June 29, 2013

Nigella Lawson, A New Beginning

Gorgeous Nigella Lawson was the big newsmaker the day before the Paula Deen scandal broke, so here we have two celebrity chefs, both Capricorn, both lives devastated by the wrecking ball. We don't have Lawson's time of birth, so as we did with Paula Deen, we'll use a solar chart cast for noon.  

Born January 6, 1960, in London, Nigella's sun is in Capricorn, the sign of business, maturity, responsibility and leadership. 

I really, really want to give her a Taurus moon to explain the luscious curves of her creations, but it just won't work. If I use the latest possible birth time for her birthday, 11:59 P.M., the moon is still in Aries. There's just no fudging it. And yet, no one has ever reported any temper tantrums, she's not inclined to jog, race, or come in first in much of anything, and she appears to finish what she starts. 

So it seems that Lawson may actually have Taurus rising, as it appears in this solar chart. We might guess she has the moon near her ascendant to explain her talent in the kitchen, but that would make her a double Aries, and she barely exhibits her natal Aries Moon, so a double dose of the sign seems way off base.

On June 15, 2013, while sitting at what appeared to be their usual table in a restaurant, paparazzi took candid photos of Lawson's husband physically abusing her. In what he blew off as "nothing," her husband choked her, and also did something to her nose. She left the scene in tears. Even in this solar chart, it's easy to see what's going on here. Transiting Pluto, the planet of power, control, submission, obsession, rape, violence and abuse, is transiting Lawson's natal Saturn, the ruler of her sun (and possibly her midheaven).  This is the planet of irresistible force going against an immovable object. Pluto is determined to transform whatever Saturn represents in Lawson's life (in this case, her inner self, personal identity, security), and Saturn is determined to keep things just the same. Pluto will win, and for a while Lawson will feel like a souffle that fell. It won't be easy, and she will suffer a great deal. Nevertheless, it is the best thing. The only thing. I have been through this transit (worse, actually because not only did Pluto transit my Saturn, but transiting Saturn opposed them both at the same time). It is a transit of loss. Pluto pulls the rug out from under you, removing anything that's no longer necessary to your evolutionary journey, along with those things you feel are the most necessary. Family, love, home, money, security, reputation...Pluto's not picky. He will take it all in his effort to make us stand on our own two feet. This is an aspect of destruction and devastation followed by new growth that is stronger, leaner, and less dependent on others. 

In addition to the Pluto transit, transiting Saturn is just conjoining Lawson's descendant - the cusp of her 7th house of marriage - so that will surely be one of her losses. And good riddance! 

Transiting Neptune, planet of illusion, delusion, deception and confusion is squaring her natal Venus, planet of love, beauty, harmony, and finances. The bloom is off the rose. She will be seeing things much more clearly now. If the birth time is right, Venus is in her 8th house of transformation, sex, abuse, and joint property. It rules the ascendant (you: here, now), 2nd house of money, and 6th house of the daily grind (is there a furry child whose custody will have to be sorted out?).

Transiting Jupiter (expansion, optimism, gain, legal matters) is squaring her natal moon's nodes, which according to Alice Portman, always have to do with family. The north node is in Lawson's 5th house of children, the south node is in her 11th house of her husband's children. Ms. Lawson no doubt feels a great deal of responsibility, concern, and guilt for the effect the split will have on their children's lives. That is the role of Saturn and Capricorn - to worry, to feel guilt and to suffer. Let's hope she realizes how much is not her fault. 

Additionally on that day, Venus, planet of love, beauty and harmony opposed her natal midheaven (career, reputation and direction in life), indicating a low point in those matters, as well as the sun (which represents the husband in a chart, as well as the self). It is the ruler of the 5th house of children, which is reportedly what they were discussing before he went ballistic.

The transiting sun (the husband / the self, ego, identity) opposed her natal Mars (men, domination, violence, anger, aggression). 

Again, if the birth time is right, then transiting Uranus (sudden, unexpected, shocking), planet of upheaval, is opposing her natal Vertex (fate), and the transiting Vertex (fate) is conjunct her natal ascendant (the body, and the here and now). 

Interestingly, the lunar eclipse in April conjuncted Ms. Lawson's descendant (house of marriage); the solar eclipse in May conjuncted her moon's south node (malefic, in general) and the lunar eclipse later in May conjuncted her natal Venus (love and money).

I've never seen her show (nor Paula Deen's), but from what I know about her, I like Nigella Lawson and wish her the best. Her road ahead will be hard and probably scary, but she will be fine. She will be better. If this birth time is right (or even close), her career is on the upswing, and the best is yet to come.

December 24, 2013: This is what happens without a correct birth time to use. Every 4 minutes makes a huge difference.