January 31, 2013

Happy Solar Return Justin Timberlake

Happy Solar Return 
to Memphis-born superstar Justin Timberlake.  

 His solar return chart shows the moon in Libra (marriage and partnerships) in his 2nd house of income in trine to Jupiter (bigger, better, more) in Gemini (communication) in his 10th house of career and reputation. Jupiter rules his 5th house of creativity and entertainment (and children). Not surprising, considering his stardom. 

One interesting thing is that Pluto (removal, regeneration, death and rebirth) is conjunct his natal Vertex (a place of fate). The only other clues are that it's in his 5th house (entertainment, creativity, children, risks, relaxation) in the sign of Capricorn (business, tradition, parenthood).

We can't tell more about his solar return because we don't know his location when it occurred this morning. 

There's a set of eclipses in the spring which usually activate a chart each time, but not so in Justin's chart. The lunar eclipse at 5 Scorpio falls in his 3rd house (communication, transportation) but only widely squares his moon's nodes in his 6th (work, health, duty, service, pets) and 12th houses (seclusion, confinement, sorrow). 

The solar eclipse in early May, however, at 19 Taurus conjuncts his Midheaven (career, reputation, direction in life, authority figures, a parent). That's all it does. There are no other clues. 

The third eclipse, later in May at 4 Sagittarius, falls into his 4th house of home and family, and squares his natal Mercury in the 7th house of marriage and partnership. That Mercury rules his 2nd house of money and 11th house of friends, wishes, and unexpected happenings.

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