July 30, 2016

Donald Trump 2016 Election Harmonics

 If you need a lesson in harmonics, or need to know how to cast a harmonic chart, go here:

Casting and Reading Harmonic Charts

The accepted birth time for Donald Trump is 10:54 A.M. There is a copy of his original birth certificate online HERE.

At astro.comthe same time was collected by Lois Rodden, for whom virtually every astrologer has the greatest respect. She gave it her AA rating because she saw the birth certificate.

But a funny thing happened when I originally cast the daily harmonic charts which appear in this post. I use a very old version of Solar Fire software (which I love almost as much as life itself). It came with collections of data already built in, and one of them is called the Clifford Collection. Frank Clifford is a British (?) astrologer who doesn't appear old enough to have collected so much data or experience at his age, but I assure you he is highly regarded in the astrological community. Clifford's collection included the natal chart of Donald Trump, and I used it as my base chart without double-checking the Rodden data, which I nearly always do. What's interesting is that Clifford gave Trump's birth time as 9:51 A.M.

Daily Age Harmonics are uncannily accurate tools for rectifying charts when the birth time is unknown or there is a discrepancy. Even one minute of time difference can be easily detected in a harmonic chart. And that's what makes the charts, cast with the Clifford time, so interesting because the daily age harmonic for Election Day,  November 8, 2016, and Inauguration Day,  January 20, 2017 very clearly appear as winners!  See for yourself, and your thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated. I'll begin with the natal chart for 9:51 A.M.


Two eclipses will occur in September 2016. The solar eclipse at 9 Virgo falls into Trump’s 1st house and trines his midheaven. The lunar eclipse will take place at 24 Pisces in his 8th house of public opinion and trine his natal Venus / Saturn conjunction. Venus rules his midheaven and Saturn rules his 6th house of service, duty and obligation.

There are two new moons in October. The first, on October 1, takes place at 8 Libra, conjunct Trump’s Neptune and square his Mercury. The second new moon in October takes place the week before the election at 7 Scorpio. It trines his Mercury and opposes his midheaven.

Here is his daily age harmonic for Election Day:

Let’s see where the eclipses and new moons fall and what aspects they make. First, Trump’s prenatal solar eclipse at 12 Capricorn 33 falls into the harmonic 11th house of plot twists and lucky breaks and is squared by the harmonic floating midheaven from the 8th house. Speaking of the 8th house, are we EVER going to see his tax returns??? His prenatal lunar eclipse at 26 Gemini 50 falls just inside the cusp of the 5th house of risks and gambles. The purpose of using the Porphyry house system for harmonic charts is that the cusps are extremely sensitive, and any planet that crosses one activates the house in a big way. Of course, the prenatal eclipse isn’t a transit, so it’s more accurate to say that the 5th house cusp has come to the prenatal lunar eclipse, which also trines the harmonic ascendant.

The solar eclipse that will occur in September prior to the election will fall at 9 Virgo in Trump’s 7th house. It makes no direct hits, but is close to the harmonic Pluto, ruler of the 10th house of career, reputation and achievement. It will square the harmonic Mars in the 10th house, a co-ruler of that house. In addition, it will trine Chiron, associated with winning.

The lunar eclipse in September at 24 Pisces 20, will conjoin Trump’s harmonic moon at the cusp of the 2nd house, and pull it into a trine with the harmonic Mercury and the cusp of the 10th house (the static midheaven, as opposed to the floating midheaven).

The first new moon in October before the election will be at 08 Libra, near but not conjoined, to the floating midheaven. The second new moon, the closest to Election Day, is near but not conjoined, to the harmonic Jupiter in the 9th house.

The closest aspect is the moon square to Uranus with an orb of two minutes. Uranus is the chart ruler. Neptune in the 6th house of service in trine to the part of fortune in the 10th house comes in second at five minutes of orb. The floating midheaven sextile Mars comes in third with an orb of nine minutes.

Maybe we should compare this chart to his natal for some clarification.

Let’s begin with the trine formed by the September lunar eclipse. The harmonic moon, which it conjoined, falls into Trump’s natal 8th house, and the harmonic Mercury, which was one side of the trine, conjoins his natal Saturn, ruler of his 6th house of service. The harmonic 10th house cusp, which was the third side, falls into his natal 4th house.

In the 11th house of plot twists and lucky breaks, we find the harmonic sun conjoined to his natal Uranus and the harmonic Uranus conjoined to his natal sun. Looks like big changes—or upsets--are on the horizon. Note also the participation of the harmonic eastpoint, indicating this event will take place in public. A trine from the angular vertex makes it an appointment with destiny.

Harmonic Jupiter squares natal Pluto in the 12th house, quite an interesting aspect for an election because it represents reform and efforts to rebuild or reorganize, but it comes with strong opposition from those who feel intimidated by coercive and devious methods of doing so. That should be interesting.

Finally, the floating midheaven conjoins natal Chiron, associated with winning, at the cusp of the 3rd house of communication.


Let’s see Trump’s daily age harmonic on Inauguration Day:

The obvious, in-our-face aspect is Jupiter in Sagittarius (ruler of immigration and foreign culture and policy) conjunct the 10th house cusp. Of course, as for everyone, it’s the planet of expansion and good fortune. Jupiter is also the final dispositor of this chart. It opposes Chiron by only five minutes, but the closest aspect is the exact trine between Mars and Neptune. Neptune is the chart ruler.

Mars and Neptune is an interesting aspect that’s about using our energy or taking action in a way that benefits others, rather than ourselves. We put our own needs, desires and safety aside for the higher good. Many people with this aspect prominent in their natal chart become social workers, are involved in charities, or work in institutions such as orphanages, or with the underprivileged or displaced, such as refugees. Maria von Trapp and Angelina Jolie have this aspect (Princess Diana had them in sextile).

  • Mars was Von Trapp’s rising planet, and Neptune, ruling her 5th house of children, occupied her 9th house.
  • Jolie’s Mars occupies her 9th house of foreign places and people, which Neptune rules, and Neptune occupies her 5th house of children.

In Trump’s harmonic chart for Inauguration Day, Mars occupies the 10th house of career and reputation and rules his 2nd house of money and values, while Neptune rules the ascendant, although in fairness, it does occupy the 6th house of service, duty and obligation. Robert Hand wrote in Planets in Transit that a downfall of Mars trine Neptune is "the temptation to view yourself as a kind of ‘savior’ helping those who are lower or worse off than yourself; you may think you are being totally unselfish when you are on one of the strongest but subtlest ego trips of all." Donald Trump has made his views on immigration abundantly clear, and we’re all aware of his Mars-in-Leo-rising ego. Has Trump ever done anything to benefit anyone other than himself? It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

The Donald won’t be helped by Pluto squaring the harmonic sun. This is a sign of huge potential and ability to tap resources, an aspect of great transformation, but it doesn’t come without substantial pain. This is a spoiled child lying on the floor of the toy store, kicking and screaming because he’s not getting his heart’s desire. Coarse and classless, this aspect brings out the worst in everyone. It’s willful and egotistical, arrogant, aggressive, domineering, controlling, manipulative, and dictatorial. The person with this aspect has hidden agendas and abuses power. Science fiction author and founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard had it in his natal chart. Those born with this aspect are ruthless in their ambitions and tend to overstep their bounds. If denied what they feel is their due, they can become violent, like Marc David Chapman and Jeffrey Dahmer. Women aren’t immune to the effects of this aspect, but tend to become the victims of violence or abuse, rather than the perpetrators, possibly because the sun can represent the husband in a chart. Nicole Brown Simpson is an example. By transit this aspect often brings a crisis involving ambition, or a major loss in life wherein the person becomes bitter and feels victimized as the Universe enforces lessons in humility, flexibility and self-control. We all know that Pluto can be intense to the extreme, obsessive, compulsive and never gives up.


Now that the election is over and we know the outcome, do you feel these charts accurately reflect what happened? Then would you say the Clifford time is the accurate one? Cast your own chart for the election using the "accepted" time of 10:54 A.M. and the same daily age harmonic of 70.6052 and compare. If I get time later, I'll post it here.