About Me

Hello. I'm Lesia Valentine and I've been practicing astrology since 1979, so I have nearly 40 years of experience. I  began my career in Vail, Colorado, where my daily astrology column, The Lady in Suite 303, was published in The Vail Daily, Aspen Times and Summit Daily News (Dillon and Breckenridge) late in the '90's. When Uranus squared my natal moon, I returned to my hometown of Memphis.
My philosophy is that the cycles of the planets create the instructions for life, and the means through which we can discover our true purpose and live our most authentic lives.

The question most often asked of me is "Will I ever win the lottery?"  It's the study of that question that led me to the discovery of a planetary pattern which appears in every lottery winner's chart, one that is constantly changing but easy to find, by anyone who understands the fundamentals of astrology. Having compiled and delineated over 250 winning lottery charts, I'm very excited about sharing the results with all those who are able to read charts.

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