January 8, 2013

Happy Solar Return Elvis

Happy Solar Return to Memphis' favorite son, Elvis the Pelvis Presley, who would have been a whopping 78 years old today. Hard to believe, isn't it? 

Funny thing about Capricorns...they don't want to be born. Maybe their mother thought "oh no," when she learned she was pregnant. A baby might present a financial burden, or the parents marriage might not be a good one, or maybe their mother isn't married at all. Whatever causes the anxiety, little Capricorns sense it, and try so hard not to be born that many of them are overdue at birth. When they realize they have no choice in the matter, they vow to be the best sons and daughters their moms could ever hope for. They'll never be any trouble. They'll sit quietly and be very, very good. They'll work hard, do their share, face up to their responsibilities, and make their mom so proud. They'll make sure she never regrets having them. 

Moon in Pisces is emotionally sensitive, sympathetic to others, and soulful. They feel everything deeply. Music soothes them. 

Elvis had Sagittarius rising and its ruler, Jupiter sextile to his sun and also to Neptune, planet of music. It's a very fortunate combination, and no wonder that he loved gospel music as much as rock and roll. Uranus, planet of rock and roll, was at the focal point of a T-square in his 5th house of entertainment, ruling the 3rd house of communication.  Uranus is also the planet of friends, and he loved to take his friends out for a good time.

Rest in Peace
Elvis Aaron Presley
Jan 8, 1935 - Aug 16, 1977