April 2, 2015

Is the Part of Fortune in My 5th House Bad Luck for My Children?


I have a question regarding the Part of Fortune which as you can see is about to be hit by my progressed moon and square my natal mars, progressed sun, and Uranus by direction. I do dabble in astrology and have called it my part of misfortune because it rules your children. My son born March 31, 1980 at 3:01 AM in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and my daughter born March 13, 1972 at 2:38 PM in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. My daughter has gone through 2 divorces, has several health issues starting in about 2005 and has only gotten worse with a few more diagnosis, and my son just had a heart attack on February 26, 2015. Are these things have mentioned above due to the fact that the part of fortune is located in my 5th house?
With the progressed moon about to hit the part of fortune I am very worried what might happen. Hopefully you can answer my questions.

Thank you,


Dear Querant,

The part of fortune has no "power" of its own, the way a planet does. You're right; it can be the part of misfortune when it's afflicted by harsh aspects from the so-called malefic planets. And it tends to show good fortune when under the influence of beneficent planets and easy aspects. There's really no "bad" house for the part of fortune to placed, but the 5th is one of the better ones.

I shy away from triple wheels and never work with quad wheels. They're too jumbled and it's easy to make errors and miss important aspects, but with the lunar eclipse conjuncting your natal Jupiter, which happens to be your chart ruler, and making a trine to your natal Uranus, ruler of your natal 2nd house of money, I wouldn't expect bad news.

Sort out your Jupiter / Pluto aspects and that will tell you a lot.

  • Your progressed Jupiter sextiles / trines  your asc / dsc axis, and squares your natal Venus / Saturn conjunction, rulers of your MC, 5th house, and intercepted ascendant.

  • Your directed Jupiter sextiles your natal MC, and trines natal Mars in the 8th, ruler of the 4th and 11th houses.

  • Your directed Pluto conjuncts natal Jupiter and trines your Sun, north node, and Uranus.

  • Transiting Jupiter conjuncts your natal Pluto in the 8th house, ruler of the 11th. Transiting Pluto squares your natal Jupiter in your 9th house. Jupiter is your chart ruler, so that's highly significant.
  1. The eclipse falls into your 9th house. Another indication that your 9th house is involved is that your directed MC and the transiting eclipse MC make a square to your natal Neptune there.
  2. In addition, your directed moon is entering a new sign, Aquarius, where it will come to trine your natal Neptune, so you may want to read up on that.

If I were working for you, I'd re-cast the chart in the Porphyry house system to make use of the very sensitive house cusps in that system, and then start combing the ephemeris for my lucky days this month.

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Best wishes,

Lesia Valentine

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