What You Get for Your Money


If you've looked online for a personal reading from a 900 number, you're probably a little wary about what you're getting for your money. Rightfully so.

I am a local person with whom you may sit down, face-to-face. My normal fee is $120 per one-hour appointment. There's a break for a consecutive hour, and steady clients receive a discount.

My fee has not gone up in ten years. To the best of my knowledge, it's the standard compensation across the country except for a select few whose reputations or clientele garner a higher rate. It includes all of the pre-work casting and studying of your charts behind the scenes, so that I am prepared and focused on your appointment. Because of the ample amount of pre-work, a non-refundable deposit insures that you arrive for your scheduled appointment, and is subtracted from the consultation fee at the end of your session.

Some consultations are available on this blog. Horary charts are well suited to it, and time is usually of the essence for those questions. No one wants to wait two or three weeks for an appointment to learn where to find her car keys. These charts usually require less work in most cases, so if you would like, Ayou can have those kinds of questions answered in the blog for $30. Your identity will not be revealed without your permission.

Payment may be made with a credit card through PayPal, or with your PayPal account. Cash is always acceptable. I do not accept personal checks.

You may record your appointment with your own recording device, but no manuscripts will be made available. The sheer volume of information given in some charts makes it cost-prohibitive to type, organize, and print.

To contact me, write to astrologymemphis@gmail.com. 

You DO NOT have to pay to participate on this blog. Questions are a normal part of conversation, and are always welcome.