May 12, 2015

I Really, Really, Really Want to Win the Lottery, Pleeeaaase!

If you came here to study lottery-winning charts, you'll be happy to know that more than 80 posts and more than 200 example charts have been added to this blog. In the sidebar, under "My Posts," look for titles beginning with "Lottery-winning," and "Subject(s A - G)." Or use the tag cloud below "My Posts," or the search tool.

Yadda yadda yadda...The main concern is money, and the hope is that a large sum is forthcoming via lottery or other sudden (Uranian) and/or "other people's money" (8th house) means...Yadda yadda yadda yadda.

I Really, Really, Really Want to Win the Lottery, Pleeeeeease!

I get a lot of these, of course, but the charts for this person looked as if they could be helpful to a lot of people, so I decided to take mercy on her. I only want to say that what I found had much more to do with a relationship than the lottery (and experienced astrologers will see that), but I read the charts as lottery charts anyway, and they will still be useful to other people who are trying to figure out how to win.

It's not that the yaddas in the letter are bad, it's just that they contain information that's personal, private and could be identifying, so I'm withholding it. It's good to send a certain amount though, because it helps me to place you on the evolutionary ladder, give you a gender, and place you in an environment. A middle-aged married woman living Pacific Palisades has a completely different viewpoint from a teen-aged gay man living in Lexington, Kentucky. So the yaddas are good, but not public.

Dear Aquarian,
I am so glad that you wrote to me about your chart. I want to show you some things about it that you don’t yet know because you said you don’t look at progressions, solar arcs, or "any of that stuff."
You’re looking pretty lucky this year. Am I saying you’re going to win the lottery? Nope, sorry, I’m not. You could. But figuring out exactly when you should play is a lot more work than this blog will hold. When we’re looking for the possibility of winning the lottery, we want to see "the right stuff" in the progressions and directions for the year. That’s how we narrow the playing field. If those two forms of looking at the future indicate good fortune, we can then use other forms of progressions to refine it even further.
If you haven’t learned to calculate charts by hand and don’t have astrology software, I recommend Spend an hour or two checking out everything under "free charts," until you find and can select the type you want to cast.
For winning the lottery, each and every one of these charts should show some indication of good fortune. It may only be one or two aspects; that’s okay. It’s also okay if you only check the secondary progressions and solar arc directions until you are more comfortable with casting and comparing the charts. Whatever is going to happen in the year will show in all the charts.
Another helpful method of finding a great year is by studying your solar return. Pay attention if one of the money houses in your natal chart comes to the ascendant of the solar return, and especially if one of them contains a stellium of planets. Jupiter and Uranus are always going to be prominent in a winning chart.
If these charts look favorable for the year, then you may begin searching for which part of the year you should play. There are several ways to do that.
  • You can cast lunar returns for each month.
  • You can watch for new moons, and particularly eclipses, that fall into one of your natal money houses.
  • And of course, everyone’s favorite, the transits.

If you’re an advanced astrologer, check the harmonic charts, which zero in on a win every time.
With your permission, here’s your data so that others can recreate the charts if they need to:
February 17, 1967
2:05 PM EST
Ridgewood, NJ
40N59 74W07
These first charts are in the Placidus house system, which is what western astrologers are most familiar with. When I switch house systems later, I’ll let you know.
Here’s your natal:

I’m not going to spell everything out, but I will point out specific things you may not know and you can go off and research them on your own. There are countless places online and in astrology textbooks that make it easy.
First, your chart is dominated by a kite configuration, which is considered a sign of success. Off the top of my head, I know that Matt Damon has one, which also happens to have reliable, dependable Saturn as the stabilizing planet in the tail position. Of course, other people have them too, because there are only seven basic patterns that the cycles of the planets make repeatedly.
Your Saturn (responsibility, authority, maturity) is conjunct Chiron, often associated with Virgo—service, duty, obligation, nutrition and healthcare—(the one thing I do agree about when it comes to Chiron), at your midheaven, which is the place that represents your career, reputation, status and life direction. It’s part of the Grand Trine that is well supported by Jupiter in Cancer (the Greater Benefic, joy, luck, expansion, bigger/better/more, travel, education, philosophy, law, religion, the higher mind and so on…) your rising planet, and Neptune (sympathy, compassion, imagination, the arts, the intangibles), which happens to be the ruler of your midheaven. You also have nurturing Cancer rising, so if I were guessing your occupation, I’d guess something in health care or caretaking, probably in an executive position or leadership capacity.
Jupiter and Neptune sextile Uranus to make the head of your kite. Uranus opposes the Saturn / Chiron conjunction. Uranus represents freedom, independence, abrupt changes and lucky breaks, among other things. Something I would ask you about if you were sitting in front of me, would be if you are involved in alternative medicine? Uranus represents deviations from the norm, and things that are new and progressive, while Saturn represents traditional methods and things that are old and established. Then with Chiron being associated with osteopathy, herbs and natural healing, maybe acupuncture, with Aries intercepted up there, that might be something you’ve considered.
I recommend that readers here peruse my Pinterest boards for more insight into the meanings of signs and houses. In this case, you’d look up Aquarius and the 11th house. It’s interesting that Uranus is the head of the kite and that your moon (emotional needs and instinctual reactions) is in your 11th house in an anaretic degree. I don’t necessarily put a lot of stock in the delineation of anaretic degrees being "debilitating and life-destroying." While I do believe in fate, I’m not fond of any one thing in a chart being labeled "fatal." Those who haven’t studied enough to really identify with it often misunderstand those labels.
Other things you might want to look into is that although you "are Aquarius," your chart signature is Pisces (because the majority of planets and points are in the mutable mode and water element). Your sun in Aquarius is a stand-alone planet, the only one in that sign. It’s unsupported. In most cases, I might say that it is likely to flounder alone like that, and not be very strong. But … on the other hand, it might work doubly hard to be expressed. That’s something we’d have to talk about to sort out. I’m an astrologer, not a mind reader.
Your sun is applying to a trine with Mars, the ruler of your intercepted "midheaven." I generally limit the midheaven to five degrees on either side of the cusp of the 10th house, but there’s no denying that having Aries intercepted in your 10th house of career is a big influence on your work performance. Intercepted signs---always a dual "trap" involving houses and signs in opposition---(notice Libra intercepted in your 4th house)—that tend to bring two conditions:

  1. They take up an inordinate amount of our time and attention, being like flashing neon arrows that exclaim, "Pay attention here!" and
  2. Being harder to work out in our daily lives because they are trapped in the house with less ability to express themselves because no part of the sign is on a house cusp. Ditto for any planets contained therein, which in your case, includes Mars, the ruler of Aries intercepted in the 10th. On the bright side, Mars is in Scorpio, a sign that it co-rules, as opposed to Mars in Libra, which can be so indecisive.
Have you noticed that you have no fire in your chart? Transpluto (in the 2nd house) and the vertex (in the 5th) don’t count because they’re not planets. People without fire in their charts can lack enthusiasm, flamboyance, daring, courage and most importantly, temper. But…you have plenty of planets in the fire houses (1, 5 and 9), so you do possess those qualities; they’re just not apparent on the surface. The most obvious personality traits shown by your chart are your sense of duty, practicality, and the drive to succeed indicated by the kite and Saturn at the midheaven. Sometimes, though, that Saturn can be irritating like a scratchy tag in your underwear because Uranus wants to break free while Saturn wants to stay put.
The moon, Venus and Jupiter are all exalted. You’re a caretaker, a loving, kind, generous, nurturing, and empathetic person. It makes me want to know you personally.
Before I leave you to think about these matters in your chart, let me point out that the solar eclipse at 29 Pisces 27 on March 20, 2015 made a direct hit to your midheaven. It should have resulted in an event that brought you to public attention, or altered your status or direction in life, or maybe brought drama to your career. It trined Jupiter in your first house (a personal matter). Jupiter is the ruler of your 6th house (the daily grind, jobs, service, duty, obligations, health, nutrition, small animals), any of which may have been involved. This is also the 12th house belonging to your significant other.
The lunar eclipse, which followed on April 4 at 14 Libra 24, fell into your 4th house of home, mom, apple pie, family, roots and foundations. Since this is the house of your childhood and beginning in life and also can represent "the end of the matter," in a way it represents "from the cradle to the grave." The eclipse was in Libra, the sign of partnerships and significant others, and it squared your ascendant / descendant axis, so whatever it brought, it was not to you alone. You can pretty much count on the power of the lunar eclipse to have dissipated, but the solar eclipse can be reinstated by hard aspects from transiting planets. Some astrologers claim that it can happen for up to a year. Others say six months. The truth is that by then, there’s a whole new set of eclipses, and because the solar eclipse made a direct hit to your midheaven, when another transit comes along and triggers it, you’ll likely attribute it to being just another aspect to your midheaven because you will have forgotten all about the previous eclipse by then. The next pair of eclipses will take place in September. The solar eclipse at 20 Virgo will hit your Pluto / Uranus conjunction, and the lunar eclipse at 4 Aries will trine your vertex. Remember to check where eclipses and new moons fall in your progressed and directed charts, too. There’s a post on this blog about the effect of eclipses.  Don't forget to pay attention to the new moons, too. They are seeds of intention and attention.
Now let’s look at your secondary progressed chart. This form of progression is calculated by using the exact same data as the birth chart except the date is changed to whatever date in time you want to examine. I have progressed this one to today’s date, which happens to be May 5, 2015. The secondary progressions show us what the planets indicate for a particular year in our lives.

Before I begin, here’s a caveat: our charts work on many different levels which can be examined the same way we might peel an onion and study each layer. Venus conjunct the midheaven can bring love and beauty to the forefront of your life. It can indicate marriage, vacations, self-indulgence, lack of employment, dabbling in the arts … but you asked about luck and lotteries, so that is what I am going to examine. I am going to limit this reading to that question.
If I were reading this year in your life as a natal chart, I would make quick note that it was "born" on the day of Jupiter, and the hour of Jupiter (the Greater Benefic, joy, luck, expansion, bigger/better/more, travel, education, philosophy, law, religion, the higher mind and so on…) and that the strongest planets in the chart are Venus, Jupiter, the moon and the sun, in that order, highlighting all those qualities of loving kindness, generosity, nurturing and empathy that you possess. These are planets that are usually prominent in wedding charts.
The planets closest to the angles are usually the strongest in any chart. In this case, let’s keep in mind that Venus is not only the strongest planet in this chart by virtue of ruling Taurus, the sign it occupies, but also being conjunct the midheaven, where Taurus is on the cusp. It also rules the 3rd house of the immediate environment, but that’s insignificant when it comes to lottery wins, so we’re not going to pay much attention to that. Is Venus exactly conjunct the midheaven? No; but it’s close enough that you will feel it, and its influence will only increase for the next two years.
Notice also that Venus is only ten minutes from an exact trine to Uranus. Venus is the Lesser Benefic, which still ain’t bad; trines bring ease (manna from heaven, things for which we don’t have to ask, things given to us, things we take for granted); and Uranus can bring the sudden and unexpected (lucky breaks) to your 2nd house of money and resources. If we stop to think about the many layers of meaning, could it mean that a woman (Venus) gives you a gift (trine / 2nd house) of astrology (Uranus)? It could. But I would expect that to be a one or two day transit, not a two-year development. And Uranus rules your 7th house of significant others, someone who is much more likely than I to be involved in the ways this energy will manifest.
Jupiter, the Greater Benefic and the second strongest planet in this chart by virtue of being exalted in Cancer (which I would judge as even more beneficial by being in the naturally sympathetic 12th house, which is like a guardian angel), is conjunct the part of fortune. Both of them trine Neptune, which is angular because it is still relatively near the IC (4th cusp of foundations and families), and retrograde, so moving toward it, not away. Are Jupiter and the part of fortune past the exact trine? Yes, but still within range when either the progressed moon or a transiting planet reactivate the trine, which the progressed moon will do in about 9 – 10 months from now. Neptune is the ruler of the 8th house (sex, death, surgery, rebirth, renewal—and a host of other meanings)—but in this question, we’re reading it as the house of other people’s money. In a way of reading charts called "stepping," the 8th house is the 2nd house of money and resources from the 7th house of the significant other, so it represents their income, community property and shared resources. This is the house of money connected to death through wills, trusts, inheritance and insurance. The money contained in this house is money that is collected or pooled and then redistributed, such as insurance, social security, pensions, 401Ks, and lotteries. Newbies to astrology fear this house. I love it!
The progressed sun, which has just moved into your 9th house, is beginning to bring the matters of that house to the forefront of your life. Are you planning to acquire further education or expand your world in some way? It squares the vertex in the 5th house, which is one of the best houses for the vertex to occupy. The vertex indicates encounters and experiences over which we have little or no control, and dates with destiny. They are usually significant in winning lottery charts (and also the indicator of soul mates in synastry). In turn, the vertex trines (yours for the taking) Pluto (enormous odds, total transformation) in your 2nd house (money and resources). If a transiting planet hits that combination the right way, you can expect an increase in your bank account.
In about four months, your progressed moon will activate the Mercury opposition to Uranus and Pluto, but that’s a whole other can of worms.
Below is the progressed chart around your natal chart. Once again, there’s stuff going on that has no bearing on lottery wins, so I’m not going to go into them.

In secondary progressions the outer planets never move more than four or five degrees in our entire lifetime, so I pay no attention to them unless they are perfecting an aspect to a natal planet or angle within minutes, or are changing direction that year.
One of the most important things to watch for is when either the progressed ascendant or progressed midheaven aspects a natal planet or angle. In your progressions for this year, the progressed midheaven at 19 Taurus 10 trines your natal Pluto at 19 Virgo 53. The fact that Pluto (transformation, enormous odds) is in your 3rd house (immediate environment, rational mind, communication and transportation) isn’t very significant as far as winning lotteries go. But it’s the ruler of your 5th house of risks and gambles, and that is important.
Notice also that the progressed part of fortune trines your natal Neptune in the 5th house of risks and gambles. It’s the ruler of your midheaven, the house that brings us to public attention. Neptune is rarely given any credit in charts pertaining to money and finances, but I have found it to be important in lottery charts. The aspects to it seem to ask, "Is this real?"
Out of planetary order, and more in order of importance, Mars trines your natal sun. It’s retrograde, and moving away from the aspect, but at only 32 minutes from the exact trine, it’s still well within orb. Mars trines the sun; so what? Here’s what: Mars is the other ruler of your 10th house, the public place in your chart. It’s also co-ruler of the 5th house of risks and gambles (when you look for winning transits, don’t forget to consider the ancient rulers). The sun occupies the 8th house of other people’s money and rules the 2nd house of your money.
Progressed Saturn at 4 Aries 13 trines your natal vertex (dates with destiny), involving your 5th house of risks and gambles again. Here it’s interesting that Saturn is the ruler of your 7th house of significant others while your progressed vertex is conjunct your descendant, the cusp of the 7th house of significant others. Finally, progressed Chiron is working on a conjunction to your natal Saturn. It’s not there yet, but it could be set in motion, so to speak, by a transit or lunation.
Now let’s look at your solar arc directions. Below is your current directed chart.
If you’re not used to working with solar arc directions, notice that the planets are in exactly the same places they occupy in your natal chart and maintain exactly the same aspects to each other. Their relative positions are easy to figure out by simply adding your age to every planet and angle and moving each of them forward that many degrees. They all move at exactly the same rate (the rate that the sun moves in 24 hours, which is just a hair shy of one degree). The ascendant and midheaven will also move and maintain (close to) accuracy, but the other house cusps may be off a few degrees. So all that’s different here are that the planets have progressed to different signs. Also, the house cups have different signs than those of the natal chart, which means that the planets rule different houses. And eventually either the intercepted houses change, or they work themselves out and no longer exist. Yours are still there, but have moved to the 5th and 11th houses. Because the planets aren’t making any new aspects to each other, I’m only posting it for your reference. What’s important is how it aspects your natal chart. Once again, although I’d watch directed Mars squaring natal Pluto, I’m only dealing with potential winning aspects here. 

Right off the bat, we see that the directed moon conjuncts your natal ascendant. That’s a timing device that says, "You! Here and now!" In this place and time (this year, because unlike the secondary progressed moon, which moves one degree per month, the solar arc moon moves one degree per year). You also have Cancer rising (although that’s been the case for the past 18 years), so here we have a double connotation of home / mom / apple pie / family to go along with those we saw in your progressed chart. Unlike the progressed moon however, which will conjunct your natal ascendant approximately every 28 years, the directed moon is only going to make this conjunction once, so as a timing device, it’s significant.
You’ll also see directed Transpluto angular at the IC, which is only going to happen once. Every planet is strengthened by being angular, even the hypothetical ones. Again, here’s the home / mom / family / country (Cancer is a very patriotic sign) association because the 4th house is involved. Transpluto is a hypothetical planet used by Uranian astrologers, which I am not, so I know practically nothing about it except that I’ve seen it related to Bacchus, Taurus, and "self-sufficiency." Many years ago, sometime after 1983, as that date is referenced in the work, ACS Publications published (no copyright date appears that I can find) a seven-page pamphlet written by an astrologer named Joyce Wehrman titled "What Are Winning Transits?" I am an experienced astrologer and I wouldn’t be able to keep up with its many rules on when to leave the house, when to enter the casino, when to step up to the blackjack table or roulette wheel, when to stop, etc. But there is a section called, "A Word on Transpluto," where she extols its importance. I’m not one to clutter my charts with asteroids and fixed stars, much less invisible planets, but after inserting Transpluto into winning lottery charts, I have to say she was onto something! It’s definitely involved in charts of gain and increase. We might think of it as SuperVenus.
The directed Vertex isn’t really angular anymore. It made the conjunction to your descendant four years ago. That doesn’t mean it won’t be significant when aspected by transiting planets.
Directed Venus is still within orb of a conjunction to your natal north node, which has no "power" of its own, but still manages to be attributed to benefits and good fortune. This takes place in your 11th house of friends and associations…lucky breaks and things that are unexpected. Could friends and associates be involved in your good fortune? Sure. But fledgling astrologers are remiss to limit the meaning of the 11th house to groups and other people. They seem to think that’s all that this house means. Uranus holds dominion over this house no matter what sign is on the cusp, so when delineating, think in terms of the "sudden and unexpected, change, independence and freedom." If planets that lead to this house by rulership or occupation are afflicted, then sudden and unexpected events might be very unhappy matters. If they are well aspected, expect a fortuitous change of events.
Now look where Venus comes from. Ah, see? It’s the ruler of your intercepted 4th house. I’m beginning to think that’s it’s not lottery luck I’m seeing here, but good fortune through home / mom / family / maybe real estate. But let’s keep looking. As long as these aspects remain good, the right transits could bring chance from a different place.
I’d like to see directed Jupiter making aspects in this chart (but check your chart carefully in 5 years and 9 years, when it will conjunct Pluto and then Uranus). I’d also like to see Uranus making aspects.
Directed Pluto is four minutes from being at 8 degrees Scorpio, which brings it within orb of being conjunct your natal south node. It’s okay that it’s the south node because that node works just as well as the north in winning lottery charts! It depends on the house it occupies, which in this case is the 5th of risks, gambles and games of chance. If you were my client, I would want to recast these charts in the Porphyry houses system, because it has very sensitive house cusps, to see where this takes place.
The directed nodes at 27 Gemini/Sag 50 are about to square your natal Saturn and then your midheaven. It indicates this year (and next) is a turning point and milestone in your life. Look to the house Saturn rules in your chart for information on who or what may be involved.
I love to check tertiary progressions. They are always so revealing. They are a way of narrowing down events to a particular month. See your current tertiary progressed chart below:

Tertiary progressions are similar to secondary progressions except secondaries are based on the movement of the sun and represent a specific year, whereas tertiaries are based on the movement of the moon and represent a specific month. Supposedly, the moon is all-important, but I don’t find that to be the case at all, especially in lottery charts, which has its own set of rules. In fact, aspects to and from Chiron play a role in winning lottery charts more often than the tertiary moon! Also, it is said that similar to solar arc directions, that the chart as a stand-alone has no significance, and I don’t find that to be true, either. So let’s look at yours.
Your tertiary progressions have a lot of angular planets and points.
First we have the north node conjunct the ascendant, always an indication of good fortune, and also a timing device. Again, the moon’s nodes represent milestones and turning points, and the ascendant means "You! Here and now!" Whatever happens at the ascendant is always a personal matter, but with the nodes lying across the ascendant axis, it seems to be a turning point between you and another person.
Notice Mars conjunct the descendant. Mars represents taking action, and the 7th house is the house of marriage. The sun sextiles Jupiter, which is an opportunity. Unless afflicted, Jupiter and Uranus in conjunction represent good fortune, and there they are with the vertex, that date with destiny, squaring your midheaven. While not making aspects, the moon and Venus in the 10th house hint at pleasant emotions in a public setting. But nothing in this chart says lottery win. Good fortune, yes, but not that much good fortune. Let’s look at it around your natal:

First thing I notice is tertiary Chiron conjunct your natal Saturn and midheaven. Saturn rules your descendant. This is one of those instances where I can’t look at Chiron and say unequivocally that it means this thing, or that thing. In this chart, do service, duty, obligation, nutrition or healthcare play a role? Are you healing others through your own pain? Do you have father issues? Or maybe you’re taking responsibility for your father at this time due to illness? This is why I’m not satisfied with cookbook delineations for this asteroid. I do know, however, that Chiron is always prominent in winning lottery charts. So let’s hope that’s the case in this one, and continue to look further.
Tertiary Pluto is conjunct natal Uranus, ruler of your natal 8th house of lotteries, and that might be important, so watch transits to that conjunction. That’s also a double inference of death because Pluto is the ruler of death, and the 8th house is also the house of death. Don’t worry; it’s not yours. There’s just nothing here that implies your immediate demise. While both of these are related to death, they’re also both related to lotteries.
Jupiter, which also must be active in lottery charts to win, is angular here, but it’s in the 4th house, and ruling the 6th, and that’s not helpful. It does, however (along with all the other planets and points loading up your 4th house), indicate again, as your other charts did, that there’s something going on with your home, family, roots, foundations, or real estate matters at this time. All of these planets are in Libra, the sign of relationships. Add that to Chiron conjunct the ruler of your 7th house, and you can see a pattern emerging.
Tertiary Mercury is conjunct Neptune in the 5th house of risks, gambles and games. This is one of those combinations that I might interpret as the question, "Is this real?" Mercury represents the mind, and Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion, deception and confusion. It’s rose-colored glasses, seeing things that aren’t really there, and not seeing things that are. It’s also the ruler of your midheaven, so that makes this aspect more important. Yes, it is also the ruler of the 9th house of the higher mind, including legalities, but the 9th house has nothing to do with lottery winning, so I pay no attention. It also trines natal Chiron, as well as natal Venus, which is yet another association with the 11th house of plot twists and the 4th of home and family. It’s also applying to a trine with Jupiter…but aspects from tertiaries really should be kept within a two-degree orb. The right transit might activate it.
The tertiary sun, ruler of your second house of money and resources, trines your natal midheaven, and that’s a good sign not only of possible financial increase, but also shines a light on your career, reputation, status or path in life.
The tertiary moon, which some astrologers claim is all-important in tertiary charts is doing nothing at all. It’s approaching your descendant, but it’s not there yet. Venus, however, is trining your north node in the 11th house, the house of sudden change and plot twists in life. Venus is the ruler of that house, as well as the ruler of…wait for it…the 4th again.
The Jupiter / Uranus / vertex conjunction is probably the most helpful lottery-winning combination here, but sadly; it doesn’t aspect any of the right natal planets. Sorry. But let’s put some of these things together so I can show you what to look for. Below is your secondary progressed chart with the current transits around it.
What transits in this chart are winners? Right off the bat, the transiting sun to your progressed Venus in the 10th house of public notice, especially because Venus also rules the 10th, and the sun rules the ascendant. That’s a good combination.
The transiting sun also trines Uranus in your 2nd house of money. That’s another. It opposes Neptune, ruler of the 8th of other people’s money, and that’s fine, too.
Transiting Jupiter conjuncts the natal EastPoint, and that’s a good one. The EastPoint is like a secondary ascendant (It is not, as one astrologer touts, the anti-vertex. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the vertex.) so this is like having Jupiter conjunct your ascendant. It’s close enough in orb to be trine to your progressed sun (the chart ruler because Leo rises) while Uranus is still within orb of a conjunction to your sun. That is a very good combination, and is often a winner! I really, really wish the sun was in the 8th house. That would be better, but it’s still a good aspect.
Transiting Pluto conjunct the vertex can be life changing. Pluto is the planet of power, transformation and of great odds, and the vertex is a date with destiny over which we have no control. It’s also helpful that’s in the 5th house of risks and gambles. Another one I see often is transiting Pluto conjunct the sun, although you don’t have that in your chart. Before I started studying winning lottery charts, that transit would terrify me and have me shivering in nightmares, but not anymore. Pluto is the planet of complete transformation and the sun is life. It doesn’t take much to imagine how winning the Powerball could totally transform your life as you know it.
I’d like to see your moon’s nodes making some kind of aspect. That’s another big winner. The nodes represent milestones and turning points. You want them to make an aspect to a planet in one of the money houses, or the 5th house of gambles, or the 11th house of lucky breaks and plot twists, or to a planet that rules one of those houses, or to the ascendant or midheaven, or the ruler of one of them, or to their own place.
In these charts the transiting vertex conjuncts your natal part of fortune – that’s lucky – and your natal Jupiter – also lucky. Both are in the 11th house, that’s a good place, and Jupiter rules your 5th, so it’s doubly lucky. It sextiles Uranus, and while sextiles aren’t very powerful, they’re still helpful. Uranus is in your 2nd house of money.
Transiting Chiron conjuncts your natal Mercury in the 8th house of lotteries, and Mercury rules your 2nd house of money and 11th house of lucky breaks. Those are all excellent aspects for winning.
Never underestimate the power of Chiron, Transpluto, the vertex and the part of fortune in your charts. They won’t win for you by themselves, but they are the finishing touches and perfect an otherwise stellar chart.
Let’s look at the current transits around your solar arc directions below:

First off, I have changed the house system to Porphyry for these charts. The chart in the center is your current solar arc directions for the exact same time as the solar arc directed chart way above. Compare the house cusps. See how in the Placidus system the cusp of the 2nd house is at 26 Virgo 59? But in the Porphyry system seen here, the cusp of your 2nd house is at 0 Libra 03, and that puts directed Transpluto right inside that very sensitive house cusp. You want that. That’s good. The house cusps in the Porphyry system are very "sensitive," and play a big role in winning the lottery.
I usually begin with the sun and go around the chart looking for every aspect it makes, then check the moon, and so on. The first planet I come to that’s making an aspect is Mars.
Transiting Mars is trine to directed Transpluto, and that is also good. Sadly, Mars doesn’t rule one of the money-winning houses, but it’s still helpful. I’ll take it.
The sun in the directed chart will always be in the same degree and sign as the sun in the progressed chart, so again, we have the Jupiter trine / Uranus conjunction to it here. This time the sun is in a money house – the 8th - and that’s good.
Here’s one that most people will ignore because they think Saturn is evil, but I promise this is a good one. Transiting Pluto, the powerful, transforming planet of enormous odds, trines your directed Saturn, which is strong by virtue of a) being angular, b) being conjunct the midheaven, c) being the most elevated planet, and d) occupying one of those three degrees just before the midheaven. Those degrees are like the "sweet spot" on a baseball bat. Saturn rules the intercepted 5th house of risks and gambles. Pluto also trines directed Jupiter in your first house (it’s personal), the other ruler of the 5th house, which is in trine with Saturn.
Notice how the transiting ascendant is conjunct transiting Pluto and the transiting midheaven is conjunct the directed Pluto. Both of these transiting angles move every four minutes. If they line up with a winning planet or angle in your natal chart at the time of the lottery drawing, that’s helpful!
Ideally, Chiron, the part of fortune, Transpluto and the vertex would be making aspects in this chart. Always remember to look for that.
Last one. Below are your current tertiary progressions in the center (Porphyry house system), and the current transits around it. What a chart!:
This chart is full of winning aspects. First things first. Notice the transiting nodes conjunct the tertiary nodes, except they are opposite each other. That is to say that the transiting south node is conjunct the tertiary north node, and the transiting north node is conjunct the tertiary south node. In most charts, this isn’t something you want to see. It still represents turning points and milestones (and on the ascendant / descendant axis they involve you and a significant other person), but when they are opposite like this, it’s generally considered very unfortunate. The good news is that I’ve actually seen this in a winning lottery chart! This is a very powerful and important aspect.
Also at the ascendant is the part of fortune, which is close enough to be considered conjunct, but is conjunct the EastPoint, too. Recall that the EastPoint is like an auxiliary ascendant. It also opposes the tertiary vertex (or rather, the anti-vertex is conjunct the EastPoint) and tertiary Uranus, the ruler of the 11th house of plot twists. Fasten your seatbelt. You are certainly being singled out for big events this month.
Also there in the first house, transiting Uranus conjuncts tertiary Saturn, ruler of the midheaven, so there are sudden, unexpected changes to your career, reputation, status or path in life. You may suddenly appear in the limelight or come to public notice.
Moving on, the transiting sun is conjunct the part of fortune in the 2nd house of money and resources. In three days, it will trine tertiary Pluto, ruler of the 8th house of lotteries.
Transiting Mars at 0 Gemini is trining tertiary Jupiter. Unfortunately, Jupiter neither occupies nor rules a money house, but it’s still a favorable aspect, one often seen as a favorable time to take action. Things just work out more easily and smoothly when Mars and Jupiter are in trine, whichever way they do it. Mars is also within orb of trining Uranus (ruler of the 11th of lucky breaks and plot twists) and the vertex (date with destiny).
Transiting Venus, ruler of your 2nd house of money is angular (therefore, strong) and squares your tertiary Eastpoint by only one minute. It’s a few minutes past the square to Uranus and the vertex, but might still be active. When it reaches the square to the moon’s nodes, you may have to attend a social gathering that you’d really rather not.
Transiting Transpluto (how confusing is that to newbies?) at 0 Virgo squares the tertiary sun at 1 Sag. Aspects from Transpluto need to be within a one-degree orb, and conjunctions are the most powerful, but this square might do something because the sun is in the 8th house of lotteries and rules the 5th house of gambling.
Transiting Chiron sextiles the tertiary part of fortune in the 2nd house of money. Eh. It’s not great, but at least it’s not bad.
Finally we come to the transiting vertex, which squares tertiary Mercury in the 8th of lotteries, but Mercury doesn’t rule a winning house, so it’s a wash.
Of course, you’re going to want powerful aspects first in your natal chart, then in your progressed charts, and the more you have, the better. Pay attention to your chart when the moon’s nodes are making aspects to your natal or progressed planets or angles. And finally, keep in mind those four finishing touches: Chiron, part of fortune, Transpluto and the vertex.
Now, I’ve given you a lot of useful information without giving my winning formula away to the world, and I hope it will help you to win. I wish you the best of luck!

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