July 25, 2011

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If you are trying to learn astrology, and you have a specific question, you can ask it here. I will give you a personal reply as quickly as I can. Here are some examples taken from search terms that have led interested parties to one of my other sites:

  • Lunar return in the 8th house
  • Progressed Venus conjunct the progressed North Node
  • When eclipse falls on ASC/ DSC axis
  • Progressed Venus conjunct Mercury
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct the Part of Fortune
  • Saturn in the 4th house and retrograde
  • Progressed Jupiter in the 2nd house
  • Progressed Moon conjunct Saturn
  • Natal Sun, Moon and Mars conjunct Descendant
  • Jupiter in aspect to the Midheaven
  • Transiting Uranus conjunct the Ascendant
  • Part of Fortune in Leo in the second house
  • Progressed Sun opposed to Pluto
  • Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars transiting the 5th house
  • Progressed Moon conjunct Uranus in the 4th house
  • Progressed Venus conjunct the Ascendant
  • Lunar eclipse conjunct Part of Fortune in the 8th house
  • Marriage transits
  • Transiting Saturn conjunct Venus in 7th house
  • Tropical Placidus Porphyry Koch Regiomontanus Equal House System
  • What happened when Saturn opposed Mars?
  • What do interceptions mean?
  • What is a Viper's Nest?

These are the kinds of queries I'm happy to answer at no charge as long as it doesn't get out of control.


  1. how did the solar eclipse have effect on my husband leaving for another women he is Aries and she AQUARIUS

  2. Hi Anonymous, right now you may need condolences or sympathy, but soon, you just might think congratulations are in order.

    You have not given your husband's birth data, so I cannot say for sure. He may have Scorpio on his Ascendant, or on his Descendant, which is the 7th house of marriage, or even on his Midheaven, which would indicate a change in status. Or for that matter, he may have it on the cusp of his 5th house, which is the house of love affairs. Or it might have hit one of his personal planets ruling any of those houses. I can't determine it without having the data to cast his chart. And where is Scorpio in YOUR chart?

  3. hello again my husband was born march 27 1960 i am April 3 1958 he just blind sided me i did not have any idea he was unhappy we travel 2 trips a new and just build a beautiful home together he and i did all the finish work together. to make a nice comfortable home, he left with nothing i just don't understand what happened he did not speak to me about being unhappy.

  4. I'm sorry, that's still not enough information. Please see "Essential Birth Data" under the "BE PREPARED" heading in the right sidebar of this site. Do you have any data at all (date of birth, maybe) for the other woman? I assume she is not a stranger to you if you know that she's Aquarius. Without even knowing her data, I can tell that the two of you have more in common than just your husband. You also have personal planets in Aquarius, and so does your husband. In fact, his Mars in Aquarius is conjunct your Venus in Aquarius.

    The transits of the eclipse (which just means the location of the planets on that day) made quite a few aspects to both your charts. One thing the eclipse itself did was make a square aspect (difficult, challenging, initiating) to his Uranus, which is at the apex of a yod, the focal point in his chart. It also squared your Venus / his Mars conjunction in Aquarius. I don't think I have to tell you that Venus and Mars mean sex.

    The eclipse also squared your Chiron. Chiron is an asteroid that has become popular to read in charts during the past few years, but I personally am not convinced of the theory that it represents a wound that will not heal, although you would probably agree with that at this juncture. I have been looking into the theory that it represents a need for self-acceptance, and if that is not present, then a correcting or aligning of self until it is. So think that over, and see if it applies to you, or to your sex life with him.


  5. The next thing I see, which is pretty important, is that transiting Uranus (the planet at the apex of his yod AND the ruler of his Mars / your Venus, AND the other woman's sun) just turned direct on Thursday and may have played a role in the Sandy Hook school massacre. I have seen people react to Uranus by doing the craziest things--you just want to ask them if they have lost their damn minds. It is the planet of independence, freedom and rebellion above all else, and it can come tearing through our lives like a tornado, turning everything upside down, destroying whatever it touches, and leaving just as quickly. It's the planet that shakes things up, to say the least, and all this year and most of next year it's in a bad aspect with Pluto, another destroyer. What does this have to do with you and your husband? Well...

    Last spring, Uranus transited over his natal sun, the planet of his ego and inner identity, so this has been going on for a while, although you must have missed the signs. Believe me, he didn't. Uranus energy is almost compulsive and very, very hard to resist. Think back to late April, all of May, and early June. That's when it conjuncted his sun exactly. It went on past, but then it turned retrograde and came back to conjunct his sun again in late August and September. Again it went past, except in the other direction. Now it has just turned direct and is once again making a trek toward his sun, due to hit it again for the last time in March.

    You're about to get a taste of Uranian energy yourself, and you might just find out that you like the new freedom! You could begin feeling its effects around the middle of May as it approaches your sun. In mid-July, it will get within 1 degree of your sun before it turns retrograde again. That's called "stationary direct" and can be even more intense than just its straight transit. It also stays in that one spot for a longer period of time. Think of it as a sports car "burning rubber" right there. At that point it will "go in reverse" until mid-December when it changes direction yet again to come back and roll over your sun in late March and all of April, 2014. But it's still not done with you. It will change direction again in July 2014, and return to your sun in October, November, December, January and February 2015.

    To understand more about what happened and what to expect, read as much as you can find about Uranus and retrogrades. Know though, that you can't predict what Uranus will do. Whatever you expect, it will be something else! When you feel up to dating again, find a Sagittarius or Leo guy, with a moon in Gemini or Aquarius if you can.

  6. How long does the "magic" last for transiting Venus conjuncting my 6th House Part of Fortune (22 degrees 17 minutes Cancer). How many minutes (or degrees) do you allow for this transit?

    Same question for Jupiter. Jupiter transits my Part of Fortune next year (in 2014). How many minutes (or degrees) do you allow?

    1. Personally, I’d give it three days applying and one day separating. Ninety-five percent of the time, as soon as an aspect becomes partile (exact), the energy almost immediately begins to dissipate, particularly with the inner, personal planets. I allow the outer transits a bit longer. The same is usually true for applying aspects as for those separating. Things that can alter this amount of time might be

      *if the planet retrogrades back and forth over a particular place

      *if a lunation or eclipse aspects it either before the aspect becomes complete and if the transiting planet makes no other aspects between then and completing the conjunction

      *or as the aspect was just separating from the conjunction in question when a lunation or eclipse reactivates it

      If the aspect has separated by a degree or two, but Jupiter also happens to conjunct your natal Uranus on the second house cusp tonight, and trines your Midheaven tomorrow, then Venus just a breath away from the Part of Fortune is part of that overall picture.

      Watch out for times when the majority of aspects are unfavorable at the same time that Venus makes the conjunction. Sometimes the Part of Fortune can be the Part of Misfortune, even with a benefic in place. Venus in that case, for instance, may only describe the person who is contributing to the problem, or the one delivering the message. It could describe part of the problem such as Venus extravagance and waste resulting in being laid off your job (6th house).

      No planet always works the way we hope or expect it will. For instance, Venus is sugar, and if it were conjunct Jupiter (bigger, better, more) on the ascendant (as it is in the chart of one of the leading astrologers of our times), it can indicate diabetes. Could also have to do with the kidneys. Could mean that you get a glowing bill of health. Could indicate cosmetic procedures or a new exercise plan to look (Venus) and feel (6th house) better. So with the Part of Fortune in your 6th house of health, depending on the other aspects in the chart, those might be things to consider. Again, what is the rest of the chart doing?

      The 6th house is the house of pets, so you might add one to your family, or need to spend money on one.

      What is your employment at the moment? Venus conjunct the Part of Fortune in the 6th house of job, while other favorable transits are in place could contribute to “getting the job.” Could mean something nicer about the job you already have. A better office, better health insurance, an in crease in sick days. Look to your second house or its ruler, wherever it might be found, to see if aspects to it are favorable to your second house of money to tell if there’s a raise involved or not.

      You have until June before this aspect occurs in your chart. Just before then, we have a set of three eclipses: a lunar eclipse in late April, and both a solar and another lunar eclipse in May. They are so much more powerful than the fleeting Venus conjunction. I would examine those very closely for a clue to what that Venus to the POF might produce.

  7. Same question for Jupiter. Jupiter transits my Part of Fortune next year (in 2014). How many minutes (or degrees) do you allow?

    The answer remains the same, except that Jupiter is so much slower in speed than Venus that the time it takes to reach the conjunction is quite a bit longer than that of Venus. For instance, Venus applying to a conjunction to the Part of Fortune, could, for the sake of argument, be experienced maybe three days before, to the day after, so four days at most. Jupiter, on the other hand, will reach 19 degrees Cancer in mid-October 2013, and that’s close enough for his benefits to begin influencing and building up to a “pay off,” when the aspect reaches partile. But before Jupiter completes the task, or pops the question, it turns retrograde and begins to move away from the conjunction. That’s a delay or disappointment. It is likely to turn out well in the end, though, because by slowing down, it stays in the aspect for a much longer time. This one does move out of orb near the end of December 2013, and stays out until around the middle of June 2014, when it passes rather quickly over your Part of Fortune, and is done with it until its return for about twelve years. Good luck, and let me know how it turns out if you remember.

    1. Thank you very much. That was rather comprehensive. I'm going to take a chance and give you the following DOB info. Not sure if you'll provide something more. I never gave much attention to the Part of Fortune. In fact, I had my the Part of Fortune calculated incorrectly some years ago as a "day birth" (Ascendant + Moon - Sun). It should have been calculated as a night birth (Ascendant + Sun - Moon). I just found this out recently.

      That being said, my DOB is 7-13-1957 (same as Cameron Crowe), but I was born in the Bronx, NY at 8:40 PM (Daylight Savings Time). Just for confirmation, my ascendant is Aquarius 16 degrees.

      Also for confirmation, Uranus just entered my second house and is now trining my Natal Saturn and MC.

      In answer to your question, I had been self-employed for many years, wrote a book that did rather well, and had also been trading the stock market for the last 15 years or so (in very high risk ETFs). But I'm technically retired now; however, regarding "work," I am looking again for something meaningful. I don't want just a job. I want a Saturn in the 10th House avocation type of job. I realize my 6th House Part of Fortune might bring that ideal type of job, so I absolutely understand what you're saying. But I really don't want to have another mundane business type of "job" unless it has genuine purpose (i.e., a Saturn in the 10th conjunct MC kind of a job). It must be esoteric or something that helps humanity, etc.

      Your comments about the upcoming April and May eclipses has intrigued me and I will research this further, but I'm interested in anything more you have to say on this subject.

      Can you help? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. PC.

  8. This is probably going to be in sections because Blogger doesn't like long comments.

    My pleasure, P.C. It's always nice to talk astrology with someone who knows how. Plus, you thanked me. You'd be surprised how many people don't. PLUS, you share a birthday with Cameron Crowe. I did not know his birth date, but now I do. Almost Famous is on my Top 10 All Time Favorite Movies List. If you knew how silly I've been quoting lines from that movie, you probably wouldn't be here. "I am a golden god!" AND he was married to Nancy Wilson of Heart, which is one of my all-time favorite bands with a very special place in my heart. But moving on, and back to you!

    First, when I cast your chart, I did not get Aquarius rising. I know that Mercury is stationary retrograde right now, so I triple-checked it. I got 26 Capricorn 27 each time. You mentioned that it was Daylight Savings Time, but you didn't use it in your calculations. You used standard time if you arrived at an Aquarian Ascendant.

    You have 20 Scorpio on your midheaven, conjunct the North Node (not conjunct Saturn), which is part of a Grand Cross involving

    *your MC/IC and the Moon's Nodes, which are
    *square your natal moon and Chiron in Aquarius, which are
    *opposed to Venus and Mars in Leo in the 7th house.

    If you have drawn the aspect lines between the planets, you should see what looks like a big red square in the middle of your chart.

    This is really quite the chart. It's what I call a "clean" chart. You have very few aspects so there aren't a bunch of inharmonious planets pinging off each other. It has challenging yet simple harmony. That's usually the sign of someone very well-adjusted and successful in life.

    You have a bucket arrangement of planets with the moon in Aquarius as the handle. It's a strong moon. It's your rising planet and is conjunct your Eastpoint, which is similar to an Ascendant in that it shows your personal and physical contacts with others, ways that you gain public notice, and the part of yourself you first project when meeting people. So the first impression people get of you is the Capricorn facade (serious, business-like, authoritative), quickly followed by the humanitarian, yet emotionally distant Aquarian moon. It's only later that they discover that the party is wherever you are. The Eastpoint shows the way that you interact with people in a public environment, such as out on the street, or in a bookstore, for instance. It is said that whatever someone wants you to know about him, he will tell you within ten minutes of meeting you. Experience suggests that what you want people to know about you is tied to that moon in Aquarius. I’ve had a rash of Querants with the moon in Aquarius lately.

    You should note, however, if you haven't before, that Aquarius and Leo are intercepted in the 1st and 7th houses. That is like having flashing neon arrows pointing to them that say, "Pay attention here!" The areas of your life they represent, and the planets they contain, require more of your attention than the other areas of your chart, and take more effort to work out. And that's a lot of planets in your case. Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus and Pluto. Does that mean anything to you? A stellium in any house can dominate the chart. Is there something about your spouse, life partner, or business partner that overwhelms you?

  9. You were born under a full moon phase and the chart has a Leo signature (majority of planets in fixed signs, majority in fire signs). Cameron Crowe should scoot over. I think maybe YOU should be in show business.

    Because your ascendant isn't where you thought (unless something has happened to my brain, which is always a possibility), the Part of Fortune isn't either. I did calculate a nighttime Part, and it is at 3 Cancer right on the cusp in your 6th house. You probably think it is at 22 Cancer, right? Nope. You will gain by caring for and nurturing others in a selfless way. In the 6th house, this is your duty and obligation in life. Karmically, it is how you pay your way.

    You share many personality traits with Princess Diana, who also had a warm, affectionate, yet moody Cancer sun, and a humanitarian, yet impersonal Aquarian moon. Please come to my Pinterest boards, which are astrology related, and look around. It's a good way to pick up on little bites that are quick to learn and easy to remember.

    You want to know about your next career. We just had a new moon in Aquarius, which fell into your first house of self, physical being, and personality. It exactly squared your Midheaven, which represents the career, reputation, status and direction in life. The 10th is the house of honor and dishonor, fame and infamy. The transiting North Node is exactly conjunct it, and your natal North Node is close. When the two Nodes become conjunct, it signals a new phase in life (in this case, it’s positive. If it were North Node to South Node, it would be much more difficult).
    Was there an event to go with this new moon aspect, or only a niggling little seed of dissatisfaction planted? The North Node represents the precipice from which we must all jump into the big scary unknown. It's either that, or go skulking back to the South Node on our hands and knees whimpering at our own cowardice to move forward with life. When it comes to career, you need to be brave and make that big leap. And if you haven't yet met your darker side, it's time to do so.

    We'll look at Saturn soon, but first let's review with which kinds of work Scorpio is associated. The obvious answer is sex. Anytime anyone mentions Scorpio, all the listeners’ minds immediately jump to "sex." There's sex therapy, sex surrogates (have you seen "The Sessions" with Helen Hunt? I sooo want to see that), prostitution, madams, brothels, escort services, gentlemen's clubs, and so on. In the right capacity, age may have nothing to do with it. You might still be One Hot Mama or a MILF. Not having the advantage of a face-to-face consultation, it's hard to say. For all I know, you could be a man. You haven't specified your gender.

    Scorpio prefers to work behind the scenes. With all those planets in Leo it's possible that you wouldn't mind shining your light in public, but you would have to be the boss. Fixed signs don't take orders from others very well. There are usually "creative differences." Psychics, hypnotists, ghosthunters, Tarot readers, and exorcists are Scorpio professions. What about a small esoteric retail shop of witchcraft supplies à la Harry Potter? Or a tearoom where patrons can have their fortunes told? Personally, I've always wanted to learn hypnosis and regress people to their previous lives. There's another possibility: Scorpio excels at research. You might freelance for people who are trying to match information about a previous life to real historical facts. Are you interested in genealogy? Some people are willing to pay others to do it for them, and that's long-term work. Law offices and laboratories also use researchers. Related to snooping around and digging things up, Scorpio types make great journalists.

  10. Let's go on to more things Scorpio likes to do. It has an affinity for death. Undertakers, funeral directors, embalmers, forensic scientists, coroners, death counselors (such as Elisabeth Kübler-Ross) and those types of jobs are all Scorpio. One interesting thing I recall from years back has to do with obituaries. Someone who obviously had a talent for writing had written a unique obituary for a woman, and it had me both laughing and crying without even having known her. Researching life after death is also on the list of Scorpio intrigues.

    Before someone needs the funeral director, he may try his luck with a surgeon. I'm guessing that you don't intend to start medical school at this time in your life? Not that you couldn't. I've seen stranger things. And you don't have to be the surgeon to work in the O.R. Scorpios make talented surgeons and skillful butchers, and they know exactly where the jugular is, as many poor victims of Scorpio wrath can attest. The reason for this is because both Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. Mars represents sharp instruments and tools such as scalpels, knives, axes, and saws, as well as wounds and blood. Pluto is invasive. It's like water; it goes everywhere. It can get deep inside, like x-rays and radiation and those scanners in the airport. It removes and transforms or destroys, but can be controlled with the right effort. Psychiatry is also a Scorpio profession. As are Reiki masters, acupuncturists, yoga instructors, and alternative healing.

    Scorpio is also the sign of crime syndicates and the Mob, as well as rape, murder and pillaging. But I'm guessing that's not your cup of tea. How about private investigations? Or bill collecting. Are you up to breaking someone's kneecaps if they don't pay? How are you at making cement shoes?

    Here's one with which you probably have some expertise: other people's money. This comes from a way of reading the chart called "stepping." The first house is you, and the second house is your money, right? The seventh house is your spouse, your business partner, other people, and basically "not you." The eighth house is the second house of the seventh house - in the other words, the second house of money for those other people who are not you. This includes the money of your spouse or business partners and joint accounts. It's also pooled money, including community property, 401K’s, insurance, stocks and investments, arbitrage, ponzi schemes, gambling, lotteries, unemployment, social security, taxes, government assistance, and the national debt.

    Those are all options which you might consider.

    The rulers of your Midheaven in Scorpio are Mars and Pluto, both in Leo, and both in the 7th house.

    Mars is conjunct Venus, which is the planet of money. It also suggests a business partnership with women, business involving luxury goods, a business very much in the public eye, or has Leo traits of warmth, generosity, children, or show business. Of course, you can't settle for some crappy job. You are meant to be seen and heard. The thing is, you’re a bit of a dichotomy yourself. Your Cancer sun is your only Cancer planet. There’s nothing to support it. Your chart has an overall Leo signature – that’s the sign that people sense you born under. Leo is extroverted, sunny, optimistic, warm and exciting. But you’ve got that Pluto Midheaven, which is introverted, dark, secretive, and either sexy or spiritual (or both, like Richard Gere, who probably has a Scorpio MC).

  11. Pluto, also in Leo, is conjunct your vertex, one of the most interesting points in any chart. The vertex represents a date with destiny. When triggered, it brings encounters and experiences over which you have no control. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative, it depends on the triggering planet. But being tied to your Midheaven by being conjunct to one of its rulers, you can bet that whenever it is aspected, it will affect your career, reputation, or direction in life. And conjunct Pluto, there have probably been many dramatic twists and turns in your life.

    I hope you won't be disappointed, but transiting Uranus did not just enter your second house. It's been there since April 2006. You may not have noticed it when it entered because there were two eclipses that month, one that hit your Jupiter, and one that trined your Saturn. When Uranus trines your Saturn in March, see if anything about it reminds you of that earlier time in 2006.

    Right now Uranus is trining its own place in your chart. Natal Uranus is a co-ruler of your first house (Aquarius intercepted), which has been helping you to make any changes to your body, personality, relationships or partnerships (it's in the 7th house) that you may have wanted to change. When involved in good aspects, it can stir things up in pleasant and surprising ways, ushering in the new and exciting while kicking the old and dull to the curb.

    To be honest, I don't know how much help Uranus will be when it trines Saturn. I don't think it's going to do what you're hoping, and the reason is that it's a waning aspect. What I mean is that it's moving toward the trine, but it's moving away from Saturn. It has to look over its shoulder at Saturn as it completes the aspect, and that weakens it. If Uranus were in Leo, moving toward Saturn and making the trine, it would be more powerful and direct. But moving away from Saturn it's more introspective. By March I think you'll find it easy (trine) to let go of things that are past, and begin looking forward to what's next.

  12. Besides that news, are you aware that transiting Jupiter has been going back and forth in opposition to your natal Saturn? It began the trek in July 2012, with the opposition.

    *In October it turned retrograde and began moving backward, arriving at the opposition again at the very end of December.

    *Then it turned direct at the end of January and is now is opposing Saturn again (last time for 12 years).

    This is a dichotomy of wanting to expand and at the same time feeling as if you're shrinking. One minute you feel optimistic and the next you feel pessimistic. One minute you want freedom, are restless for change and looking for new opportunities. The next you want to hang on to the safe and secure, the things that are known and predictable.

    This aspect does have a positive side. You can expand some things, like a business, or accept more responsibility on your job because Saturn will prevent you from putting too much on your plate. If you have been basically content in your life, this is the likely option. If you've been unhappy in your life, you are more likely to bail out of everything and start all over. If you can balance them, you can achieve great things and prosper. Right now it's hard for you to know which direction your life is taking. All of that can cause a lack of self-confidence, but it's almost over. By the end of March you won't have that hanging over your head any more.

    I think you need a bit of good news in here somewhere. So let me tell you that while you are in a bit of a tug-of-war right now, the best is yet to come. Saturn is in its upward swing in your chart and has not yet conjuncted your Midheaven. I recommend that you read my blog post on the Saturn Career Cycle.

    Unfortunately, first it will square your Moon / Venus - Mars opposition in November 2013, exacerbated by a solar eclipse on November 3 before it reaches your Midheaven at the end of December. The new moon in December will conjunct your natal Saturn. I think that whatever career plans develop that you should try to have everything in place by then. Saturn at the Midheaven is supposed to be a pinnacle. If you read the Saturn Career Cycle, you will see that Richard Nixon had an 80% approval rating and won a second term in office when Saturn conjuncted his Midheaven. I'm working on a second example, but have not had time to finish it.

  13. It's going to be July before there's a new moon in your 6th house of employment, but then you said you're not looking for employment, you're looking for work that is esoteric, meaningful and a little on the philanthropic side. I'm curious about your book. Why haven't you written a second one, and is it time to do that, maybe? Do you write fiction or non-fiction, and have you considered writing erotica or science fiction? Writing is definitely fulfilling work, I think. July is a long way off, financially speaking. But there's a new moon on March 11 in your second house of money and resources that trines your Midheaven and natal sun. That could be helpful in your quest.

    You really have all my sympathy for getting stuck with that cursed Cross that so many born in 57 have to deal with. A Grand Cross keeps you running from one crisis to the next, getting one fire subdued before the next one pops up, and around and around and ... I heard a woman describe it once as "feels like failure," and that caused a light to go off in my head. James Dean had one. Kathy Bates has a horrendous one that involves seven planets and all four angles, and yet, she's a popular and Oscar-winning actress. She has managed somehow to overcome it. And you don't sound done in by it. Of course, your sun is closely conjunct your Midheaven, and that's a classic sign of success. Can you tell me of any feelings you have about your Grand Cross?

    I’d love to go on, but I have many other things on my desk waiting for me to return to them. One final note: I took a peek at those spring eclipses in your chart, and I don’t want to unnerve you, but they’re not pretty. You should take a look and be prepared.

  14. Dear Lesia:

    So much to say. So little space. Thank you again. But please forgive me, my time of birth is 9:40 PM (corrected to 8:40 PM for Daylight Savings Time). I checked my birth certificate. My mistake. And I can't "blame it" on Mercury Retrograde because Mercury had not yet gone retrograde when I provided you with my birth time on February 22. I don't know how I missed that. I really regret this because you did so much work. And Capricorn Rising? That would have been nice. Aquarius Rising is sometimes misunderstood. Write another book? I've been thinking about it. I've been writing fiction and non-fiction for many years. But I have a love-hate relationship with writing. I tend to be a perfectionist with the written word.

    Lesia, I'm also curious. Do you have Cancer Rising? I can often determine someone's Ascendant if I talk to them long enough. Over the years, I occasionally ask people if they are one sign or another. If they say no, I usually find out that I've "guessed" their Ascendant. In person, the Ascendant usually shines through quite clearly. The written word, however, has the inner heart and soul coming through, so it's harder to see the Ascendant. In short, the written word has the Ascendant, Sun, and Moon all coming through. But I tend to think that Cancer (or another caring water sign) is in there somewhere for you.

    Your web site also says links will be removed. The following link is for you. Feel free to remove it. I actually prefer it be removed. You said you were a fan of Cameron Crowe. So here's his chart, although you basically have it with mine. Cameron's birth time, however, is unknown. And no one in his office knows. I've asked. Nevertheless, his Ascendant energy appears to be Cancer. This also seems corroborated with his films "peaking" while Saturn transited his 10th through 12th Houses (based on a Cancer Ascendant). In short, Cancer appears to be his outward persona. Even William Miller, his lead character in "Almost Famous" -- which is based on him -- appears to project a water sign Ascendant.


    In any case, my very sincere apologies. Houses are important when it comes to transits (and eclipses; not my forte) so I really feel terrible that you did all that work for naught. If you still feel motivated to write something more, I will certainly read it with great interest. But if you do not, I will understand. Respectfully, PC.

    1. PART 2

      I'm reading your responses that don't necessarily require a House position for interpretation. Very interesting. And I hope I don't overstep any bounds by saying that you are quite a lovely woman. I've gone through your web site and clicked on your photo. Cancer Ascendant, Virgo Sun, Leo Moon ? Or some variation of this? I might be off. It takes time to see these things in another person.

      By the way, I am a man. I didn't realize that I hadn't specified my gender.

  15. Trust me, that was Mercury stationary retrograde at work. I'll take another look at this, but it will be a few days before I can get to it. Sorry, and thanks for all the nice compliments.

  16. Hi Lesia:

    I'm trying not to be too complimentary because I don't want to come across as ingenuous, but that's mighty kind of you. I will check back every few days. Lesia, at your leisure. I look forward to what you have to say.

    And if it has not been immediately apparent, I've been conducting an "Aquarian" experiment. I've been looking at all types of transits for my natal and progressed charts. In particular, June 21, 2013 (when Venus transits my POF conjunct Sun) and June 11, 2014 (when Jupiter transits my Sun conjunct POF).

    In addition, according to AstroDienst, my progressed chart for June 11, 2014 has Taurus Rising at 16 Degrees. I certainly don't expect you to start looking at Progressed charts and the like, but I think June 11, 2014 looks interesting. My Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto are all in my Progressed 5th House. Jupiter is also transiting my natal POF and Sun. I think the transits of my natal chart of June 11, 2014, however, look more interesting than the transits of my progressed chart -- but then again, I'm not an astrology expert. I'm just an above average amateur.

    I also realize that the odds of winning the lottery are astronomical, but I've been playing during all kinds of astronomical transit combinations. Not extravagantly. Sometimes just a few dollars. And I've been playing the lottery to the exact minute of the transit. I don't, however, play daily numbers or scratch offs or the like. Doesn't change anything. To me they're a waste of money. I only play Powerball, Megamillions, or the Lotto. I also play when the Moon conjuncts my natal Jupiter. Anyway, before this starts sounding a bit Sun square Neptunish, I have to say that my feet are planted firmly on the ground. I certainly realize that I will probably not win, but as mentioned -- it's an "Aquarian" experiment.

    I've also noticed the lunar eclipse of May 24th, 2013 apparently conjuncts my MC (more or less exact). Not sure what to make of that.

    Lastly, I Googled your name out of curiosity. I found you all over the Internet. A prolific writer. Whereas I have to force myself to write (but once I start writing, I can write for hours till the Sun comes up), you seem to need no coaxing at all. Just as we need food for nourishment, you apparently need to write and communicate. Sort of reinforces my original impression that you have a Virgo Sun.

    Again, I look forward to anything you have to say. Please don't feel that you have to respond to my specific questions. Please write about what you feel inspired to write about. I genuinely look forward to your perspective. PC

  17. P.S.
    One more thing. I'm not playing the lottery for the money itself. I'm playing it so I can help make a bigger difference in the world. An avocation vs. a vocation. Not interested in big expensive houses or luxury cars. I've been down the secular route. I'm ready for something more spiritual / philanthropic in nature. And even though my book is highly esoteric and spiritual in nature, I want to make more of a dent in this world than I already have. Just wanted to clarify my motivations.

    At some point, we should also probably discuss your fees for possible future services. PC

  18. Please Lord, let me prove that winning the lottery won't spoil me! Says you, me, and everyone else in this country, right? And naturally, we all have purely altruistic motives.

    You're right, the odds are astronomical. However, it certainly does improve your odds if you know when to play. I can give you two pieces of advice: You're playing at the wrong time, and neither Venus nor Jupiter conjunct your Part of Fortune is going to be even remotely close enough to do the trick alone. Neither would hurt, certainly, but there's going to have to be a lot more than just those conjunctions. Look for AT LEAST 7 winning transits all at once in your natal chart alone. And more if you can find them. Also, study the moon's nodes.

    Unfortunately, finding the proper times to play can involve studying scores of charts, and if I were to research the optimal times for a client, it would become so labor intensive and time-consuming that I would have to be paid to do it. I would also need an agreement that if the client won, that there would be a nice bonus in it for me. Even then, there is no guarantee that the perfect time will be found because if it isn't your fate, neither you nor I can make it so.

    Should you like me to pursue it on your behalf, write to me at astrologymemphis@gmail.com to discuss terms. If you want to go it alone, arm yourself with an ephemeris and study as many winning charts as you can find. You're farther ahead in the game than the average Joe, because you at least know how to read charts.

  19. I will send you an email. PC

  20. Hello,

    My date of Birth is 17/02/1979 at Ratlam, India. Time is 23:35 hrs.
    There are tensions going on with my wife. is there any chance of separation. I am afraid of losing my child.
    also, there is money stuck with my previous employer to the tune of Rs.3 Lacs. Is there any possibility, I can get back this money??
    Is there any possibility of job change or location change??
    Please guide.

  21. For what it's worth, my Part of Fortune is in Gemini in the 9th House and I have three university degrees, speak foreign languages, am an avid reader, deeply interested in astrology...

    Now, this may sound like self-fulfilling prophecy but all these inerests and activities began long before I read my first astrology book. I was really surprised to read about the Part of Fortune bit!

  22. Hi Melissa, that's great. The 9th house is one of my favorites, for sure. I doubt, though, that the part of fortune there is doing all that. Which planet rules your 9th, which house does it occupy, and what are the aspects to it?

  23. Hi Im hoping someone can help me? Im having many difficulties and with my saturn return over Im not sure I got the lesson. I failed my law exam past three years I am lost as to what to do as my career. I am interested in astrology but don't know how to make a successful living from it I also obviously am not at that level yet...but its my interest. My birthday is September 13, 1984 born 10pm in Baghdad Iraq. My email is NYJCU@yahoo.com Thank you for your time

  24. Thanks for your interest. Sorry, I don't answer personal questions or give free advice, but I do wish you luck. If you would like a reading, look on my right sidebar under the heading "Be Prepared." http://memphisastrology.blogspot.com/p/what-you-get-for-your-money.html

  25. Aw, this was a really nice post. Spending some time and actual effort to create a good article… but what
    can I say… I procrastinate a whole lot and don't manage to get nearly anything done.

  26. Superb blog you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics discussed
    in this article? I'd really love to be a part of online community where I can get responses from other experienced individuals that share the same
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    Bless you!

  27. Thanks, that's nice. You're on Facebook, right? Just type "astrology" in the "find friends" field, and all kinds of great groups pop up. I belong to several of them, myself, and prefer those with a lot of members. See you there.


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