March 9, 2018


When Pope Julius II asked Michelangelo how he created the statue of David, 
Michelangelo reportedly replied, 
"It's easy. I just remove everything that doesn't look like David."

You'll never see charts the same way again.

7 Certified Winners of lottery jackpots from $50K to $35 Million

8 Astrological Methods that reveal the winning pattern

Over 200 example charts 

Works just as well at the casino, drawings, contests, or any time you want to WIN!

You'll receive:

  • Introduction and Natal Charts
  • Winning Transits (includes bonus charts)
  • Secondary Progressions (spread over 2 weeks)
  • Solar Arc Directions (spread over 2 weeks)
  • Tertiaries (spread over 2 weeks)
  • Lunations and Eclipses
  • Solar Returns (includes bonus charts)
  • Lunar Returns (includes bonus charts)
  • And for those who complete the entire course, a bonus seminar on the DailyAge Harmonics. 

These seminars will reveal:

  • The correct house system to use
  • The angles
  • The money houses
  • The risk houses
  • The lucky planets (even Saturn can be a winner!)
  • Additional planetary considerations
  • The winning aspects and orbs
  • The "children on the streets," a ragtag collection of celestial objects proven to win big

Beginning March 13, 2018 for 14 weeks:

  • One seminar per week for eight weeks, then
  • Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions and Tertiary Progressions will be spread out over two weeks each
  • Early registrants vote on whether to honor Mercury's retrograde period, or forge ahead.

Chapters (in .rtf format) and charts will be emailed; class members can meet any time for discussion or Q & A in a private Facebook group. 

  • Early Registrants (before March 13) $250.00 (U.S.)
  • Pay-as-you-go $25.00 (U.S.) per seminar, but excludes bonus charts.
  • Pay through Paypal. Information will be provided when registration has been completed.


One person has a chance to win these seminars at no cost - for themselves and one friend! The friend must also register. Send your real name (and screen name, if applicable), address, email, and phone number to I will respect your privacy. Each registrant will receive a number, and a third party will be asked to publicly pick a number between ___ and ___ to select the winner. All participants must register whether or not they are trying to win.

* You must understand tropical astrology and the English language.

* Finishing this course doesn't guarantee that you will win a lottery jackpot. I can't control the planets or how they aspect your chart. It only teaches you how to find  your best probability. 

© 2017 by Lesia Valentine All seminar materials are copyrighted and may not be copied, duplicated, distributed, disseminated, or shared. Violations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.