and jewelers. But as a component of the personality, it's not very conducive to peace and harmony or relationships. The same energy permeates all the layers of your life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual--at least for another two weeks when the various scenarios at play in your life will reach either a crisis or resolution. New moons, full moons, lunar returns and lunar eclipses are such powerful instigators of events that sometimes they are experienced hours or even a couple of days before the lunation ever occurs.

Think for a minute of all the ways the following two phrases could apply to your life:

Fighting (Mars) the inevitability of growing older (Saturn).

Might makes right (Mars) vs. experience and wisdom (Saturn).

Crochety (Mars) old man (Saturn)

Mars, Saturn and the nodes are often in stressful aspect at the time of the death of the father, or a father's illness or need for surgery. Uranus' placement in the chart on the cusp of the 8th house indicates a sudden event related to those possibilities. That is why I looked at your father's chart. He is currently experiencing a major milestone in his life. There will likely be an important turning point in his life very soon, and a sudden or unexpected change in his immediate environment. 

Remember that this is representative of the issues you may be dealing with in this upcoming month of your life, and that this, too shall pass. The tide will come in again.