March 8, 2013

5 Things To Do While the Moon is in Aquarius

1. Learn Your Moon and Rising Sign

You already know your sun sign. That's the one everybody knows. You're a curious Gemini or a skeptical Scorpio. Now find out what your moon and rising signs are. The moon represents what you need to feel emotionally happy and secure. The rising sign is the sign that strangers think you are, because it's the first impression that you make. I'll be happy to calculate it for you. Leave
your data in the comments and come back later for your answer.

2. Get together with friends

It's great that this is Friday and you can stay up late because Aquarius is the sign of friendship and groups of people such as fraternities, sororities, clubs and organizations. Hanging out with friends is just more fun when the moon is in Aquarius. 


3. Be eccentric

Did you know that Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius, is the only one that spins on its side instead of upright? No wonder Aquarius is associated with non-conformity. When the moon occupies that sign, you can get away with a little eccentricity and people will just think you're fun. Go ahead and wear your fez to happy hour, or your Dr. Who bow tie to dinner. Make it a game with the friends you're going out with tonight.

4. Make a point of talking to someone 
new and different 

Aquarius is the friendliest sign, the sign of liberty, freedom, and equality for all. Aquarians have friends of every age, color, race, nationality, sexual orientation, and income level. So just this once, talk to someone for a while with whom you wouldn't normally strike up a conversation. Just be safe, and leave them where you found them.


5. Be open to change

Uranus is like a tornado that blows in, changes everything all around, turns some of it upside down and leaves as fast as it appeared. Have you ever witnessed a tornado that wasn't exciting? It's a catalyst for change.
 You can't predict what will be changed however, because whatever you predict, it is sure to be something else!