Birth Data


To cast your chart, 3 key pieces of information are essential:

The date of birth: The month should be spelled out or abbreviated to avoid confusion between the Western and the European methods of writing dates. Example: January 1, 1911.

Place of Birth: City, State, Country
..........Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Time of Birth: This is the trickiest one. Every four minutes of clock time makes a huge difference in the chart. Those four little minutes can throw predictions off by a year. Imagine what happens if that four minutes become fifteen. The best place to obtain the time of birth is from the birth certificate. Not all birth certificates have the time on them, and many have the wrong time due to hospital procedures. Still, to begin, that time is better than none at all.

If your birth certificate doesn't state the time, you might see if it's recorded
In a family Bible
Baby book
Infant's hospital bracelet
Crib identification card saved as a souvenir
Written on the back of baby's first picture
For a while in Memphis from the mid-50's through part of the 80's, births, including the time, were listed in the newspaper under public records (unless a naughty mama wasn't married). Be sure to note whether the time is A.M. or P.M. Also, let me know from what source you gained your information, please.
 A mother's memory of the exact time is just not reliable, as much as we are positive she sprang from her bed and sang hallelujah as we drew our first breath. I can't tell you the number of times a client repeatedly shook his head and said, "That's not me; I'm not like that," only to call afterward to say he'd had the wrong time, after all. I'm sorry that the extensive amount of pre-work that must be done in preparation for your reading doesn't permit me to refund your fee, nor correct a chart and reading at no charge, unless the fault is my own.

Getting Your Birth Certificate from the State:

To read the FAQS about obtaining a copy of your birth certificate from the state, and what to do if you are adopted, choose a link below, or copy and paste the url in your web browser:

ennessee Department of Health: Vital Records

Mississippi State Department of Health,0,344.html

Arkansas Department of Health

Due to privacy laws, some states will not issue a birth certificate to anyone other than its owner, or the parent. If all three are deceased, you're not going to get it. Tennessee is one them.

There are charts that can be cast without the birth time, but they tell very little compared to a natal chart. Let me know if that's what you need. There is also a method of discovering the birth time by working backwards in the chart, using events of the life to make incremental time changes, called rectification. It is very time-consuming, and therefore expensive.