Charts of the Future

Crystal Ball Gazer

There are many ways of seeing your future.

Transits are the motion of the planets from day to day. When they are compared to the natal chart, they are a useful timing device that shows long term trends and immediate events, as well as your psychological weather and current season of life.

Progressions are a method of moving the natal chart forward in yearly increments. Combined with transits, they are powerful indicators of events that are ripe to happen.

Directions are another method of moving the chart forward, this one by the motion of the sun. It is another way to confirm events.

Solar Returns are an overall view of the year ahead, beginning with the birthday. Useful also as confirmation of patterns in the chart.

Lunar Returns give an overall view of the month ahead, and are useful in narrowing the timing of events.

Harmonics have many advantages. It's like using a magnifying glass to scan around in a chart, whether natal, predictive or forensic.