March 8, 2013

5 Things To Do While the Moon is in Aquarius

1. Learn Your Moon and Rising Sign

You already know your sun sign. That's the one everybody knows. You're a curious Gemini or a skeptical Scorpio. Now find out what your moon and rising signs are. The moon represents what you need to feel emotionally happy and secure. The rising sign is the sign that strangers think you are, because it's the first impression that you make. I'll be happy to calculate it for you. Leave
your data in the comments and come back later for your answer.

2. Get together with friends

It's great that this is Friday and you can stay up late because Aquarius is the sign of friendship and groups of people such as fraternities, sororities, clubs and organizations. Hanging out with friends is just more fun when the moon is in Aquarius. 


3. Be eccentric

Did you know that Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius, is the only one that spins on its side instead of upright? No wonder Aquarius is associated with non-conformity. When the moon occupies that sign, you can get away with a little eccentricity and people will just think you're fun. Go ahead and wear your fez to happy hour, or your Dr. Who bow tie to dinner. Make it a game with the friends you're going out with tonight.

4. Make a point of talking to someone 
new and different 

Aquarius is the friendliest sign, the sign of liberty, freedom, and equality for all. Aquarians have friends of every age, color, race, nationality, sexual orientation, and income level. So just this once, talk to someone for a while with whom you wouldn't normally strike up a conversation. Just be safe, and leave them where you found them.


5. Be open to change

Uranus is like a tornado that blows in, changes everything all around, turns some of it upside down and leaves as fast as it appeared. Have you ever witnessed a tornado that wasn't exciting? It's a catalyst for change.
 You can't predict what will be changed however, because whatever you predict, it is sure to be something else!


  1. Anonymous #1, I need a place (city / state). That's how we know what sign was coming up over the horizon. For instance, someone born in New York and someone born in L.A. are three hours apart. That's a huge difference, and totally different chart.

  2. Anonymous #1, your moon is in Leo, probably conjunct Jupiter. Venus was changing signs RIGHT THEN, so the place is essential to figure out if it is still in Leo, or has moved into Virgo!

  3. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble commenting. I think when you calculated your own chart that you forgot to account for daylight savings time. Your rising sign (a/k/a ascendant) is 25 Aries 16, and Mars opposes it. Your moon is 5 Leo 42, and it's conjunct Jupiter. Venus is only 15 minutes into Virgo (so 0 Virgo 15). Your sun is conjunct Mercury, and is retrograde.Oh, and your midheaven, the place that represents your career, reputation, and direction in life, is at 15 Capricorn 09. If you'd like me to email you a copy of your chart, let me know.

  4. Thank you so much for the time you took for me!

    1. It was my pleasure. You are most welcome.

  5. 9th July 1976, Hampstead London United Kingdom, at 13.20

  6. My pleasure, Anonymous #1. I hope you'll put it to good use and learn all kinds of new things about yourself.

  7. Okay, Anonymous #2. That's quite the chart. Your sun is at 17 Cancer 24 and it's conjunct both Venus and your midheaven. Your rising sign is at 15 Libra 45, and your moon, at 20 Sagittarius 53 is at the apex of a yod! Your moon rules your midheaven. Fascinating. If you want me to tweet or email you a pic of it?

    1. I'd love you to, yes please as it will help me understand and get my head around what it means...

  8. I don't know why the comment hasn't published here because I see it in my email...You, born June 21, 1955 in London, have an interesting but complex chart that is not simple to read.

    Your sun is in the last degree of Gemini (29 Gemini 47). Y

    our moon is at 24 Cancer 43 (strong because that's the sign it rules), and is also in the 4th house, the house it rules.

    Your Midheaven (career, reputation, status, honor / dishonor, fame / notoriety, and your direction or path in life) is at 14 Sagittarius 58.

    Your 1st house (you, your physical body & personality) and 7th house (marriage, business partners & significant people who are not you) are intercepted, which means they require more of your attention than any other area of your life. Pluto is opposed to your Ascendant (a/k/a rising sign). This is either about someone else having a great deal of power over you, or someone who literally transforms your life.

    I want to mention that you will be having a Saturn Return in November. You can read all about Saturn cycles here, by using the tag cloud in the left sidebar. You will experience it again in July 2014, but just manage the upcoming one for now. At the end of October and beginning of November 2013, at the time you're having the Saturn Return, there are also a couple eclipses that are affecting you. Are you expecting a change or alteration to your career or direction in life? That's what it's looking like.

  9. Sorry for the late reply. My Mum is coming to stay tomorrow night and we are going to sit down and go through this together tomorrow evening. I'll be able to answer those questions then :) Thank you so much again for doing this xHx

  10. Great for you and Mum! This should not be too difficult for you at all. The three pieces of information you've acquired here: your sun sign - which you undoubtedly already knew - your moon sign, and your rising sign are the building blocks of the chart. They are the most basic pieces of information about you.

    Your sun sign represents your inner life. Some people have a rich inner life that reads like a heroine in a Russian novel, and others are almost so extroverted that there is nothing hidden from the eyes of others. Most fall somewhere in between. The sun is your core self. Your whole life revolves around and is arranged according to your sun sign. If your sun is well aspected, then you readily accept the traits and conditions of that sign. If it is badly aspected, then you likely rebel against those things and never feel comfortable in your own skin, always wishing your life were different. Either way, whatever your sun represents is such a huge part of your make-up and who you are, that your attention will always be rooted in it and centered around it. Your sun is in Cancer, right? Your Mum, your home and family, and your need to feed and nurture others is the core of your being. You are also patriotic. You are likely emotional, intuitive, tenacious and clinging. That's just a start.

    The Moon in your chart represents your emotional needs and temperament, your home and domestic life, and describes the important women in your life. Your moon in Sagittarius has an emotional need for things related to Jupiter, which are many! Some people with a Sagittarius moon crave travel and adventure in order to maintain emotional perspective. Others require religion or a connection with "something bigger than themselves." Still others feel that expanding their minds as far as they can is the most important thing, so they pursue higher education. Again, that is just the beginning.

    The rising sign is also known as the ascendant. It is the sign that was on the horizon at the time of your birth. You can see on your chart that it is the cusp of the first house, which is where the 9 would be positioned if you thought of your chart as a clock. The rising sign usually describes your body type, as it represents the physical body, but that can be altered in so many ways that it takes a little practice to get it right. Someone with Cancer on the ascendant, for instance, could be moon-shaped, but if the moon in their chart is near the top of their chart, then they'll be taller. The same is usually true if Jupiter is near the ascendant. If Mercury is there, they'll be thinner. That's usually true of Saturn, too.

    More importantly, while the sun represents your inner core self, the rising sign is how others perceive you. It is as if you got up each morning and put on a mask to protect yourself from public eyes. That mask is who you want others to THINK you are. It is also like putting on a special pair of glasses or looking through a special lens that colors and filters the way you see the world. For instance, your Mum has Aquarius rising, so the world sees her as objective, freedom-loving, maybe eccentric, original one-of-a-kind, maybe kind of hip and cool. But she also has Pisces intercepted, and that is also part of how she is seen, although not immediately. While Aquarius is the first impression she makes, Pisces is a "second impression," and she finds it more difficult to express the Pisces traits because of the interception. It's like that part of her is "locked in," at least until it reaches the cusp of the first house by progression, which is too complicated to get into here. Your Mum may have begun to express her Pisces self at the age of 7 or so. That would have lasted for about 30 years, and then she would have begun incorporating Aries traits into her personality. Nevertheless, just because new ascendant signs rise with time, we never lose the one we are born with.

    Continued below...

  11. You have Libra rising, and that will always be the first impression you make - attractive, charming, diplomatic, fair, indecisive, and relationship oriented, whether personal or business-related. But around the age of 15, you began to acquire and express some Scorpio traits, and around the age of 45 or so, you will add some Sagittarius traits to your personality.

    I wish I could read the charts of all the nice people whose questions make it into these sessions because I find them all interesting, but I'm sure you understand that time and financial needs (we DO live in a material world, like it or not) prohibit it. In a way, that's a good thing because if I can give you some basic info that you can research further on your own, you will learn as much or as little as you like, and will take from it what you feel pertains to you while still considering the parts you reject. "Clinging? I'm not clingy! Am I? Mum, am I clingy?" "Eccentric! Who is she calling eccentric?" You'll keep turning them over in your mind and someday you'll catch yourself acting out those traits, as well as see them in others, and you'll begin to recognize their signs. "Oh, she must be Aquarius. He must be Cancer. She loves to travel, so she must have some Sagittarius in her chart. He's introverted and secretive. Must be Scorpio." Maybe someday you'll treat yourself to a full reading with a good, professional astrologer. The goal here is to raise awareness and pique your interest.

    There are many ways to research your sun, moon, and rising signs. One fun way, (I think, and hope, anyway) is to look up those signs on my Pinterest pages. I have tried to convey the ESSENCE of each sign and house, along with things that should interest people of those signs, and give some examples of celebrities whose charts incorporate the sign, usually by sun sign, but sometimes by moon or rising sign. Unfortunately, it is a work in progress and not all the boards are complete, yet. Here's the url for your convenience:

    Some of these things can be found here in this blog by using the tag cloud or search tool located in the upper left sidebar. Sometimes, though, you might have to scroll down and look for a paragraph header to find the part you're looking for.

    Another way is simply to Google a search term: "Sun in Cancer," "Aquarius rising," "interceptions in astrology." There are, unfortunately, lots of people out there giving opinions who don't know what they're talking about, so read several articles from the same search term to get a consensus of opinion. Obviously, just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true.

    Another way, although there is a price connected with it, is to buy some books and look up your signs in it. You might find one or two books in a library.

    So I hope that helps and that you'll come back and let me know how you did, if you learned anything noteworthy about yourself, or ask about anything you need clarified. Good luck!

  12. There's so much detail I want to go into right now but I'm so tired I can barely see the screen, so please forgive me if I begin to 'Waffle' but I'd like to offer a little of it!

    I believe that The Universe at the moment is speaking to certain people louder than it has done in Light Years and without sounding like a complete 'Fruit Loop' I believe myself to be one of them!

    There's too much going on that screams out to me in such an obvious manner that it's impossible not to hear! It's so loud in fact that as long as I listen and act on what's being hurled at me, it hasn't misguided me yet. Jaden and I have known each other 13 years now but it was down to our Spiritual beliefs that we decided we were destined to carve a career out together. Not only do we work extremely well together but we compliment each other and intwine to the point where we turn into Jayley & Hayden! Anyway, even with little coinsedences like our company being called 'Star Temple Music' I've been led to you and with the encouragement and guidence that you've already shown me I now feel confident enough to look deeper into the more complex side of Astrology without feeling like I don't have the time nor brain capacity (with everything else I'm trying to achieve) to focus and devote the attention it deserves to have given to it as I now believe it to be the next part of my so called 'Training' (for want of a better word) for what ever it is I was put on this Earth to be.

    So in order for me to begin would you please recommend some reading material to get me started in the best possible way.

    I really value your advice.
    Many thanks in advance.


  13. Books I mean as I like something to hold in my hands.

    1. I put a new post up just for you:

  14. Replies
    1. Hello 20/02/1934. Welcome to Memphis Astrology. I'm afraid that's not enough information to determine your rising sign or your moon. Please see the "Essential Data" page at

      and come back when you're ready. I'll be happy to help you then.

  15. I'm an Aquarius and my birthday is 02/17/1981 and I was born in Boynton Beach Florida at 10 pm on a Tuesday I believe.


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