November 25, 2015


Astrologer Larry Schwimmer recently gave Hillary Clinton’s birth time as 8:02 A.M. on Astrologer’s Diner. Being a stickler for accurate data, I asked for the source, but he was unable to provide it (for good reason). In such cases, I always test the data for accuracy, and the fastest, best way to rectify a chart when there is a narrow range of time with which to work, is to use harmonics. If you need a lesson in harmonics, or need to know how to cast a harmonic chart, go here:


Here is Hillary’s natal chart, using the 8:02 A.M. birth time and the Porphyry house system.

The chart has a Scorpio ascendant, and the sun is in mutual reception with Pluto. I personally was surprised to see the moon in Pisces, as I pegged her as having an Aries moon. She’s forceful, known for having an explosive temper, and if elected, will be our first female president. The south node conjoins the ascendant, and Jupiter, planet of law and justice, rises. What I usually refer to as "the terrible trio"—Mars, Saturn and Pluto—are conjoined and the most elevated planets in the chart. They are in the 9th house of law and justice as well as foreign people, places, languages, and customs, which is fitting for a Secretary of State. This trio of planets--power, leadership and action--is often prominent in the charts of police and military leaders. Her sun rules the 9th house. So let’s begin testing this chart by using Daily Age Harmonics cast for important events in her life.


Hillary Rodham married Bill Clinton on October 11, 1975, just before her 28th birthday. By transit, Venus conjoined her natal midheaven, Uranus conjoined her natal sun, and the north node conjoined her natal ascendant. The transiting nodes opposed their natal positions, always a turning point or milestone in life.

How does the wedding day show in the harmonic chart? There are no angular planets, so we’ll find the closest aspect. In this case, Neptune sextiles the ascendant by one minute. Neptune is the dispositor of her natal moon. If we look a little further, we find the south node in trine to Pluto, dispositor of her natal sun. Further still, we find the moon in sextile to Venus (which happens to form a yod with the part of fortune, but never mind that for now). The north node conjoins Hillary’s prenatal solar eclipse, and the current new moon conjoins the harmonic descendant.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus, and the sun conjunct Pluto (in mutual reception in the natal chart, remember?) are also important here. Notice the floating midheaven rises in the 1st house, indicating this is a personally important day for her. This harmonic chart fits the given birth time.


Hillary gave birth to her only child and joy of her life on February 27, 1980 at the age of 32 years, four months and one day.

The most important aspect in this chart is Jupiter, planet of joy, conjunct the 10th house cusp. The floating midheaven trines it by only 14", but the closest aspect is the sun squaring Venus (a daughter). The harmonic moon conjoins Hillary’s prenatal lunar eclipse. This chart also fits the given birth time.


On January 11, 1983, when Chelsea was a month shy of three years old, Hillary must have really had her hands full. She was a lawyer, mother of a toddler, and simultaneously, the First Lady of Arkansas.

In the daily age harmonic for this event in her life, Mercury, ruler of her natal midheaven, 7th house of marriage partner, and 10th house of career, reputation and achievement was in mutual reception with Pluto, dispositor of her natal sun and ruler of the harmonic 12th house of the power behind the throne. The harmonic ascendant conjoins her prenatal lunar eclipse.

If we were reading this chart before the event, we would need to decide which aspect was the most important in order to understand what would take place. In harmonic charts, we use only the Ptolemaic aspectshowever, I leave the inconjuncts in the mix so that I can see when yods appear, as one does in this chart. You might notice that one leg of the yod is not a planet. In ordinary charts, all parts of a configuration "should" consist of planets, not points (unless they happen to be conjunct a planet), but harmonics aren’t ordinary charts. The apex of this yod is Saturn in Capricorn, ambitious planet of executives, professionals, administrators and so on. Saturn would be conjoined by the new moon at 23 Capricorn 27 three days after Bill Clinton’s inauguration as the Governor of Arkansas.

Should we decide not to go with the yod, then we would look to the closest aspect, which in this case is Chiron opposed to the north node in the 7th house of marriage and business partnerships. Here’s a word about Chiron: my research indicates that Chiron is significant in a chart when a person wins. I’ve checked it against the charts of Oscar and Grammy winners, Peace Prize winners, blockbuster movie releases, and best-selling novel releases. It even conjoined the natal chart ruler of Wallis Simpson when the Duke of Windsor abdicated the throne for her.

The other close aspects help fill in more details: the south node (a turning point or milestone) trine the moon in the 10th house; the north node conjunct the part of fortune; Jupiter trine Pluto which provides the ability to make sweeping changes and improvements. This chart fits the given birth time.


Hillary became First Lady of the United States when Bill Clinton took the oath of office as President of the United States on January 20, 1993.

We have plenty to work with here. First, the daily age harmonic ascendant comes to the prenatal solar eclipse at 28 Taurus. A lunar eclipse that took place the month before fell at 18 Gemini, conjunct Hillary’s Jupiter in the 1st house, ruling the harmonic 7th of the marriage or business partner. The previous solar eclipse took place at 2 Capricorn, conjunct her harmonic Saturn, the final dispositor of the chart.

We have another yod, this one a boomerang yod, consisting of Saturn, Chiron and the moon opposed to Mars, which was conjoined by the new moon at 2 Aquarius two days after the inauguration. It’s through Mars that all the other planets in the yod find an outlet. Mars in Aquarius is radical and innovative, tending to overthrow the established order, which in this case would have been the Republican administration of George Bush, Sr. The moon and Mars also form a T-square with the part of fortune in the 6th house of service, duty and obligation, a house that is often prominent in the charts of those who serve their country.

It’s hard to say the boomerang yod is the most important aspect when the sun square to Venus is not only the closest aspect with an orb of 15’, but both planets are angular. Angular planets are strongest and take precedence over other planets. Again, we have a fit with the birth time.


Hillary became a State Senator from New York on January 3, 2001. Six days later, a lunar eclipse conjoined her harmonic ascendant and opposed Mars, ruler of the 10th house of career, reputation and achievement . While even a slight change in birth time will make huge changes in a harmonic chart, if we view one daily harmonic after another in sequence, using the same birth time, we will see that windows of opportunity for aspects to create an event last for several days. The chart below is Hillary’s daily harmonic chart for the day of the eclipse, January 9, 2001. Either way we look at it, the eclipse hits the ascendant and opposes Mars, ruler of the 10th house.

In both charts, Mars is the strongest planet by virtue of being the closest planet to an angle. The closest aspect between planets is the sextile of the sun with Jupiter. In both cases, Jupiter rules the 6th house of service. The floating midheaven appears between the north node on one side and Pluto, the dispositor of her natal sun, and a planet of great power, on the other. Notice also that the harmonic ascendant trines the natal ascendant. This chart fits the given birth time.


Hillary told President Obama on October 20, 2008 that she would accept the position of Secretary of State.

The harmonic Mars, ruler of the 10th house, conjoined Hillary’s prenatal lunar eclipse at 12 Sagittarius where Mercury opposed it by 32 minutes, making it the third closest aspect. The sun and Neptune are in mutual reception, which suggests altruism, or maybe a sacrifice. Neptune rules the 9th house of foreign affairs. The most important aspects in this harmonic are the moon’s nodes conjunct the midheaven and IC. Notice that they are almost opposed to each other as they would be in any "normal" chart, and the reason for this is that her acceptance was just six days before her birthday. The nodes are conjoined on one birthday, opposed on the next. During the year, they might be anywhere, but are either moving toward the conjunction to each other, or away, toward an opposition. Jupiter trines the north node by 22 minutes, making it the closest aspect.

Venus, planet of diplomacy, conjoins her ascendant in Cancer, sign of home, mom, apple pie, country and patriotism by 27 minutes, making it the second closest aspect. It squares the north node by 38 minutes. Again, we have a winner.

Senate Confirmation

Three months after she accepted the position, the Senate confirmed Hillary’s appointment as Secretary of State on January 21, 2009. For once, no one, not even Republicans, could object, as she has led an exemplary political and private life.

You can see that Venus still conjoins the harmonic ascendant, which is now in Virgo, and its square to the south node conjunction of the IC is now the closest aspect, at 9 minutes of orb. This aspect must have affected her home and private life. Venus has become the ruler of the 9th house of foreign affairs. Uranus, ruler of the 6th house of service, opposed her harmonic sun by 16 minutes, probably curtailing her personal freedom. The sun conjoins the north node. The north node, which was conjunct the midheaven at the time she accepted the job, is now square Mercuryruler of both the harmonic ascendant and midheavenby 11 minutes. The vertex appointment with destiny sextiled Saturn, planet of authority and responsibility by 19 minutes and the ascendant trined the part of fortune by 33 minutes.


The presidential election will be held on November 8, 2016. Hillary’s daily age harmonic chart will look like this:

The vertex appointment with destiny conjoined to the 10th house of career, reputation and achievement at the apex of a yod (hand of God, finger if fate) takes center stage. The legs of the yod consist of Pluto, dispositor of Hillary’s natal sun, a power planet, on one side, and the eastpoint on the other. The eastpoint is where our ascendant would be if we were born at the equator, and acts sort of as a blend of an ascendant and a midheaven together because it represents personal actions or interactions which attract attention while out and about in public. The vertex also conjoins the moon’s north node.

A T-square holds the closest aspects. Mercury makes an exact square to Chiron, the asteroid associated with winning. Mercury in square to Jupiter at 46 minutes of orb ties for second closest aspect with Jupiter opposed to Chiron, also at 46 minutes.

Mars conjoins Hillary’s prenatal lunar eclipse at 12 Sagittarius 22.

The current eclipses will occur the previous September. The first to happen will be the solar eclipse at 9 Virgo, which will square the harmonic eastpoint and Neptune, ruler of the 6th house of service. The lunar eclipse will take place at 24 Pisces, opposed to Uranus and square the floating midheaven.

There are two new moons in October. The first, on October 1, takes place at 8 Libra, conjunct the harmonic ascendant, square the vertex / north node conjunction, sextile the eastpoint / Neptune conjunction, and trine Pluto, the dispositor of Hillary’s natal sun.

The second new moon in October takes place the week before the election at 7 Scorpio, trine to the harmonic vertex / north node conjunction, opposed to Saturn, and square Pluto.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, do you think it will be Hillary who wins the election? Let’s compare the Election Day harmonic to her natal chart.

First, we see the previous solar eclipse at 9 Virgo falls into Hillary’s 10th house, just over 4 degrees from her natal midheaven. With harmonics, that’s not a conjunction, although it doesn’t hurt. It squares both the natal and harmonic eastpoint. The previous lunar eclipse at 24 Pisces conjoins her natal moon and squares the natal nodal axis which lies across the ascendant / descendant axis.

Of the harmonic planets, Jupiter at 14 Taurus, appearing in the natal 6th house of service, squares the natal conjunction of Mars and Pluto, the two rulers of Hillary’s natal ascendant. Just below the ascendant, the harmonic moon conjoins the natal Jupiter. Although Jupiter represents joy, expansion and good fortune, it rules her 2nd house of money and values. The job of President makes much less money than Hillary makes through public appearances and speeches, so I’m not sure it’s all that helpful. Just below that, the harmonic eastpoint conjoins the natal eastpoint by one minute’s difference. That’s not particularly helpful, either. It’s Election Day, of course she’s going to have the public’s attention; of course she’ll make a public appearance.

While we’re on the east side of the chart, we see that Chiron, associated with winning, conjoins the natal Venus. Again, not a bad aspect, but it would be much more important if Venus were a chart ruler, ruler of the midheaven, or disposited the sun or moon. As it is, it rules three houses, and one is angular: the descendant. One is the 12th house, which it also occupies, that of solitude and isolation, the power behind the throne; Hillary is trying to capture the throne for herself this time. Bill has had his turn. That leaves the 11th house of plot twists and lucky breaks.

In the western hemisphere, Saturn, at 5 Taurus, trines the natal midheaven, which the harmonic part of fortune conjoins with an orb of only 3 minutes. In the 8th house of public values, the vertex date with destiny conjoins its own natal place by about two degrees. We should try to limit harmonic aspects to one-degree orbs, but there’s a little wiggle room for our best judgment.

Harmonic Mercury, ruler of the natal midheaven and 8th house of public values, conjoins the natal Mars / Pluto conjunction, the natal chart rulers.

Harmonic Venus is just over two and a half degrees from a conjunction with natal Saturn, so another judgment call. I personally lean in favor of it because natal Venus receives a harmonic aspect.

So, have we decided whether or not Hillary will become our next president? Should we look at her harmonic chart for Inauguration Day?


Inauguration Day always falls on January 20, the day the sun enters Aquarius. If the 20th falls on Sunday, the President takes the oath in a private ceremony, and the public ceremony takes place the next day, as was the case with Obama in 2013. Below is Hillary Clinton’s daily harmonic chart for Inauguration Day 2017.

There are a number of highly important aspects in this daily age harmonic. First, this chart is in a new moon phase, which represents a new beginning. Secondly, when weighing the importance of the elements and modes, with the ascendant, midheaven, sun and moon in fixed signs, and a majority of planets in the air element, the chart has an Aquarian signature. The sun conjoined to the floating midheaven isn’t the closest aspect, but it is the most important, a rare one, seldom seen. Recall that the inauguration takes place on January 20, the day the sun enters Aquarius, which means the transiting sun will conjoin the harmonic sun / floating midheaven conjunction. The sun rules the 10th house of career, reputation and achievement in the harmonic. Thirdly, the harmonic ascendant is the same as the natal ascendant, with only two minutes of difference. The harmonic midheaven isn’t the same as the natal midheaven because there are never interceptions in harmonic charts. The natal midheaven is at 5 Virgo 07, and although that’s two degrees from the harmonic part of fortune, our best judgment will probably see it as a conjunction. And finally, Venus is the final dispositor of the chart.

The closest aspect is Jupiter trine the south node with an orb of four minutes. Jupiter is, of course, the planet of good fortune, and the south node is the reaping node, or what we have earned or deserve. Venus, final dispositor, trines Saturn, ruler of the 3rd house of communication (and oaths?).

The north node opposes Neptune by 53 minutes, which is a very wide orb by harmonic standards, and it’s mentioned only because it comes in just under the one-degree orb of the Mars square to Uranus, which is a dynamic aspect. Uranus is the dispositor of the sun and floating midheaven, and the aspect is highly energetic to the point of being explosive. While we must not forget windows of opportunity, the aspect doesn’t become exact until January 28.

There are some interesting eclipses in February 2017, the first a lunar eclipse about three weeks after the inauguration, the second, a solar eclipse near the end of February.

And finally, if you’d like to see it, here’s Hillary’s Inauguration Day harmonic chart to her natal chart:

Don’t forget to find the February eclipses and their aspects in this concentric ring.

So what do you think? Using the daily harmonic charts as a guide, do you think Hillary will be our next president, or not?

Before you decide, there are a few more charts you should see. The first one is the natal chart of misogynist billionaire Donald Trump, who, at the time this is being written, is likely the front-runner for the Republican nomination. Mars in Leo rising explains a lot, as does the close conjunction of the moon with the south node.


Two eclipses will occur in September 2016. The solar eclipse at 9 Virgo falls into Trump’s 1st house and trines his midheaven. The lunar eclipse will take place at 24 Pisces in his 8th house of public opinion and trine his natal Venus / Saturn conjunction. Venus rules his midheaven and Saturn rules his 6th house of service, duty and obligation.

There are two new moons in October. The first, on October 1, takes place at 8 Libra, conjunct Trump’s Neptune and square his Mercury. The second new moon in October takes place the week before the election at 7 Scorpio. It trines his Mercury and opposes his midheaven.

Let’s look at his daily age harmonic for Election Day:

Let’s see where the eclipses and new moons fall and the aspects they make. First, Trump’s prenatal solar eclipse at 12 Capricorn 33 falls into the harmonic 11th house of plot twists and lucky breaks and is squared by the harmonic floating midheaven from the 8th house. His prenatal lunar eclipse at 26 Gemini 50 falls just inside the cusp of the 5th house of risks and gambles. The purpose of using the Porphyry house system for harmonic charts is that the cusps are extremely sensitive, and any planet that crosses one activates the house in a big way. Of course, the prenatal eclipse isn’t a transit, so it’s more accurate to say that the 5th house cusp has come to the prenatal lunar eclipse, which also trines the harmonic ascendant.

The solar eclipse that will occur in September prior to the election will fall at 9 Virgo in Trump’s 7th house. It makes no direct hits, but is close to the harmonic Pluto, ruler of the 10th house of career, reputation and achievement. It will square the harmonic Mars in the 10th house, a co-ruler of that house. In addition, it will trine Chiron, associated with winning.

The lunar eclipse in September at 24 Pisces 20, will conjoin Trump’s harmonic moon at the cusp of the 2nd house, and pull it into a trine with the harmonic Mercury and the cusp of the 10th house.

The first new moon in October before the election will be at 08 Libra, near but not conjoined to the floating midheaven. The second new moon, the closest to Election Day, is near but not conjoined to the harmonic Jupiter in the 9th house.

The closest aspect is the moon square to Uranus with an orb of two minutes. Uranus is the chart ruler. Neptune in the 6th house of service in trine to the part of fortune in the 10th house comes in second at five minutes of orb. The floating midheaven sextile Mars comes in third with an orb of nine minutes.

Maybe we should compare this chart to his natal for some clarification.

Let’s begin with the trine formed by the September lunar eclipse. The harmonic moon, which it conjoined, falls into Trump’s 8th house, and the harmonic Mercury, which was one leg of the trine, conjoins his natal Saturn, ruler of his 6th house of service. The harmonic 10th house cusp, which was the third leg, falls into his natal 4th house.

In the 11th house of plot twists and lucky breaks, we find the harmonic sun conjoined to this natal Uranus and the harmonic Uranus conjoined to his natal sun. Looks like big changesor upsets--are on the horizon. Note also the participation of the harmonic eastpoint, indicating this event will take place in public. A trine from the angular vertex makes it an appointment with destiny.

Harmonic Jupiter squares natal Pluto in the 12th house, quite an interesting aspect for an election because it represents reform and efforts to rebuild or reorganize, but it comes with strong opposition from those who feel intimidated by coercive and devious methods of doing so. That should be interesting.

Finally, the floating midheaven conjoins natal Chiron, associated with winning, at the cusp of the 3rd house of communication.


Let’s see Trump’s daily age harmonic on Inauguration Day:

The obvious, in-our-face aspect is Jupiter in Sagittarius (ruler of immigration and foreign cultures) conjunct the 10th house cusp. Of course, as for everyone, it’s the planet of expansion, and good fortune. Jupiter is also the final dispositor of this chart. It opposes Chiron by only five minutes, but the closest aspect is the exact trine between Mars and Neptune.

Mars and Neptune is an interesting aspect that’s about using our energy or taking action in a way that benefits others, rather than ourselves. We put our own needs, desires and safety aside for the higher good. Many people with this aspect prominent in their natal chart become social workers, are involved in charities, or work in institutions such as orphanages, or with the underprivileged or displaced, such as refugees. Maria von Trapp and Angelina Jolie have this aspect (Princess Diana had them in sextile). Mars was Von Trapp’s rising planet, and Neptune, ruling her 5th house of children, occupied her 9th house. Jolie’s Mars occupies her 9th house of foreign places and people, which Neptune rules, and Neptune occupies her 5th house of children. In Trump’s harmonic chart for Inauguration Day, Mars occupies the 10th house of career and reputation and rules his 2nd house of money and values, while Neptune rules the ascendant, although in fairness, it does occupy the 6th house of service, duty and obligation. Robert Hand wrote in Planets in Transit that a downfall of Mars trine Neptune is "the temptation to view yourself as a kind of ‘savior’ helping those who are lower or worse off than yourself; you may think you are being totally unselfish when you are on one of the strongest but subtlest ego trips of all." Donald Trump has made his views on immigration abundantly clear, and we’re all aware of his Mars-in-Leo-rising ego. Has Trump ever done anything to benefit anyone other than himself? It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

The Donald won’t be helped by Pluto squaring the harmonic sun. This is a sign of huge potential and ability to tap resources, an aspect of great transformation, but it doesn’t come without substantial pain. This is a spoiled child lying on the floor of the toy store, kicking and screaming because he’s not getting his heart’s desire. Coarse and classless, this aspect brings out the worst in everyone. It’s willful and egotistical, arrogant, aggressive, domineering, controlling, manipulative, and dictatorial. The person with this aspect has hidden agendas and abuses power. Science fiction author and founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard had it in his natal chart. Those born with this aspect are ruthless in their ambitions and tend to overstep their bounds. If denied what they feel is their due, they can become violent, like Marc David Chapman and Jeffrey Dahmer. Women aren’t immune to the effects of this aspect, but tend to become the victims of violence or abuse, rather than the perpetrators, possibly because the sun can represent the husband in a chart. Nicole Brown Simpson is an example. By transit this aspect often brings a crisis involving ambition, or a major loss in life wherein the person becomes bitter and feels victimized as the Universe enforces lessons in humility, flexibility and self-control. We all know that Pluto can be intense to the extreme, obsessive, compulsive and never gives up.

Blogger tends to dislike really long posts, so I will end this one here. But if you’d like some harmonic charts for Election Days and Inauguration Says for some past presidents for comparison, go here: